• MTG fan

    Red is so good! Aggro is alive again!

    • Taylor Foley

      Yay…ugh not again

  • Transgendent

    Would this trigger twice off a cycle? Cycling a card includes you discarding it, so why not just say “whenever you discard a card” if it only triggers once.

    • MTG fan

      No. it refers to cycling as an ‘or’.

      • Transgendent

        Ok. Makes sense. I just don’t understand why they’d say cycle or discard when cycling requires you to discard a card in the first place.

        • MTG fan

          Because cycling is different from discarding somewhat. You can only discard Cycle cards by paying a cost while discard can happen by anything, from having too many cards in hand, or from sorceries like Harsh Scrutiny.

          • Kevin G

            this is functionally the same as if it only said “discard”. I would prefer the clarification in reminder text, rather than mucking up rules text.

          • MTG fan

            I know, but cycling is a optional ability rather than an action that must be performed like forced discarding

          • Jake Miller

            I felt the same way, and figured it was supposed to be easy for new standard players to understand and intended to only trigger once, but still it’s worded very strangely IMO. Cycling includes discarding so by using “or” it seems like it would trigger twice. I prefer reminder text for that type of distinction as well, I feel it’s always meant to have been that way.

    • Absinthman

      I was wondering too why not just say discard. My assumption is that it’s just to make it easier for newer players to understand. Althought I don’t find it very likely, one could potentially forget that they were discarding a card during cycling.

      And no, it triggers only once.

      • Happy The Cat

        my guess is there will be new cards that change where you cycle to at some point, my money would be on something that lowers the cost of all cycling, but makes you cycle to your deck or to exile so astral cant abuse it.

  • Kumrag

    Pretty strong actually. Still looking at the set so not sure how readily available chump blockers are, but menace on a t1 body that has pseudo firebreathing is decent.

  • Alex Egertsen

    Madness/Hellbent trials begin

  • Scathain

    That’s one powerful uncommon.

  • Shagoth

    Jackal one drops in red seem to be good and aggressive most of the time.
    Also, I must say this again; Vampire Madness, the most pushed deck to never do anything.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    noose constrictor has a BFF while it exists in standard.

  • Deadly Berry

    Not bad, but how good will discard/cycling effects be?

    • Typhuzuzu13

      Flameblade, cycle cast away to draw a card and give the +3/+3 buff, hit for five on turn two (menace) and draw a card?

      • Typhuzuzu13

        Combine with cheap burn and mummy cat, maybe neonate? (Possible synergy)