• Elias


  • Mean ol’ Kookus


  • Ethan White

    ayyy its my boy

    Mr. Practically banned in Canadian Highlander

  • NC

    Draft The Dream

  • Gregory Walter

    “Beep beep!”

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    Thumbs up to Wizards on all these excellent reprints. Hulk Flash for the win.

  • Maybe I lack imagination (or experience playing Vintage), but what exactly makes this card so bonkers it has to be banned in practically every format? Like I’m sure there are some combo-specific exploits, but the fact that you still have to pay the mana cost (with an extra U) would seem to make this pretty fair?

    • YetAnotherGuest

      If you play it to summon a Protean Hulk and let it die you have either a bunch of creatures or another big creature for only 2 mana at instant speed. You want to play this with cards that do stuff when they die so that you don’t have to pay the cost.

      • And that’s really strong enough to get it banned in (nearly) everything?

        • sansmyhands

          Yeah. There are way too many degenerate combos that Flash enables.

        • Hritzdaddy

          Flash protean hulk, let it die get 4 disciple of the vault, 4 phyrexian marauder, 4 shifting wall and whatever else which you don’t even need. All the artifacts die and opponent loses 32. Can even be done on opponent turn 1 before your first turn if you have gemstone cavern and a spirit guide. Coolest way to win a game ever.

    • Tolle

      Flash out Gristlebrand, pay 14 life draw 14 cards.

    • Shagoth

      Simpler than flashulk is Academy Rector. Let it die, get omniscience, you can play anything broken turn 2+ for free.

    • dashkatae

      It was part of a really broken combo deck that would put Protean Hulk into play, the hulk dies, pulls out a 1 cost sac outlet and Karmic Guide. Then you bring back Hulk, sac the hulk, grab Kiki Jikki. Tap kiki, copy Karmic, while on the stack, sac Kiki to the sac outlet. Karmic comes into play, you return kiki, repeat. Turn one or two kill combo that was being played a lot in legacy and was ruining tournaments since it was rather consistent and rather hard to stop unless you had very specific answers. Not a lot of fun.

  • Makarthekorokwarrior

    Oh man, this art is cool.

    • Aarhg

      I always liked art where the main color used wasn’t the same color as the spell/card frame. It makes it pop more.