• Siraphon

    Surge of memories… Of when Jace was Azor!?

    Calm down, I’m just talking crazy.

    • Tom Terrell

      I’m guessing the sphinx is Alhammaret.

      • Liam Maiher

        No. The sphinx is azor

  • amicdeep

    Finally a budget option for snapcaster slot !!!

  • Jalais

    Wish it was an instant, but then I guess it would have to be rare.

  • Santuli

    So Jace is remembering EVERYTHING everything…

    • Aj

      Judging from the small hints in the art I guess he does! Thats one big memory download!!

      I se some of the gatewatch and the rings from his home plane so he at least rwmwmbers stuff back to before his spark ignited.

      • Santuli

        I really liked full amnesia Jace a lot tho. I hope at least some of that personality stays. But it should also be interesting seeing Jace have all his memories back from his full past. And trying to balance pre-Ravnica Jace, Ravnica Jace, and Ixalan Jace.

        • Typhuzuzu13

          A part of me feels like Jace was the way he was was because of his constant wiping of his mind- erasing his memories, his experiences, but always keeping the paranoia and caution that were caused by them.

          This will be interesting. I hope to Emeria that they make the story just as so.


    Judging from the art he just remembered he left the cooker on.

  • Hedronal

    Anyone got the flavor text?

    • Gideon Jura

      after he fell off the waterfall his memories flooded back or something like that

  • Oscar

    At first glance I thought we finally got actual Counterspell in standard and modern. 0o

  • Bostorket

    Jace suddenly remembers what it’s like to be sculpted as his was being rewound.