• Kaiser

    People dont how to surf in Amonkhat?

  • Revotor

    Hey, this card is decent for a common!

    • Random Guy

      Exhibit A: Baral’s Expertise

      Exhibit B: Pauper cards, Sacred Cat, and other commons.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Why does every water themed card need to be terrible? I wanna make a hydromancy deck, but everything they print is just not good.

    • Zombie

      Because blue doesn’t get to be good when it’s thematic anymore

  • Insight66

    “Flood drill, everyone!”
    Kefnet, Minister of Public Safety

  • MrAptronym

    Yeah, I’ll play this in limited.


      Even for Limited it makes no sense to use this if its (3) to expensive:

      (B)(B): (B)x2 for 2 Creatures
      (1) x1 for Cycling Ability

      • MrAptronym

        I don’t really get what your math there is. It is pretty costly, but it can open up a board and slow your opponent, and if you draw it early cycling is a thing. The set even appears to have some cycling support. It’s not a great spell, but it can easily be filler and I like playing blue.

      • Absinthman

        A spell that can bounce two creatures would never cost UU as you are suggesting. That would be an insane tempo swing for just two mana. Let’s take Into the Void (3U) as reference and use your mana adding formula:

        +1 for Cycling
        +U for upgrade from uncommon to common (it’s an upgrade because even if you don’t like the card, it doesn’t take up an uncommon slot in your booster pack)

        And there we are. Exactly at this card’s mana cost.


          Upgrading or downgrading for crapping up a collection is a waste of potential…

          even into the void could be (1) less but including “discard a additional card” or “remove from game” for the card avantage of 2 Unsummon in one card

  • Zombie

    Amonkhet needs to stop being garbage before I have a conniption.

    • Cthulhooo

      Born of the Garbage flashbacks.

      • Zombie

        YEah this is eerily similar to BotG it’s frightening.

        At least this set has another overpowered mono white Gideon no one wants.

        • Hedronal

          Please don’t put things as if you spoke for everyone. You don’t.

    • tsokanos filippos

      so far the cards are unplayable to worthless.I was expecting more

      • Zombie

        Some of them aren’t, but a large portion of what we’ve seen is pure trash.

        Which makes this huge gap between playable and unplayable.

        This is just bad set design. This set is so top heavy it’s not even funny.

        I estimate less than 5% of cards from this set will see consistent constructed play.

    • Kaiser

      This is stricly better than the others 6 cmc cards that do the same and draw one card cause you can just draw the card and discard this in turn 2. Limited trick for blue is supposed to be over expensive. I remember a lot of cards like this in the khans block.

  • Samuel

    huh, didn’t realize they were gonna print a card that exclusivly reads “pay 2: cycle” and some flavor text

  • Daniel Scott

    Feels like an awful card, but I think it’s largely because it somehow seems like it should be a rare to me (not sure if it’s the art or the name or what). As a common it’s just an unremarkable card. I’m sure someone will use it to good effect in limited at some point.