Font of Fortunes - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Font of Fortunes

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1 ManaBlue Mana, Sacrifice Font of Fortunes: Draw two cards.

Drink deep, and your thoughts will flow freely.

  • DA

    Best one out of the cycle I’d say.

    • Necro

      Second best is green, third is red, fourth is black and fifth is white.

  • Amazing!

  • Arbadel

    Very, very nice =)

  • KoodlePadoodle

    If you got blue in your limited deck, this goes in it.

  • It’s basically a divination.
    Turn two – Fount of Fortunes
    Turn three – Sacrifice it draw 2

    Turn three – Cast Divination Draw Two

    I guess you have one mana left over for the font tho