• Sean Harp

    Search up hostage taker and be ready to take the best creature on their side of The board with an extra life loss as the cherry on top

    • Tristan Rêveur

      Must think about what would happen with this dude if they didnt errata Hostage Taker.

  • Happy The Cat

    wait, what? the Coalition ended things YEARS ago, what is a Forerunner doing so far behind?!

    • Hedronal

      They got plane-bound somewhere nobody had heard of, so they did whatever they could to still be a Coalition in the new world’s way.

  • Hedronal

    Such beautiful colors in this art, with a good contrast to the sky, the ship, and the Orazcan gold. That with the forerunner’s expression and the bird make a feeling of wonder come from this.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    I feel the art clashes with the color. Maybe the forerunner series would have worked better as White for Dinos, Green/Blue for Merfolk, Black for Vampires and Red for this.

    She looks too enamored by the freedom and exploration.