• Caleb Halbrook

    So this into raptor hatchling + heroic intervention makes infinite 3/3 dinos? So close anyway, i think it actually only ever makes two since tokens coming into play don’t get the indestructible bonus

    • Jesse Lee

      It would still potentially deal infinite damage to everyone else’s creatures.

      • Caleb Halbrook

        Also insta win with purphoros/tremors… it still gets infinite enter the battlefield triggers which can be useful for other things… not sure if there’s a combo I’m missing in standard

        • Justus Bruestle

          The new dino that does two damage with enrage would do infinite damage.

  • Communist_Bear

    The card i was looking for

  • Delipha

    Why is it killing itself doe? It’s a great Gishath tech and Enrage activator but did it have to hurt itself…

    • Tolle

      By the time it kills itself you’ve gotten 3 theoretically large dinos out and wipes most of your opponent’s board too. I think you are happy

      • Delipha

        I suppose you are right. Still a nice card,looking forward to testing it in EDH.

  • Brenno

    Its first ability actually reads “when this creature comes into play search your library for bellowing aegisaur”