• TezzeretofCarmot21

    Oozing flavor like a burger oozes grease. (Ugh, now I feel sick…)
    But seriously, this is not a bad effect. It will never see play in Standard, but maybe a janky EDH brew would be fun to mess around with…

    • Justus Bruestle

      How would it not see play in standard? It puts your life total at 15 so late game it can save you. Then each turn it kills something. I could see this in a white red life gain deck.

      • DJ Pad

        When was the last time a life gain deck was good in any format?

        • Typhuzuzu13

          when was the last time red had decent life gain?

          • DJ Pad

            Never, I wouldn’t even consider this life gain.

        • Justus Bruestle

          Never played against a Ajani’s Pridemate deck I presume? Or any of the other cancer life gain decks in modern.

          • DJ Pad

            Those decks are hardly good, they’re budget Tier 3 lists at best.

          • Justus Bruestle

            Net decker spotted.

          • DJ Pad

            I mean, you just quoted a net deck to support your point, so I’m not sure why you’d consider me a net-decker just because I’m not a scrub that plays life-gain decks and can evaluate decks based on their competitiveness.

          • Justus Bruestle

            Life gain beats red rush, and the right control can deal with pretty much everything else. All you need is a good finisher. To say that life gain decks are incapable of being good is ridiculous.

          • DJ Pad

            They’re only good in incredibly limited metas made up of mostly burn/aggro decks, which most players do not play in and aren’t representative of the competitive decks in any format.

    • DJ Pad

      Don’t know many EDH brews that want to drop your life to 15.

      • TezzeretofCarmot21

        I know, it’d have to be ultra janky!

  • Happy The Cat

    so, quick note, unlike FotDragon, this doesn’t set your life every turn, so if you can blank that etb effect this gets pretty interesting.
    but if you want to get more interesting, Opalescence or Starfield of Nyx, then give this lifelink.

    • DJ Pad

      IMHO, would have been better if it set your life to 9 or something and DID reset your life every turn. Dinsoaurs do heal from damage at end of turn after all…

      • Happy The Cat

        That would make this much worse i think, this will find it’s home in edh, among some prison/control decks that generally have a good amount of passive or active life gain. I could see this in my politics Zedruu as a repeatable kill spell for stuff I didn’t give them.

        • DJ Pad

          I really don’t see setting your life total to 15 as something you really want to do in EDH. There are repeatable kill spells that can be used in EDH that are a lot safer.

          I was thinking more for standard purposes or something, where getting their creature flung at you is something you’re only really going to want to happen a couple times before you’re probably dead, but this doesn’t give you the option not to.

          • Happy The Cat

            that’s why this should only see play in a deck that can rebound from 15 life quickly, like the aforementioned prison/control decks (who also probably run Torpor Orb btw, an interaction I already mentioned). If I’ve got a deck that can quickly recover from 15 hats this is an on board kill spell for everything not indestructible or pro red/enchantments. This can’t just go anywhere, but it will find a home.

  • Raimund Keller

    would be cool if you could flicker this somehow

  • Oriattack P.

    I like this card and i’m not sure why. It is not legendary which I like and if you are below 15 you gain life. What i want know (since I don’t play standard), can you run this in big red? I think in a mirror match on turn 6 you may have less than 15 life and being able to reset seems nice. The removal also seems good. The thing is i don’t really know enough about standard though so yeah. Im more of a commander player so it isn’t good for me, but I like the card

    • AHunter

      If you want to know why this card is bad in standard,it’s because :
      -big red is not good/doesn’t exist right now,and this won’t help.
      -Setting your life to 15 is nice and all,but it won’t make you win games.
      – The “I-blow-your-shit-every-turn” is great,until you realise it’s not a “may” ,so it will quickly kill you if you don’t win fast.
      – And the nail in the coffin,it is stupidly expensive for something that doesn’t impact the board the turn you play it.

  • Nanya

    Too bad it can’t deal damage to players.

    • Happy The Cat

      Stuffy Doll begs to differ.

      • DJ Pad

        This can only target your opponent’s creatures….

        • Happy The Cat

          and that’s why I only do this with Zedruu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          • Alex

            But then they don’t have to target stuffy doll.

          • Happy The Cat

            Wait, what? I play stuffy doll and select it’s target, then Zedruu gives stuffy doll to you and I shoot it with my super dino laser on my next upkeep, stuffy doll then does 15 damage to it’s target. I run similar stuffy doll kits in my politics zedruu pretty sure I know it works. Unless you thought I meant give my super dino laser to you, which I wouldn’t, cause it’s a super dino laser.

          • Nate Winchester

            Or harmless offering it which is in color with this card. Lots of janky modern fun to be had…

      • Umbacano

        Id go for Repercussion :-)

    • DJ Pad

      That would make it broken.

  • Arcus Diabolus


  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I want a planeswalker that just turns into a dinosaur at will so bad now.

    • Hedronal

      *Arlinn growls, wary of her turf.*

  • Red

    I like how this implies we turn into Dinos to fight a target creature.

  • Kahai

    Combos with Tamanoa wonderfully! <3

  • Jalais

    Pretty garbage, but I’ll slam it in draft.

  • Darkray Accel

    I was thinking how better this would be compared to form of dragon, but then I was disappointed, both sux.

  • Aidan23

    So you get this and then gift them a stuffy doll and suddenly they are taking 15.

  • Giby86 .

    This makes me thing, there is actually no card that gives out control of a spell, right? Only permanents as far as I recall?