• Jacob Anderson

    Free jam!

  • Sage

    Good in draft, otherwise bulk.

    • Zombie

      I’m tempted to cast this T1 against you in Modern with Affinity to prove you wrong.

      • Him

        You just said it was’t gonna be a thing zombie.

        • Zombie

          I said it probably won’t be a thing. But also to not be surprised if it actually shows up.

          Because casting a 4/4 flyer for RR on Turn 1/2/3 is ridiculous.

  • Scott Fridinger

    Why can’t they make good Dragons…

    • Zombie

      Turn 1: land, cast artifact

      Turn 2: land, cast artifact

      Turn 3: land, cast artifact

      Turn 4: play 4/4 flying dragon with double-Firebreathing.

      It’s not going to be a thing, but Modern affinity could potentially play this Turn 1 I think with a nut draw.

      T1 Mox Opal, any combination of 4 of Memnite, Ornithopter, Welding Jar, etc. Play Glimmervoid, tap Opal and Glimmervoid for RR, Improvise 4 artifacts for 4 mana, cast Freejam Regent T1.

      It’s not the fanciest thing to do, but it’s cool.

      • Him

        Turn 1, bomat courier
        Turn 2, Servo Exebition
        Turn 3, This guy.

        • Random Guy

          Turn 1 Ornithopter Ornithopter Ornithopter Ornithopter
          Turn 2 this guy

    • Melissa Juice

      They do, here and there.

  • pbtenchi

    Can I have some free jam?

  • aswanlikeneck

    When I want to Improvise I always head for the nearest free (jazz) jam

  • Zombie

    Potential Turn 1 Affinity play in Modern with this if you have an absolute Nut-Draw 7 card hand or draw into it on the draw of 7/6.

    For example:

    Play Mox Opal, Ornithopter, Ornithopter, Memnite, Memnite, Glimmervoid, tap Mox/Glimmer for RR, Improvise 4 artifacts, cast Freejam Regent Turn 1.

    Turn 2 you’re attacking with (6/4, 1/1, 1/1) for 8 damage.

    It even dodges both Lightning Bolt and Fatal Push.

    Edit: I was supposed to make a silly comment on this card.


    I got nothing. Seems cool.

    • Happy The Cat

      it not immune to push though, it’s a 4/4 with better bad breath. unless you have that god hand(which is something I thought you didn’t believe in) if you wanted to add a mediocre 4/4 just play Myr Enforcer

      • Zombie

        Fatal Push is CMC not power. Because this is a CMC 6 card you can theoretically cast on Turn 1 in Affinity, it still has ground.

        Turn 1 seems a little more reasonable than Magical Christmas land, and Turns 2/3 Affinity wouldn’t exactly be upset playing a 4/4 flyer with zero downside for RR.

        Also, Myr Enforcer is a blank 4/4 with Affinity. No Flying, no Super-Breathing. If Myr Enforcer was anything other than a durdlebot, it would actually see more play than the kitchen table. Not to mention Affinity only used to run Enforcer in Standard because Artifact Lands were/are broken AF.

        But yeah, that’s why Fatal Push is a 100% all the time Goyf-killer for B.

        • Happy The Cat

          so… what in affinity are you taking out for a six mana 4/4 that requires you to tap your artifacts just to play it? you dont want to take out any of the real affinity cards like master or champ and you aren’t going to take out any of the cheap artifacts that power the deck, what are you left with? lands and removal? if this was an artifact creature I could understand fighting for a slot as it wouldn’t remove you from the chaining that affinity normally does but without actually counting towards metalcraft, being boosted by master/overseer and generally working with the rest of the deck. throwing this into affinity would be like throwing Skysovereign into a red burn/aggro, sure, in a perfect setup you instantly win no questions asked, but most of the time you are going to be wondering why you have this giant flyer in a deck that can sometimes kill before it would have the mana to cast it.
          you know what else you could cast for that rr in your christmasland hand? steel overseer, which then buffs your whole board next turn for that four damage this would be doing all the while letting you have two mana up next turn for whatever you draw like your ravager or your skirge or even just setting your plating.

          • Zombie

            A couple slots of Flex-slot nonsense that’s worse than a T1/T2 4/4 flyer that dodges Bolt and Push. Thoughtcast has the issue of never being able to draw you out of a bad Game 1 or digging for relevant threats against Control or Midrange, and decks only run 1-2 copies anyway which can easily be boarded.

            It literally has Pseudo-Affinity “Totally not Convoke”, making it synergistic and functional.

            I’m not saying it’s that great, but it’s not bad either. Just like all of the other jank “Affinity” crams into its flex slots to pretend it’s still an Affinity deck.

            Being RR+ Tap free dudes you just played also helps Affinity dodge the W/R Prison/ Sun & Moon decks running around Modern now.

            You seem to be greatly undervaluing the power of Convoke-style effects that ignore summoning sickness with 0-cost artifacts. On turns where Affinity just drops dudes and passes, now it could swing that into a 4/4 that represents a threat that has to be answered immediately or you win in a couple turns, ON TOP of Affinity already being able to abuse the creatures you used to cheat Freejam Regent into play and win THAT way. And the cherry on top being Inkmoth Nexus.

            All I’m saying is, don’t be surprised if it shows up. 4/4 flyers on Turn 1/2 is nothing to laugh at, especially when the format is about to warp around a single Black mana Instant that kills everything small.

            Imagine, instead of your Affinity opponent dropping Vault Skirge, they slam a Freejam Regent into play and just throw up two enormous middle fingers right in your face.


            – Mox Opal can Improvise without Metalcraft, making Freejam Regent a playable threat when you get Vandalblasted or Scattering Spree’d or w/e mid/late game.

            – Springleaf Drum and Cranial Plating can Improvise as well, meaning you have multiple ways to dump your entire hand onto the board and chain into Freejam Regent.

            The important thing you’re missing here is that Freejam Regent in Affinity is never actually 6 mana to cast. You have so many artifacts and ways to abuse Improvise for free that Regent is actually a consistent Turn 3 play at the latest, with Turn 1 & 2 Regents not even being out of the realm of possibility in the slightest.

            And even as late as turn 3, a 4/4 flyer that can single-handedly end the game is huge.

          • Happy The Cat

            All right… so you take out the draw spells to add this, next turn your opponent s2ps your 4/4 and you gain 4 life, now what? It’s not like you can dig your way out of that hole anymore you took out your draw effects, unless you draw your master, your overseer or your plating on the next turn your jank aggro deck just lost the game cause you can only deal 2 damage next turn.
            I’m not a fan of the “dies to removal” arguement but if your going to rely on a setup hand just to pull off an early kill having something as simple as thoughtseize or plowshares completely throw off your first turn will cause you to lose.

          • Zombie

            I wasn’t aware Swords to Plowshares was in Modern.

            Also, “dies to removal” is my old joke and it doesn’t apply here.

            You’re using Affinity’s pre-existing win condition, beat down, to cheat out a secondary win condition, alternate beat down, which either draws fire from your utility pieces, or just ends the game.

            If you’re dumping your hand on T1 and they kill Freejam Regent…. oh darn? Like they weren’t going to have that Path to Exile and kill something else with it?

            It’s a threat for Affinity that dodges Bolt, Helix, Fatal Push, Abrupt Decay, the list goes on, and it can be played for RR before Turn 4 reliably.

            Like I said. I’m not saying it’s a thing, just that no one should be surprised if it shows up because it can fill a very specific niche for Affinity that’s likely to show up with the introduction of Fatal Push.

          • guest

            after having read your comments, i really wanted to try freejam regent in my affinity list. but now they spoiled bastion inventor and i wanted to ask you if its still worth playing the dragon. the inventor costs one colored mana less and dodges path and dismember as well but the dragon can attack for more and looks, quite frankly, several magnitudes cooler!

          • Zombie

            It’s the same concept, really. I think the Inventor might even be better.

            Cheating out a huge threat on T1/2 seems to me like a good thing.

            I think playing it early enough makes the Hexproof matter more than the evasion, but late game Flying can be a god-send for you to get through damage.

            I mean, the deck already has aerial threats thanks to Thopters, Inkmoth, etc.

            But honestly the more I think about it, really the only upside is how early you can play it.

            In most cases I can imagine an Etched Champion feels to me like the better card, but Metalcraft can be turned off, Etched Champion could get walled off in the mirror, etc.

            I think it’s worth trying out both of them, but only as 2 copies, 3 at the most, essentially replacing 2-3 Flex slots of the 4-5 that Affinity/Robots usually has free.

            I think the biggest issue honestly is that neither are artifacts and can’t contribute to Metalcraft, Cranial Plating, etc. But they might be beefy enough to make up for it. I know playing them on Turn 1 certainly would.

  • Mip

    Like robocraft?

  • superOHYA

    Apparently Kaladesh DOES have good taste in music.

    • superOHYA

      And the consulate will let dragons jam freely.

  • Pandancules

    Don’t forget clues can help you improvise!

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Has anyne noticed that this looks like a tiger dragon? Orange, white and black coloring and stripes.

    • Graymalkin86

      That’s apparently just how Kaladesh dragons look.

  • Gord

    Lame card. I’d use it in limited but not happily – we need some big bad dragons

    • Hedronal

      Just wait for Bolas, he’s coming.

  • Happy The Cat

    I mean… it’s every time…

    • Hedronal

      What is?

  • MTG fan

    Okay, standard playability is a low chance, but it isn’t impossible. Mana ramp plan:
    Turn 1: thraben gargoyle.
    Turn 2: Servo Exhibition
    Turn 3: hopefully this dragon thanks to improvise!

    • Pandancules

      I guess everyone else can keep underestimating this card so we can buy playsets for under 5 bucks

  • ColorCaptain

    Intro pack rare? I thought were done with those.

    • MTG fan

      It isn’t. Intro packs don’t exist anymore. This isn’t’ that bad honestly…

  • Crome

    My dragon commander deck needs some good dragons, this is not one. Why are there so many dragons that rely on artifacts?

    • Samuel

      because dragon’s hoard? and artifacts are their treasures?

  • kmk888

    Certainly a 4/4 flying for RR or 1RR is good enough. But the deck that this card shines in has 2 to 3 artifacts on the field at once that you are okay with using for mana instead of attacking, wants a cheap 4/4 flyer, and plays red. I’m not sure that deck exists or what format it exists in.

  • Tezzybros

    Dragon: nope

  • Nebulium

    Im pretty sure that the art is a dragon with a tiger face and a beard, but when I first looked at it I saw a duck bill where the beard is and I think I liked that a lot more.

    • Hedronal

      I think that’s its mouth open with fire inside.

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    This Dragon is going to be in my Daretti commander deck.