• galen150

    so its just a one drop 2/2 beat stick. ok for a one drop i guess, but still pretty underwelming

    • Jack Briggs

      not really on par with kird ape or loam lion in terms of stats, but i think it still stands on its own – the fact that it can also require only another menfolk allows it to be quite adaptable as well – not to mention the merfolk synergies.

      • Jack Briggs

        i mean this is also the set with a 1 mana 3/3 – its heavily reliant on the merfolk tag.

        • galen150

          its a 1 mana 3/3 that mana ramps your opponents….. unless you use something to negate that ability, this thing is kinda on par with it. mana ramping your opponent is a huge downside, especially in a control match up.

          • Aurore

            Don’t forget as well that that’s the difference between a Rare and an Uncommon. The fact that this is so close to the 3/3 for 1 says a lot.

          • Alexandre Donnart

            That’s what we said when Path to Exile came out.

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    I think everyone is ignoring Merfolk lords when evaluating this card.

  • Rory

    Mild nacatyl

    • Pocketfulofgeek


    • Shagoth


  • Derek Niles

    what’s the second type, warrior probably?

    • Absinthman

      Second type is shaman.

      • Derek Niles

        ah thanks. I’d like to see the “class” tribes get more support. Solider has a lot and warrior, knight, and cleric each have some but I’d like more like Shaman or Druid, etc.

  • Absinthman

    Possible names could be Kumena’s Oracle / Oracle of Kumena, or alternatively Prophet instead of Oracle, or something along those lines.

    Flavor text (back-translation): “The same power that forces a river to endlessly carry its waters forward, flows over roots and branches – to me.” (English isn’t my native language, so sorry if it’s a bit clumsy).

    • Andrew Rapp

      Kumena’s Omenspeaker

  • Traveler

    Merfolk finally gets another 1 drop and its green lol. Still might be playable in modern Merfolk, just needs more of a reason to splash green outside this. Otherwise standard Merfolk is looking decent.

    • Teddy Gillespie

      i mean there’s always the coco thought, but i agree that it needs 1 more creature. I don’t think this is better than cursecatcher

  • Vizzerdrix

    Counter cat zoo decks let’s do it, I remember seeing listsa long time ago for it, makes me want to build it