• Travis Sven LeMonte

    sweet a creature shock that grows incrementally

  • Ultramegalord

    Welcome to modern burn

    • Bob

      That’s what I thought at first but it can only target creatures

      • Ultramegalord

        Doh. It’s a fiery impulse :(

  • Happy The Cat

    all this needed was “creature or player” or just “target player” and it would have been GREAT but as is they are worse than shocks for a burn deck!

    • Melissa Juice

      It would be been too good with that clause.

      • Happy The Cat

        then make it a sorcery! blue got a sorcery Accumulated Knowledge why can’t red get a sorcery Kindle/Flame Burst?

        • eltratzo

          because they want to move away from giving red only burn face as ther option for everthing. there just isn’t that much designspace left there. by printing versatile creature only removal they try to on the one hand give you a good way to handle creatures while still forcing you to have a plan beyond “i’m red so i’ll burn them for 20”. I don’t know wether this is the right way but I do think that red needs more things to do than just burning everything to death, so if experiments like this are necessary steps on the way to creating a more versatile and fin identety for red i’ll accept it.

          • Oliver

            eltratzo: Moving red away from burn makes as much sense as saying “we’ve already done big creatures in green so lets not do that this time”, or removing card draw from blue. By all means add variety to what each colour can do, but don’t take away the core features of the colour.

          • eltratzo

            as a matter of fact green currently gets no 1 mana mana dorks for similar reasons(no accelleration turn one means way more options for three drop) and no one wants to remove all burn.
            but the last sets have shown and wizards themselves said that they want to move away from the bolt and even shock style of hyperefficient versiatile cheap removal since there is very little design space left there and it makes red very very one dimensional.

          • Happy The Cat

            red had two things, aggression and chaos. they no longer get chaos, seeing as all chaos cards were fun bulk rares printed in core sets and those won’t be coming back. they also have lost the title of the aggressive color to white, who, for some odd reason have more and better one drops than red and have a super strong 2-3 core that red hasn’t had since theros was in standard. the biggest thing that separated red from the other colors as the aggressive color was that their removal also served as a way to deal damage to the opponent. as removal for other colors keeps getting stronger and stronger why do they need to keep making burn weaker and weaker? look at Anguished Unmaking. three mana and life to deal not only creatures but any nonland. red will most of the time need double the mana and probably two spells to deal with a even something like an x/6.
            yes I understand that the days of lightning bolt are long gone but that isnt all the options for burn, where are the cards like Char? where are the cards that let me sacrifice life or permanents to deal more damage? there are so many options that only have one card when it comes to burn but wizards refuses to return to these and would rather just print burn that is completely useless compared to colors that get actual removal.

          • eltratzo

            regettably I’m the wrong person to ask those questions. with many cards I suspect that the problem is that they don’t want to reprint and that they worry about the effect of another playable faceburn in modern.

            but yes, I agree that more stuff like what you asked for would be nice. that said, wizards are currently experimenting with red. there will be misses along the way. let’s hope they arrive at cards they are happy to print and we are happy (pun intended ^^) to play sooner rather than later.

  • Melissa Juice

    Incredibly powerful at common.

  • Zombie

    If this was capable of hitting players it might have been legacy Burn material, but since it can only hit creatures I can’t see it escaping Standard.

    Because of its mechanic I don’t even see it being good in limited unless you go deep on drafting them.

    • kmk888

      A shock for creatures is always good in limited. It’s a very mana efficient way to kill a 2 or 3 drop, helping red decks gain a lot of momentum.

  • kmk888

    It definitely should have been able to hit face, but it’s good. It’s probably a decent bit worse than Fiery Impulse in Constructed though, and in that case won’t see play until that one rotates.


  • Jack Flowers

    If only it was capable of some dome-damage. Oh well. Still solid as a four of, almost never sad to see additional copies.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    cause bustin’ makes ya feel good?

  • Vizzerdrix

    i like seeing the +x for cards in the yard being brought back. especially for limited a card like this if it hit players would be the card you horde and hope no one else does