• Happy The Cat

    still kinda thinking about this guy in a hyper aggro deck like modern elves. 10 power? that’s nothing to the right deck and gg 12/12 trample seems pretty okay.

    • DJ Pad

      Too much win-more. If you have 10 power on the board turn your guys sideways, activate ezuri and win.

      • Happy The Cat

        Well Ezuri costs 3+5 mana, meaning this would be much cheaper for probably just as much power on board. The biggest problem I see is that it doesn’t fully fit the tempo of when elves would reach 10 power. Ideally Imperious Perfect or another lord lands t3, then after you attack t4 toss this out. I’d at least want to test it for sideboards against burn heavy decks as a way to somewhat counter Pyroclasm and as a way to box Death’s Shadow.

        • AHunter

          I don’t play elves,but I have a buddy who do, so take it with a grain of salt :
          first,it’s a terrible topdeck. Everyone understood that,but it’s very frustrating when you draw something you know you can’t cast.
          Second,is it win more? this is a intersting question because (almost) each elve can make mana,so it’s -2 mana per creature, so it need 5 creature on average,with a lord (make mana + boost elves) it’s 3. Yeah, that seem pretty decent,but not game-breaking.
          Now what does it do? As a 12/12,it can win basicaly any fight,except a oversized DS,and trample make chumpblocking a no-no. You need 3 goyf/tasigur/gurmag or 6 bears to kill it. So it’s probably safe to assume it is going to dominate the board.
          And now what does it die to? dodge : push/bolt/decay/dismember, so it only die to path/pulse (A bit more played than usual in jund,bc of DS, but it’s still pretty fringe). So it is TERRIBLE against control,because wrath make it almost uncastable, and they can just path it.
          It’s still pretty slow,but it’s strong. The problem now is when do you want a huge beater?what do you take out for him?

          It’s definitly worth to try,but don’t get your hopes too high

          • Happy The Cat

            Well, the main slots this is looking at are the other sideboard slots against fast aggro like Forge-Tender and Chameleon Colossus, also you could look at the Shatterstorm effects since he does well at clocking Affinity and any Tron without Wurmcoils and, since they simply wouldn’t work together, you could look at dropping a CoCo, if you have a 4th in sideboard. Most of the time a traditional elves easly takes out control, but burn has Pyroclasm which made them bring on Selfless Spirit and/or Dauntless Escort, Ghalta can vie for that slot as well, since he’d keep the board a threat while being much harder for burn to kill. In a similar was you could argue Spellskite’s slot, since it’s not a question of if they path/pulse your 12/12 but what they aren’t path/pulsing instead of your two drop, so he absorbs the same kill spells without costing you life.

  • Anthony George

    This guy could literally fit in anywhere. I’m thinking about pairing it with Metalworks Colossus.

    • DJ Pad

      Except this wouldn’t synergize with the rest of the Colossus deck at all, seeing as how it’s mostly non-creature artifacts.

  • MrPixelptlk

    Force. Of. Savagery.

    • Shagoth

      Sorry. Without. Anthems. It. Doesn’t. Work.

      • Nate Winchester

        Or Incandescent Soulstoke. I like using it to pop out Forces without warning.

        • Shagoth

          True, flash is plausible.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Commander of my son’s first EDH deck? Don’t mind if it is!

  • Torrey Clanton

    standard can push Ghalta out turn 3, that’s just asking for grossness


    This guy will walk so many planks…

  • David S. McCrae

    Nourishing Shoal!