• That Guy

    I believe this will be the 16th printing of this card, but it hasn’t been around lately so I kinda missed it.

    • Kahai


      • That Guy

        I just looked at gatherer and I count 16 set symbols.

        • Kahai

          1 Alpha
          2 Beta
          3 Unlimited
          4 Revised
          5 4th
          6 5th
          7 portal
          8 6th
          9 7th
          10 8th
          11 9th
          12 10th
          13 Magic 2010
          14 Magic 2011
          15 Magic 2012
          16 Magic 2014
          17 Almondcat


          Gatherer description view shows the current print of the card and the set symbols of all other printings.

          • That Guy

            Right, I completely forgot to count this one. I feel dumb now.

  • Avery Standley


  • Coulter Baker

    The Legend Returns

  • Evil Tactics

    I always hope for some new good spider variant for my tribal. Oh well.

  • kevin

    iam the guy who is going to make spider tribal in standard. I dont care how bad it is.

  • Winter Trabex

    Didn’t think they’d print core set cards in a flavor set. Gives me hope that some older staples like Vampire Nocturnus might eventually come back.

    • Random Guy

      Core set doesn’t exist anymore so those cards are moved over to flavor set. Also it’s a bit weird how weak they make spiders. This would be one of my last picks.