• Deadly Berry


  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    All ai have to say is thank god gideon is out of the picture. I’ve been fed up with his garbage for a while now.

    • Robby

      About four sets too late, it would seem.

    • ningyouNK

      I would be suprised if the defeat cycle means they’re all dead. It’s an extremely classic pattern in storytelling: your heroes become stronger, gain too much confidence, get destroyed a first time, train, then come back and win. Having a cycle of those cards and not one Story Spotlight card featuring the tragic death of one specific member of the Gatewatch likely means they will all survive this set.

      • Not that it would mean her death, but we don’t have Chandra’s Defeat yet, she could be a Story Spotlight.

        • I.R.Shnow

          We already have it, and not a story spotlight. http://www.magicspoiler.com/mtg-spoiler/chandras-defeat/

        • ningyouNK

          An asymmetric cycle would have been very fun indeed! But we just got Chandra’s Defeat and it’s just like the others. At least it’s quite decent from a gameplay point of view ^^

        • Happy The Cat

          burn report, chandra got R deal five to a red creature or red pw, then you can Badcycle if it was chandra.

    • jane smithers

      He is going to be fine. I think all of Gatewatch is going to be fine. I personally find it funny so many people want to go back to old way of random story, world, and planeswalker. Zero reason to care and often little in the way of resolutions to story or forward movement in Magics over all story. Vraska is about as random as a Planeswalker as we could follow and I really do hope that Wizards finds a way to make her interesting….

      • Daniel Kaine Allen

        I don’t really care about the story telling being different, I literally just can’t stand Gideon planeswalker cards. They’re all way too similar.

        • jane smithers

          I kind of get that. He plays into the styles of decks I like to play so I for one would be sad if something happen to him. Though Elsbeth was my all time favorite. I loved everything about her. I personally like his consistency. Though I can see why others would not.

  • Kahai

    That flavor text! OMG love it.

    Also, Bolas is using mana of all five colors here. :D

  • Happy The Cat

    here I was thinking the “revealed” keyword tough would be what makes me reference a certain 80s song, but thanks to that flavor text. Gideon got the touch, he had 6 power, and when all spells have resloved this’ll be riding the Eye of the Storm.

  • Evil Tactics

    If there’s ever a mythic card down the line like “The Defeat of Nicol Bolas”, I wonder what bonuses you get instead of just 5 life.

  • Tiago Martins

    “Nico Bolas dont touch there” – Gideon the touched