• Zombie

    The prison card no one needed or wanted.

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I would have just been happier with an o-ring reprint.

      • Grant Jacobson

        they gave you the flash angel embalm version of O-ring tho

        • Daniel Kaine Allen

          I’ll give you that, but o-ring still comes out faster. Still, I can’t really complain. For me this set has turned out really good. And I feel like I’ll have fewer disappointing pack openings than I’ve had in other recent sets.

    • Kevan Kramer

      Is an answer to 2 standard decks right now….Tower and Cat

  • Grant Jacobson

    this is the equivalent of Asgore destroying the mercy option from undertale for a combo deck. sad panda is sad

  • Freezrr

    Would this work the way I think it does with Madcap Experiment? Name Madcap, play it yourself, get whatever insane artifact you put in by itself, profit?

    • Zombie

      Yes, it can work like that. Only your opponents are cut off.

      But what are you gonna hit with that? Metalwork Colossus? If you wanna play that big brown fatty that badly, just play it the normal way. By cheating it out on like Turn 3.

      • Michael Pepin

        Or just don’t have an artifact and fake your opponent out :P

    • Happy The Cat

      there are much cheaper ways to prevent damage from being dealt to yourself.

  • Teddy Gillespie

    I mean I guess it’s a fine budget way to stop The cat combo or heart of kiran or whatever

  • Julian Allen

    i mean this is definately going to at least be moved into standard…probably wont live outside of it but it’s basically a direct counter to copycat. outside of that, it’s a D-sphere-ish ability stapled to a bubble effect. i like it as a prison card but its not at all shocking me

  • Jared Fruitman

    “Gideon’s Intervention naming Felidar Guardian?” – Every standard player for the next 3 months

  • Miles Rinesmith

    So it’s a Nevermore/Meddling Mage but with benefits.

  • Murilo Mazza

    Dynavolt Tower didn’t like this…

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    I like this for some reason. It’s markedly better and meaner than Nevermore in Commander

  • kmk888

    Lol I guess Gideon’s love affair with Oketra didn’t last.

    • Raymond Horley

      White god’s and white planeswalkers. Always fighting for some reason.

      • Kevan Kramer

        This is the red god not the white one.

        • Nick Art

          You fight one god, you tend to fight them all.

          • Daniel Kaine Allen

            Dude what? Lol explain plz

    • foxboy1000

      That’s not Oketra, it is Hazoret.

      • kmk888

        Err you right. That makes more sense.

  • Happy The Cat

    well… so far the only uses I’ve found are Pyrohemia and stuff like Manabarbs otherwise might as well be a smaller Exclusion Ritual

  • Deadly Berry

    Might troll the decks that can’t get rid of it, but other than that I’ll stick to Meddling Mage.

    • You’re all individuals!

      Not too bad, avoids abrupt decay were rune and nevermore and meddling mage don’t, so it has slight advantage there. Cos naming abrupt decay seems a bad use of rune, nevermore or meddling mage.

  • Random Guy

    Flavorwise, what happens if I choose Gideon?

    • Minizem

      Existential crisis ensues and he is erased from continuity, forcing WotC to reboot once again.


      Nope… its no “legendary enchantment” (and even this it would be written on a old scroll – later or so) ^^
      Gideon could do a intervention on different situations … and even other mages could do this spell he invented… you dont play the same story in your game – so it works fine ;)

  • CMK

    The love-child of Nevermore and Runed Halo. Good if the threat is on the horizon and good if the threat is already here.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    This is psychotic in edh. Better add it to Fun Police.

    • Jalais

      “Oh you thought you could play with your commander? How cute.”

      • Happy The Cat

        “you thought my Lightmine Field/manabarbs/Pyrohemia/Ancient Runes with lattice actually meant EVERY one?no no no, good sir”

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Exactly. It’s so rude. Even if they already have it out, Commander damage is nullified.

  • Typhuzuzu13

    Oh hi there felidar sovereign. Didn’t see ya there.

    Anyone else have the image of gideon facing a stampede of felidars now?

    • sansmyhands

      If you ever play this against Copy Cat, make sure you name Felidar GUARDIAN, not Sovereign, or you’re gonna have a bad time.

      • Jacob Kodicovic


        “Mwahaha! He didn’t name my Felidar Sovereign! Now, watch me win in five turns!” “Cool. I flash in Stasis Snare.”

  • Ryū

    Might find a home in my Brago deck.

  • Calvin

    hmmmmmmmm….shuts down gideon. i like it, but seriously why is green and white (currently the best colors in standard) getting more amazing cards? Red needs a little more love than what has been spoiled so far. (and yes you guessed it, I play red).

    • ymmij X

      I have seen this complaint for every color in comments. ” oh great ANOTHER *color* card that’s playable” and yet people think this set’s power level is too low.

      • Happy The Cat

        people are are only saying that about the white and green cards, the other three only have 1~2 playables.

  • Mov

    Isn’t this just way too expensive? I mean I guess there isn’t much in the way of enchantment removal that hits it, but 4 mana to shut down one card seems too much.

    • eltratzo

      that depends. yes it is quite a bit. but in standard if the opposing deck has a card you can’t reliably beat in any other way (especcially if the opponent is focused on winning with one specific card) maybe boarding this in to pay four mana to not loose to that card is precisely what is needed.

      some candidates that might cause that situation being this cards name supplying planeswalker in his zendikari incarnation and a certain cat with a well-known habit of multiplying in the presence of certain planeswalkers

      • Mov

        Yeah but there’s already an enchantment that shuts down cat combo and it’s much cheaper, and stasis snare can deal with gideon too (granted not all that well, but it’s still a more flexible and cheaper answer).

        The problem with this is that you tap 4 to try to cast it against combo and they just negate it leaving you with shields down against their win. And vehicles can just beat you down with creatures and hearts without needing gideon if you resolve this.

  • Happy The Cat

    “Gideon’s Intervention naming Gideon’s Intervention” every standard white mirror till this rotates.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Interestingly, unlike Nevermore, this doesn’t specify non land, so theoretically you COULD name a land. Could be situationaly helpful against man lands, I guess.

    Like, if Nissa made every forest a creature, but you cast this and name forests, you and your dudes are immune to forests.

    Valakut decks also gets biffed.

    • walter f bonilla

      It says “cast” you don’t cast lands you put them into play. Casting is when you pay a mana cost to play the spell.

      • Darksepho

        It would still prevent any damage from them, he wasn’t talking about casting

  • Ziembski

    Its goin to shut monored decks in EDH. Very few removals and most of them are based on one or two sources, so naming Purperos gonna gurt them.

    • Ziembski

      Oh my god, Hidetsugu…

  • Cthulhooo

    Can’t we just stop beating around the bush and rename standard to EDH? Because this is an EDH expansion if I ever saw one.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    “I’ll name Heartless Hidetsugu”

    • Shadow

      -clap clap clap-
      THIS is how how use this

  • Logan Perez

    All this Gideon story love they better not be setting him up to die in HOD.

    • Brams

      MY guess is they set him up to sacrifice himself for the good of the others.

      • Logan Perez

        Yeah standard white stuff.

    • Daniel Scott

      I’d put money on it, although I’m less sure now than I was at first. The early spoilers made it look like he might be stupid enough to pass the trails without realizing it’s a super obvious trap.

      • Logan Perez

        Yeah man.

  • Jacob Bachand

    Gideons Intervention is good at stopping… Gideons lol

  • Jacob Bachand

    This kills torrent Gearhulk design ks… good thing I play a few more threats than just him

    • Jacob Bachand


  • Kumrag

    Also known as “No”

  • AustinSmith

    Finally now I have a reliable way to deal with Purphoros in my pillow fort EDH decks. Before I had to rely on O-Ring and Return to Dust, since he almost never becomes a creature in my playgroup

  • Shagoth

    Chaos warp and apocalypse might go up in price.

  • Philip David Barnes

    Question. If I cast Gideon’s Intervention and choose a creature card in play, but my opponent then cast protection from white on his creature. Am I to assign a new spell or does Gideon’s Intervention still do its thing?

    • Ravus Sapiens

      The creature won’t be able to deal damage to you and your opponent won’t be able to cast another of that creature.