• SmolderingButcher

    This card is really awesome.

  • dieforsins

    Elves keep getting sexier and sexier.

  • Kaiser

    Interesting, this can work in constructed, but in this set there is a lot of big guys with equal P and T…and cant hit gaea revenge. Menace is fine and is an elf i dont know how to value this seriously.

    • Kaiser

      Well at least shut down our new “lord of the ring”

  • Aaron Seet

    it’s a very unique effect, and a flavorful one at that. As was said in the video,(killing rhinos and tasigurs isn’t nothing) this might make Standard elves quite an interesting brew, (next to the wham bam of goblin tribal)

  • Master race

    Seems like a great card but depending on the match-up. I def. like this card.

  • Zombie

    Oh boy, it kills Seige Rhino and only costs more than Siege Rhino making it a full turn slower, and can’t actually fight a second Siege Rhino!!! Yaaay!

    Yeah no. Great in limited, worthless in Construced.

    CMC 5 conditional removal with a slightly relevant body is just not good enough. It’s a fantastic bomb in Limited but it just doesn’t actually do anything in Constructed.

    • Kaiser

      This kills dragon lords no? Except Atarka, maybe can be better than it look, cause hero’s downfall is out in short time. Sideboard material at least

    • Happy The Cat

      never underestimate black elves
      this is a big base creature for that tribe

  • GeneralGenerous

    I always love when a card comes out with the same or similar ability of a custom card I made years ago. I’m sure some of you can relate. :)

    Cruel Scrutiny
    Do the same thing this card does except it also targets elves.

  • Melissa Juice

    Ha. That’s hilarious. Fun card, too.

  • Eric

    It’s also a warrior, and one of the few real issues b/w warriors has had is slipping siege rhino, and heros downfall isn’t worth messing up our mana curve for one spell, but atach a doom blade to a 4/3 body that is a pain too block and gets tribal buffs. Yea this is going places. Actually most of the good elves in this set are warriors, dual tribal in abzan colors?

  • Giby86 .

    What does the unequalness of power and toughness represent, flavorwise?

    • Eric

      That it’s gonna be super crappy against all of the tribal artifact stuff getting printed lol

    • yang5293

      I think that if a creature isn’t an elf and its body is not well-proportioned, elves from Lorwyn consider it ugly, they hate ugliness, so it must die.

      • Giby86 .

        Yeah, I thought about the non-well-proportionedness, but…this dude is a 4/3 himself, doesn’t really make sense…I get that he is also an elf and that may give him a “pass”, but…it’s clunky at best.

        • AlaAlba

          The flavor is hypocrisy. His power and toughness is off on purpose.

          • Giby86 .

            Yeah, that must be it, you must be right. Somehow I don’t like it though. Lorwyn elves weren’t about hypocrisy, they were about “perfect race” racism. They’ve never been a race of ugly or even normal-looking beings thinking of themselves as beautiful and perfect, they were a race of beautiful beings thinking that everyone less beautiful than them must die. Subtle difference, maybe, but substantial.

          • jeremyhoffman

            Maybe not all Lorwyn elves are hypocrites, but this one is. :-)

    • Tzenmoroth

      The flavor of this card is that beauty = symmetry = equal stats. The Lorwyn elves love beauty and the ugly must go. The irony is that the Winnower herself does not qualify as beautiful.

  • dieforsins

    For sho its going to see some action being in the sideboard lol. Just that it’ll be more viable if it was 3/4, for Company, but then again it might make it TOO viable.

  • Happy The Cat

    only if it couldn’t kill itself