• Jesus

    This card was so close to being Standard playable, if only it was 3 mana….

    • Mov

      You’re kidding right? 1 extra mana for an instant read the bones is definitely standard playable. The gaining two energy rather than losing 2 life is just gravy. The instant speed is what makes this work (btw this could never have been printed while coco was in the format)

      Think on this: play this, find torrential gearhulk. Play gearhulk to replay this. I’d be happy with that line…

    • Kevan Kramer

      This is one of the cards that blue needed to be a control color again.

    • Shagoth

      *standard breaking

    • Melissa Juice

      3 mana. lol

    • gg

      3?? lol..

      Scy 2, draw 2.. it´s close to “draw 3”.

      “Close Draw 3” for 3 mana at instant speed would be broken.

  • Magic Fan

    This will be in any blue deck in standard. It’s a strict upgrade to read the bones at instant speed. And it’s splashable (although I think even 2UU would have been playable in dedicated blue decks). Esper will love this.

  • Scathain

    Strictly better weave fate. Compared to Foresee, you get scry 2 instead of scry 4 in order to gain instant speed and 2 energy. A quite good draw spell that blue badly needed in standard, though nothing game breaking.

  • Shagoth

    Wow, this is like as good as the old draw spells that were considered okay back in the day! As in, Lat-Nam’s legacy good. Good god this is stupidly good. Just, oh my god this is one of the best draw spells in modern currently. Like, dear god this is soooo good. They’re too afraid to print decent counter spells and they make this, so at least control is getting some love, that won’t get banned out like the delve spells. Like, oh my god, weave fate was precisely on the curve, this adds scry 2, BEFORE the drawing, and has an additional cute block based advantage. Will this be played in modern? Heck yeah. This is modern’s Fact or Fiction. Of course not as good, but is any card draw in modern close to what it is in eternal formats? No, that’s a good thing. This is stupid good. Preordain, though obviously tougher, reminds me a lot of this card.

    • Blaine

      Forsee has seen no Modern play, and this card is strictly worse.

      • Shagoth

        J-just stop. Strictly is means worse in every day unless it is turning a drawback into an advantage. Like a three mana lightning bolt. This isn’t strictly worse, that’s a sorcery, this is an instant, and it gives you energy. You can compare and each to their own in terms of what you think is GENERALLY better. Here are some cards that aren’t STRICTLY worse than lightning bolt, but still worse.
        Fiery Temper-Madness isn’t consistent or universal but it does grant card advantage in some situations.
        Lava Spike-Arcane has fringe synergies.
        And this isn’t even a Lava Spike/Lightning bolt situation. Instant speed is a HUGE advantage over sorcery speed. This is a blue control card we’re talking about, instant speed is super important.

  • Heartless Zio

    Is that the chick from Mass Effect?

  • gg

    On 1 – Discard spells.

    On 2 and 3- Remove and Counters “spells”.

    On 4 – Glimmer of Genius and Planeswalkers (Dovin Baan, Chandra, Nahiri )

    On 5 – Wrath effect with Lifegain.

    On 6 – Torrential Gearhulk ( cast another spell ).

    Almost every strategy played in standard right now it is weak against counterspells.

  • kmk888

    I think this is certainly playable in Standard. Even without the energy it likely would be. My only question is- what do you use the energy for? My initial thought would be a greedy mana base using Aether Hub. But maybe you’re bold and want to play Era of Innovation or Confiscation Coup.