• Raimund Keller

    that looks pretty decent :O

  • Robert FakeLastName

    another attempt at bob. decent in a dedicated deck i’d say.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Noice. I’d run this.

  • Scott Fridinger

    Bob’s cautious cousin.

    I have. When wanting to replace my R with B in my energy deck…

  • Shagoth

    Become a par of the Bad Bob Brigade.

    • Jonas Candy


  • kmk888

    An evasive threat that draws cards should never be underestimated. It offers a good rate of energy use and could be an extremely powerful card if it were surrounded by the right cards. Just an initial surrounding cast because I have been staring at spoilers involves 4 Greenbelt Rampagers, 4 Winding Constrictors, 4 Attune With Aether, and 4 Longtusk Cub.

  • Zombie

    With how easy it is to generate Energy, this will almost always draw you a card every turn once you’ve reached midgame.

    • bonogringo

      You can go further and say this is the dark confidant of standard for years to come.

      • Zombie

        Nothing will ever be as good as Dark Confidant and anyone who thinks that needs to be slapped repeatedly.

        “But Zombie, Blood Scrivener is gonna be the next Dark Confidant!!!” No it’s garbage stop.

        “But Zombie, Asylum Visitor is even BETTER than Dark Confidant, everyone should preorder it!!!!” No, it’s garbage, please stop. “B-b-b-but 8Rack!!!” Sweet merciful baby Jesus help these people.

        • Readplease

          I don’t think you can read. He said it’s “the dark confidant of standard” not the new dark confidant, not the it’s gonna replace dark confidant is modern or legacy. No he said the dark confidant OF STANDARD… key words. Cause chances are you gonna draw every turn until someone gets rid of it like dark confidant.