• KrakenHunter

    More love for white… as if it needed it.

    Good card tho.

    This turn 2 + gideon turn 3… my god…

  • prplprince

    true faith censer

    • Hedronal

      Does not work t3 though.

  • Matthew Douglas

    Always watching, lone rider, and Thalia’s lieutenant found a new friend

  • Random Guy

    The way I see it: 2 mana 4/4. Lifelink and exert cancel each other out; you can’t attack/block next turn but you gain life as though you did. Also tons of synergy. Modern viable.

    • Him

      I doubt it, but don’t have time to back up my argument.

    • Phil Pham

      Turn 2 this, turn 3 always watching. Lets go.

      • Aaron Tarket

        Phil Pham The synergy is REAL. R/W Exert Vehicles has arrived!

  • Scathain

    That is a good card, and white is starting to look more powerful than ever.

  • Kameenook

    I mean a 4/4 lifelink for 1W that untaps every other turn (and only on attacking) doesn’t seem bad at all. I expect it to make punches at almost all stages of teh game in limited, and maybe even see some standard play.

  • Zombie

    Well, at least Craig Wescoe will enjoy playing Standard now…

  • kmk888

    Maaan the exert deck is super real. Buy your Always Watching if you didn’t when Glorybringer was spoiled!


    mono white Humans was tier 3 aggro deck in Modern now this will get him to Tier 2 …

  • Vizzerdrix

    so am i missing something or does this work with always watching really really well.

    • Matthew Douglas

      You’re not missing anything. Be prepared for Humans decks by the score getting fatal pushed on Game day,

  • Alexandre Donnart

    T1 Sigarda’s Aid
    T2 Glory-Bound Initiate
    T3 True-Faith Censer

    Enjoy your 6/5 Lifelink Vigilance – then eat a Fatal Push.