Glorybringer - Amonkhet Spoiler


  • Color: Red
  • Type: Creature - Dragon
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Exert allows creatures to give a little more effort to produce unusually good results.

You make the decision whether to exert a creature as you declare it as an attacker. If you choose to have it exert, an ability will trigger and grant you some bonus. As a trade-off, the creature won’t untap during your next turn. It’s tired. Needs a nap. Attack more later.

You don’t have to exert the creature as it attacks. If you don’t, no ability will trigger, and it will untap normal during your next turn. Note that as you declare attackers is the only time you can have it exert. You can’t wait until later in the turn and then exert it. When your next untap step rolls around, if the creature you exerted is untapped, nothing happens and the exertion cost you nothing. Maybe you found a different way to untap it, or maybe you gave it vigilance.

  • Liam Maiher

    So what do we think exert means? I think it is the unused “double tap” ability from time spiral play testing.


      I feel like it means to temporarily exile the creature until the end of turn or something. Plus extert kinda sounds like exile

      • Liam Maiher

        That seems a little broken considerin this has haste

      • Robert FakeLastName

        that would be an weird upside giving it pseudo vigilance. red is not really in the business of doing that.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      it may just be “won’t untap during your next untap step”.

    • zipec

      In Lord of the Rings TCG exert was equivalent to putting -1/-1 counter on creature. :-)

      • Andrea Di Meo

        It make sense, with the Liliana second ability

    • Zombie

      Wizards already said what Exert does. You Exert a creature when it it’s declared as an attacker, and a creature that you Exert doesn’t untap during your next untap step.

      So if a creature with Exert also has/is given Vigilance, it can potentially use Exert every single turn.

      • Liam Maiher

        I commented before the announcement

        • Zombie

          The card was revealed in the same article with that information.

    • Kahai

      I saw this and thought of Doubletap too. Glad they figured out a way to make it work! :D

  • dTHEb

    I think it just means remove from combat. A safe way to shoot down your opponents creatures.

  • Devin Beckley

    So what happens if you give it vigilance with arlin kord?

    • TheAweDude

      If you give it vigilance or somehow untap it, then the exert is essentially free.

      • Devin Beckley

        Oh man red green could be silly.

    • Devin Beckley

      Always watching could be very relevant

  • Avery Standley
  • TogetherAlone

    This card is bonkers for standard now that we know what exert is. 8 damage with haste for 5 is really strong.

    • karathb

      well, I think Flagship is better

      • TogetherAlone

        flagship doesn’t have haste, they aren’t even comparable to each other in power level. Especially if you are already playing red.

        • karathb

          Flagship is colorless, can go to any deck. It can shoot something down every turn, and attack as well im every turn. It can also shoot planeswalkers. Not to mention it attacks for 6 while this dragos gets eaten by Avacyn and Kiran also trades with it. Still this seems to be a strong card, but Flagship is a way more efficient threat (again because you can shoot and attack with it in every turn)

          • TogetherAlone

            Ok I’ll give it to you that its definitely weak to avacyn. However in the vehicles matchup, its still good its at least a two for one as you kill their crewing creatures and then they have to block him? seems like a bad play to me.

          • karathb

            I am not telling it is a good play, I am just telling that even Kiran trades with it, and Kiran is a 2 mana spell, while this is a 5 mana spell. Compare the 2 situations.

            1st: Opponent has Kiran, you play the dragon and attack with it, you kill a creature. Opponent can take 4 or trade with the dragon. In case of no trade, dragon does not untap and does nothing in the next turn. Deals 4+4 in 2 turns.

            2nd scenario: Opponent has Kiran, you play Flagship and kill something. You have an untapped Flagship so Kiran likely cannot attack you. Next turn you can attack for 6 and kill another creature. So in 2 turns Flagship kills 2 creatures, or even a planeswalker (dealing 2×3 damage to creatures/walkers) while the dragon shots only 4 to a single target and attacks for only 4 in 2 turns.

            The only upside is the haste, but I do not consider it to be a big upside. If you do not exert than you can hit for 8 in 2 turns in the air, but you cannot kill creatures. For example green gearhulk can also hit for 8 in 2 turns but it also has trample and options to spread the counters.
            But to stay at the original example, Flagship hits for 6 in 2 turns which is not much less than 8, and it also deals 2×3 damage to somewhere. It also eats this dragon, does not die to any other flying threat and it is easier to cast. Yes, you need to crew it, it is a downside, but assuming you can do that, it is in another league than this dragon (which I believe will be still a fine card for standard)

            And when there is a board stall, Flagship is also better because it does not need to skip every second turn.

            If we go on, in 3 turns the Dragon deals 2×4 to creatures and attacks for 8. Flagship deals 3×3 to creatures or walkers and attacks for 12 (again, assuming you can crew it). And in the 4th turn, the dragon does nothing, again. On the other hand, if you can somehow give vigilance to the dragon, then it just becomes brutal!

          • Together Alone

            Except if you can get either an untap mechanic or say always watching then you don’t have the issue of exhert.
            Also again even if you do get blocked by kiran, you still kill the creature that crewed it generating a 2 for 1 which is still in your favor, on a creature that is relevant right away unlike skyship.
            This is better than Skypship if you are already in red or if you are already running vigilance/untap mechanics.

        • Happy The Cat

          flagship isnt a creature unless you make it one, giving is a dodge of sorts, plus it can hit face for 9, which is much more than hitting only creatures for 8, not only that but having 5 hp vs 4 puts it out of range of a lot more.
          also, if you have flagship deal 9 it can still attack next turn it doesn’t have to “take a nap”

          • karathb

            I agree that flagship is better, but it cannot hit face for 9. It can only shoot creatures amd walkers

          • TogetherAlone

            Flagship can’t hit face for 9, read the card again. It can deal 6 and then shoot 3 at a creature or walker, where again the turn you play it, it cannot attack, its not even in the same ballpark. Is it a good card, yes, is it even comparable to this, no. They would belong in two separate decks, if you are already in red this card is much better than skyship.

  • Evil Tactics

    I like how it can be a rechargeable cannon, assuming an opponent doesn’t spend a card to deal with it. Giving all your exert creatures vigilance would be evil.

  • kmk888

    4+ power haste flyers for 5 have a history of dominating Standard, and this one looks up there with the best of them. The fact that exert is optional means you get a void ray that alternates turns or a very fast clock. But the void ray mode is what makes it so enticing: getting through one combat step means you’ve already generated a 2-for-1 and a sorcery speed removal spell is an exceedingly poor answer. This one is going to hit Standard hard.

    And, as some other people have noticed, exert is pretty ludicrous with vigilance or if you can untap your creature. The short list of such effects in Standard already are Retreat to Coralhelm, Kiora, Master of the Deep, Arlinn Kord, and Always Watching. Of these, I have my eye on Always Watching, as it is going to make all of your exert creatures stupid good all at once. These two cards in tandem seems like a stupid good start to a RW aggro deck.

  • Happy The Cat

    so… it can shoot down a blocker, but doing so means next turn he’s effectively blocked due to needing to take a nap…
    here’s the thing, if I call this bad and compare it to better cards like stormy and hypersonic people will say that’s not a fair comparison. but look at stuff like Oracle’s Vault or Archfiend of Ilfnir. other colors are getting powerful cards but this has no real bulk and the “selling” point for an aggro style card is that it cant attack every turn? not only can it only hurt creatures, but that it can’t kill other dragons, which sets it back greatly with how wizards is printing them so often now. they could have let it hit pws or even dropped the damage and let it hit face, but as is this is a starter pack rare. if that was still a thing.

    • Dragoncastermaster

      but what if the set has additional ways to untap your creatures like with the new gideon’s plus ability then. if they make it so that you can consistently circumvent the doesn’t untap downside then you can start decimating your opponent’s board, yes it’s not ideal for an aggro strategy but five drops don’t make it into decks like that much anyway. if the mechanic is able to be interacted with then this card could be a powerful asset in a Mid range type strategy

    • TogetherAlone

      *Cough* Always Watching *cough*, also yeah nearly garunteed two for ones are bad guys mmkay. Also exert is optional.

  • Kirito and Asuna SAO

    Brewing this mechanic with Always Watching sounds fun

  • Dragoncastermaster

    yay they’re starting to make better dragons!

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    I love the desing and abilities of this Dragon, it’s great!
    If only you can untap it but not attack would be awesome.

  • Deadly Berry

    Making Vigilance and Untap effects viable again? I’m in! Already loving Exert.

  • MTG fan

    This is a card I love! I can’t wait to get one for a cool red blue control deck!!

  • Timothy Barker

    Which art is better?

    • Edwin Marín Castro

      I love both, I’ll buy both of them.
      Both arts are just awesome.

  • jackatlas

    Hey the number is AKH-134

  • Jake Salgado

    Does the choice to exert a creature go on the stack?