• Exyrea

    looks good for limited…… sadly not much else outside of EDH

  • ningyouNK

    A 5-mana goblin after the 6-mana Chandra, this may be a pattern =)
    I would be glad if the emphasis was indeed less on cheap aggro spells in red for this set ^^ It adds variety, while giving players the option of playing something else than turbo aggro in red :)

  • Jazzyboy1

    Flash would have made this viable in Standard and viable in a lot more EDH decks. As it is, it’s probably going to be great in Limited and goodstuff EDH decks, but not much else.

    • Hedronal

      It’s a decent semi-evasive body that gets you another use of Kolaghan’s Command or something, so I’m not writing it out of any format yet.

      Edit: See Matteo’s comment below for more.

      • Jazzyboy1

        Yeah, I think I made too quick a judgement. Thinking about it for just another 5 minutes, I realised there are a lot of cards that can be played with this, even if it can’t really hit counterspells, because it doesn’t have flash.(I mean, it could hit them… but they’d have no targets….)

        Could see play in Atarka to replay ramp spells and burn, Midrange to replay burn, buffs and token spells, and maybe Prowess to replay their instants and sorceries, though Prowess doesn’t usually like creatures over 3 or 4 mana.

  • Gord

    This is going to be crazy fun in casual formats and a brute in limited

  • itsme

    Seething Song likes this card in a bad storm deck :)

  • chandra

    I think 5 mana for a 4/4 menace is great and the rest is pure gravy. By turn 3 you play a instant or sorcery, turn 5 repeat.
    What else do you want?

    • nightshade88

      What else do I want? Seeing the face of my opponent ehrn I play it on turn 3 by starting turn 1 with a Sol Ring and turn 2 with [insert instant or sorcery name here].
      A double tutor by turn 3 would be nice, for example XD.

      • chandra

        Well you got it, this card can do that. Then you can bounce it or copy it and do it again, and again, and again and again

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Well ain’t this a novel addition to my UR EDH?

  • Guest

    I want to use this with something that would have it have haste, Zada and Become Immense…maybe not super competitive speed wise, but it’d be fun

    • Guest

      nevermind, missed the mana cost thing

  • Squirrel Lover

    Boy, those are some handsome Goblins…

  • kk

    2 Cackling Counterpart in the graveyard..

    create 12 power ( 3 4/4 Menace) for 5 mana… and you can even cast another 3 mana spell.

  • Razor

    More Crackling doom, yay

  • SmolderingButcher

    Those are some sexy falmer.

  • EJ

    I’m confused. Am I supposed to look at spoilers, or not look at spoilers?

    If I’m allowed to look at this, I would say it’s potentially very strong considering it’s an ETB trigger and not a “cast” trigger. There are about a million ways red can make a token copy of this creature, and the potential targets are very strong.

    For those who think 5 mana is a lot, it’s the same mana that you would spend on a Snapcaster Mage who flashes back a 3 CMC spell. Granted, this is at sorcery speed, but it also leaves behind a 4/4 body with evasion and a relevant creature type.

  • Just Here To Comment

    More like: Goblin Dank-Dwellers amirite?

  • boogers

    This card will be expensive. Everyone said all the same things about the Origins Jace card and it shot up to $70 becoming the most expensive card in the set. Anything that has a Snapcaster like ability will see play is what I’ve learned at this point.

    • Nicholas_Bolas

      Lol your name is boogers!

      • EJ

        Lol! Bolas is Spanish slang for “Testicles”.

        • Nicholas_Bolas

          Lol! EJ is English slang for “Enigmatic Jerk”!

          • boogers

            No. It’s not. No one that was funny. I don’t think you did even. Enigmatic? Really? That’s the best you could come up with?

    • EJ

      I doubt it will be that expensive. Jace was a Mythic Rare in a set where the highest level of rarity is Mythic Rare. This card is a rare, and the set will have Expedition Wasteland (spoiler alert), plus a bunch of other stuff.

      The most expensive non-land rare from Battle for Zendikar is Painful Truths which is about $1.88. Ruinous Path is next at about $1.52. Radiant Flames, From Beyond and Scatter to the Winds are the only other non-land rares above $1.

      In the same set as Jace (Magic Origins), they printed a rare called Goblin Piledriver, which is a powerful card in Legacy, and was $25 before the reprint. At present, it’s about $2.07. And that card will probably see a lot more play than this one will.

      This isn’t a bad card. It could be very good if there’s enough good Goblins in Standard, or enough graveyard shenanigans in Innistrad. But it probably won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

      • boogers

        The difference being of Jace being mythic and this being normal Rare is true. I doubt it will have much goblin support if any outside of Oath since devils may replace goblins again in Shadows Over Innistrad.

        • EJ

          Jace is also 2 mana, while this is 5. It’s hard for a 5-mana rare (not Mythic) to achieve a lot of value, even when they are really good cards. In the current Standard, Sigil of the Empty Throne is about $4, but it’s a reprint of a card which used to be in the $6 range. Other tournament-quality 5-drop rares include Icefall Regent, and Sidisi Undead Vizier which are each under $1.50. In the 75 cent to $1 range are Bring to Light, Tragic Arrogance, Dark Petition, Planar Outburst. These are great cards, but you don’t have to pay a lot for them.

          In terms of price, what can sometimes happen is that the foils will go for above average multipliers if the card is tournament playable or cube-worthy. Most of the foils of the cards I mentioned are in the $5 to $8 range. But if you just want the card, you can usually have them at a reasonable price.

          It is possible for a 5-drop rare to become expensive, but this is unusual, and the card usually has to be busted, or part of a busted combo. Examples include Doubling Season, Through the Breach, Kiki Jiki Mirror Breaker. But these are few and far between.

          • boogers

            I feel like I have literally just been schooled.

  • wwww

    Less powerful than Snappy (but that card is kind of bull**it anyway) or Jace because it costs way more mana and cannot target anything. Still, I’m exited to see if it will still see plays or not.

    • Ben Ehren

      plus unlike jace and schnaps you don’t have to pay the mana cost for the instant or sorcery. PLUSPLUS with innistrad coming out we may get more cards with “if you cast this from your graveyard” bonus

      • Hedronal

        Although the other two you reference don’t limit the cost of the card, and are cheaper themselves, and in blue.

        • Ben Ehren

          true, but consider this, larger body, most great instants/sorceries are 3 or less (kolaghan, foul tongue invocation, tarkir charms) and you can run it without running blue.

    • Nicholas_Bolas

      I think that it will see play in Standard at some point. I kind of doubt that it will see any modern play though.

      • wwww

        -Jund to recycle bolt, decay or mass-removal like anger of the god.
        -Burn to recycle already used burn spells

        I doubt it will really happens though.

        • This card is way to expensive for Burn.

  • Ben Ehren

    crackling doom, kohlagans command, foul tongue invocation, any charm from tarkir, ruinous path, im imagining some sort of red/black control forming from this card, and it costing about 20$

    • wwww

      Or midrange with some red mass-removal that does 3 damages, like Anger of the Gods back in Theros.

      • wwww

        Oh well, I forgot that Kozilek’s Return will be in this set. I can do the job I guess.

      • Ben Ehren

        if it had one more hp, it would be a siege rhino quality dude i dare say.

  • kmk888

    This seems playable as a couple copies in Jeskai Black or Mardu as the best things to use this with in Standard would be Crackling Doom and Kolaghan’s Command. It represents a pretty good mana efficiency rate with either of those, most the time serving as a solid 2 for 1, just what those decks want. And a menace creature seems good in those deck with the amount that they overload on removal.

  • kk

    If i´m correct… this is nuts with split cards…

    for example Boom // Bust.. it has 2 or 6 mana cost. If i´m correct cast it and then choose both parts too..

    • wwww

      You can only cast one part of the card, not both at the same time.

      Still yes, if you want to lose friends, you can do that.

      • kyk

        So.. it´s a way to cheat “Bust” as 3 mana spell?

        • Squirrel Lover


        • Happy The Cat

          bloodbraid and any other cascade on 2 can hit bust as well. Isochron Scepter can do it again and again for instant split cards

    • Olphod

      I’m pretty sure that when it comes to split cards, their converted mana cost is considered to be the entire cards total converted mana cost, including both halves :P That is unless one half is on the stack, then that halves mana cost is only taken into consideration :P

      • Happy The Cat

        the rulings are that split cards are to be counted separately, but at the same time. what I mean is that, let’s say you would flip Boom// Bust with Dark Confidant, you would lose two life and six life at the same time. however, effects that would hit one but not the other will still hit the split card (i.e. cascade, Inquisition of Kozilek, exe.) but the interesting thing with dark-dwellers(and cascade actually) is that because you cast is with out paying it’s mana cost, you choose which half to cast, so you can use Bust even though you can only target Boom

    • Happy The Cat

      you get to cast one half of the split card, not both. it’s the same rulings as cascade into split cards has

  • Happy The Cat

    so if you take away a goblin’s eyes, it can go from a 1/1 to a 4/4? what?
    might find a home in some goblin tribal edh or casual decks. Mizzix is a goblin right? might be worth a slot

  • Huo

    this is available for modern, another vision of Bloodbraid Elf

  • Strezzant

    My naglets.. Look at him like a red sorcery beefcaster Mage with the flashback of 3 already paid

  • Devon Ronald MacInnis

    Put this in living end as a one of

    • Zombie


      So you can cast Living End again and kill all of the creatures you just brought back?

      Living End doesn’t have many ETB effects, it wouldn’t be worth it.

      • Adam Watson

        Except to cast living end. This goblins ability is a may ability BTW. Basically this gives you another living end. Something the deck sometimes needs.

      • Necrachilles

        Could be if you have a sac outlet, infinite Living End. Then you just need another annoying ETB/Leaves Play/Dies/Sac trigger and you’re set.

      • Devon Ronald MacInnis

        It’s more so when I have all my living ends left in my graveyard because of counter spells.

        • Happy The Cat

          … or just run Living Death like every other person, same cmc, same effect, cant be countered by essence scatter or the negates they blew on your living deaths

  • Nanya

    Hmm… Oh neat, this can be cast via Seething Song, so you can cast this off of Seething Song…

    Oh great, this can be used to Mana climb into a massive Dragonstorm.

    • kmk888

      I assume you’re joking since Seething Song is banned in Modern, Dragonstorm sees no play, and the loop you mentioned generates no net mana.

      • Nanya

        Nah, more of an observation than anything else really.

      • AlaAlba

        Not everybody is a tournament player dude. Some of us just like to build janky decks and sit around playing random bullshit with our friends.

        • kmk888

          Okay, that explains why you would be okay with Seething Song or Dragonstorm. But again I will explain that the card doesn’t ramp you any extra with Seething Song. It’s just a free 4/4 with Menace when you’re already ramping (and therefore should be winning). The rest of the time it probably doesn’t fit in the deck.

          • AlaAlba

            It’s a 0 mana 2 extra storm count.

          • kmk888

            But what is it replacing? Another ritual? A draw spell to increase consistency? If this is in your hand, it’s taking the place of a spell more essential to the combo. Your finisher is 9 mana and kills off of storm count 4. Adding something like this is at best unnecessary and at worst decreases your kill consistency with dragonstorm. If I was adding something to the deck that wasn’t a ritual or draw spell, I would start at counterspells or discard.

    • Zombie

      No it can’t, actually.

      You’d have to do FAR more to get this to work in a Storm shell than anything already available.

  • Zombie

    This seems a little weird considering the fact that it’s a Goblin card, pretty fail on the flavor continuity.

    Interesting card nonetheless. If it were CMC 4 I could see this being an instant Standard staple, it would fit perfectly on the curve following a CMC 3 spell.

    But alas it’s a bit too overcosted, just enough to be tipped over the edge of viability into bulk rare status.

    Still cool, though.

    • kk

      If this were to cost 4… would be Legacy staple.. and you are talking about standard?!

      Would be almost free to recur a 3 mana spell.

      • Zombie

        It would not see Legacy play even at CMC 4, I guarantee it.

        No red deck wants something like this at 4 mana.

        • kmk888

          That’s true but it might well break Modern at 4. Or at least be highly competitive.

          I think you may have this one wrong in Standard, Zombie. It seems great with Kolaghan’s Command or Crackling Doom.

          • Djough Smytthe

            I agree, Kommand makes this good in standard.

        • Jazzyboy1

          Izzet is a thing.

          And Snapcaster is usually played with 5 mana. 2 mana for Snapcaster. 3 mana for the counterspell or burn spell that you flashback.

          Plus considering the heavy use of Counterbalance and Chalice of the Void in Legacy, using a 4 mana creature that’s almost Snapcaster but without the flash might actually be worth doing; as most players play Chalice with 2 counters and as most decks have 1 or 2 mana spells, Counterbalance wouldn’t hit the occasional deck that runs this.

          • Zombie

            Considering you’re talking about decks like Storm, Show and Tell, and Delver…

            Yeah, none of them would want a derpy 4/4 CMC 4 that gives you back…what… Brainstorm? Lightning Bolt?

            Yeah that’s so much value /s

            You’re forgetting that at CMC 4 this card would be competing for the same slot as JACE THE F***KING MIND SCULPTOR.

            You look at me, right into my eyes and with a straight face, that you think this card could ever compete for the 4 drop slot in a R/U/X deck against Jace the Mind Sculptor. And if you can do this, you’re very good at blatantly lying.

            You also brought up yet another reason this card would never see Legacy play even at CMC 4, Snapcaster Mage.

            The card you tried to use in your own argument is a card that will outperform this trashy little Goblin every single game no matter what.

          • Happy The Cat

            snapcaster has flash and can hit wraths, this cant

    • Necrachilles

      2 mana for a 4/4 Menace is nuts. EDH Staple for sure.

      Not sure how it’s a flavor fail. There have been plenty of beefy goblins and goblin spellcasters (Goblin Electromancer) comes to mind. /shrug

      • Zombie

        I think you mean 5 mana. And it’s not nuts because of that.

        And as for flavor fail, it’s a bunch of angry, blin, cave-dwelling goblins that look like bruisers, yet are somehow involved with spell recursion?

        It makes no sense whatsoever.

        • Jazzyboy1

          He probably meant that you get a 3 mana instant/sorcery and then you get a creature on top of that, so in the end, the creature is basically 2 mana.

          As for the flavour, the graveyard is often associated with dungeons and deep caves, in that many cards reference dungeons or deep caves and have abilities that use the graveyard. That’s a bit strange I’ll admit, but that’s just how the flavour works. I’m guessing the idea here is that the goblins are delving deep into the caves to find long-lost magic, perhaps because they just find it fun to play around with old magic.

          And they may have gone blind in that they’ve lost their eyes, but they wouldn’t be the first creatures in fiction and even real life to develop different kinds of sight while living for years in the darkness. Maybe they’ve learnt to sense ancient magic down in the caves.

          • Zombie

            What’s strange is that they do not follow any known theme for any arcane/spell based Goblin in Magic.

            Their name, art style, and Menace ability all work together, and then they just tacked on some magic spell recursion.

            Are we supposed to believe these unintelligent, menacing, blind, cave-dwelling goblins are adept at magic? Adept enough to recall spells?

            That’s where the flavor fails. They just tacked on a spell recursion ability onto an otherwise perfectly fine creature design.

            It doesn’t fit, it doesn’t make sense, and it annoys the hell out of me for no good reason.

          • EJ

            She wiped her pestle on a rock, scraping off bits of bone and
            whatever passed for an Eldrazi’s brain. Jace didn’t want to go rooting
            around in her head just yet. That had a way of hindering potential good

            “Thanks for the save,” he said. “How did you do that? To the Eldrazi?”

            “Oh, their skulls bust just as easily as yours,” said the goblin. She
            rapped the top of her head, which clanged. “Bit easier than mine.”

            “Before that,” said Jace. “The spell, or whatever it was.”

            By way of response, she looked around as though she’d lost something,
            then shouted “Aha!” and scrambled to pick up what looked to Jace like a
            small rock. No—not a rock. A shard of one of Zendikar’s magical stone

            “A hedron holds magic for a thousand years,” she said. “Or less, if
            need be. This one’s mostly spent, but I’ll grind out what I can.”

            She cackled, tossed the hedron into her mortar, and started absentmindedly pounding away at it. There were sparks and pops.

            “The size of ’em doesn’t tell you much,” said Zada. “Every hedron’s
            like a deep, dark hole. Could be filled with good stuff. Could be empty.
            Only way to know for sure is to dive in.”

            “I see,” he said. “Uh . . . I’m Jace, by the way.”

            “Zada of Slab Haven,” said the goblin, as though that explained everything.

            “I’m looking for Tuktuk,” said Jace. “Do you know him?”

            For some reason this made Zada roar with laughter.

            “He’s dead,” she said. “Stone dead, you might say.”

            She started laughing again, but at Jace’s blank expression, she managed to wheeze out, “He was made of rocks, you know.”

            “What happened?” asked Jace.

            “I ate him,” said Zada.

            Jace spent a moment imagining horrific cannibal rites until he
            remembered what she’d just said about Tuktuk, which pushed her claim
            from horrifying to merely improbable.

            “You what?”

            Zada grinned again, showing off rows of enormous pitted teeth.

            “I. Ate. Him.”

            “I thought you said he was made of rocks,” said Jace.

            “Yep,” said Zada. “You don’t know much about goblins, do you?”

            “I really don’t,” said Jace. “Why did you . . . eat him?”

            “When we find hedrons and other magic rocks, we grind ’em up and eat
            ’em,” said Zada. “Makes us stronger. Tuktuk had us doing it. But then I
            figured, Tuktuk was the most magic rock of all . . .”

            She shrugged and patted her belly.

            “That . . . makes a weird kind of sense.”

            “Thank you!” said Zada.

          • nightshade88

            They might not be adept at magic, but adept at releasing the magic collected into hedrons. As EJ quoted from the Uncharted Realms, Goblins know that hedrons collect and store magic energy and they know how to take advantage of theat by tapping into destroyed hedrons.

            Flavour-wise it might work like this:
            – a wizard/planeswalker casts a spell and the energy of that spell gets stored into a hedron after the spell resolves.
            – then these goblins arrive and destroy that hedron nd tap into its energies and relese the spell that was stored inside.

        • Necrachilles

          No. I mean 2 mana. Assuming you hit a spell with CMC for 3 of course. That’s just good value.

          Who said they’re angry?

          Blind? They just live in the dark, doesn’t mean they’re blind. If you look at them, it looks like their eyes are glowing (the light source in the art causing an effect similar to a cats eyes in the dark). I imagine, being their goblins, that they just have low light vision and can see much better than someone else could in such circumstances.

          All you can really see is their upperbody, which would have to be somewhat strong so they could move themselves around on the walls like that. Goblins don’t have to be big to be strong and they don’t have to be small to be weak. They come in all shapes and sizes and varieties.

          Spell Recursion being it’s coming from the graveyard (aka the Dark). And as I said before, there are plenty of goblin spell casters. So it fits. Just because it’s not some 1/1 weenie doesn’t mean it’s not a goblin.

          There doesn’t really need to be a good reason for any of this though. Cards are what they are. If you nitpicked every single card you’d never get anywhere. Sometimes they just don’t make sense.

    • EJ

      As I understand the current story line, there are goblins on Zendikar who believe that the hedrons contain powerful magic, and they eat the hedrons to absorb the magic. This is why Zada is called “Hedron Grinder” (and why she claims to have eaten Tuktuk).

      So I don’t think it’s a flavor fail to have goblins who have eaten so many hedrons that they are much beefier than the average goblin, or that they, um, excrete enough mana to recast a 3 cmc spell when they show up.

    • Happy The Cat

      think about it this way. Goblins are distracted by shiny things. Take away their eyes, they can’t get distracted, which means they do the other red things, fight. and cheat.
      as for the card itself it looks like it would go into grix control pretty well, re-firing removal has always been a good thing and with strong spot removal being kinda thin, doubling your value is pretty good.
      there is a small combo with this and Tormented Thoughts that I want to be a deck.(mostly cause I have like four foils of tt and a combo deck you make them around five bucks)

  • Alias

    this seems kind of insane to me, lots of the really good spells in standard right now are 3 mana and this is way better than snapcaster mage in conjunction with 3 mana spells. if it was 4 mana and could only hit 1 and 2 mana spells it might break modern, as is it’s probably 1 mana too much

  • William Ritter

    Zada’s posse.

  • EJ

    Show and Tell
    Put Goblin Dark Dwellers into play
    Flashback Show and Tell

    • Steak Sauce

      Actually, it just ends at ???

      What’s the point of playing Show and Tell to throw in a weak creature just to cast it again and throw something else out?

      • EJ

        It adds versatility. If Show and Tell is in the graveyard, you can still play this creature.

        Plus, if you’re playing a singleton format like EDH, you need redundancy.

      • Happy The Cat

        because chaos is the best hing to cause in magic. plus that’s storm two right? I think I can combo off of that

  • Ophmar

    Would asking for Flash on this thing be too much? I keep thinking of casting this plus Deflecting Palm and then I go “Oh yeah, I can’t do that really…”

    Regardless, I still like it! A 4/4 menace with a Sorcery or an Instant is nothing to scoff at. The cost covers the additional spell nicely enough, I suppose. I’m not certain how I feel about the creature type being Goblin only (Rogue or Warrior would have been nice), but I still accept you, Goblin Dark-Dwellers!

    • EJ

      It seems to me they’re experimenting with giving red a type of card advantage. And like other non-blue forms of card advantage, they make sure it kind of sucks compared to blue.

      • Ophmar

        Well… I still think the card is pretty good. I’ve just got deflecting palm and W/R on the brain. However, I still think it would have been nice to have one more Creature Type even if it isn’t super relevant in some cases.

        • EJ

          I think the card is very good. It’s just not going to be a 2-mana flash creature like Snapcaster Mage is.

    • flashback

      I think asking for flash is too much. It’s weaker than Snapcaster because it doesn’t have flash. But if it did have flash it would be more powerful tan Snapcaster and probably would end up getting banned. So we all lose.

      • Ophmar

        I honestly wasn’t really familiar with Snapcaster (I am now). Pretty interesting creature!

      • Jade

        Don’t know that a Snapcaster that costs 5 would ever be banned, regardless of power/toughness. Especially since red doesn’t have as many instants and sorceries that love being flashed back.

        That said; in this block? Yeah, Flash would be unreasonable. The power level is too low.

  • Jade

    I just don’t see this one. I know Snapcaster gets full value when cast for around 5, but with this guy not able to be a convenient early threat or recur counterspells…. I just don’t see it. I’ve cast plenty of turn 2/3 snapcasters to get in for 6 damage early, and I hate that this guy can’t get in there till late game.

    I am a modern player more than a standard player, so I am biased towards quick threats, but a 5-drop in RDW is unplayable and a 5-drop in a control shell needs to be doing more than this for me to want it in my deck. If I’m tapping out on turn 5, something big has to be happening.

    Crazy bomb in limited though, I am sure.

    • Thomas Richards

      I think Standard red decks can go a little bigger and play this as a 1-of curve topper. They’ve used Stormbreath and Sarkhan out of the sideboard at times in the past, and the payoff here is pretty great.

  • Happy The Cat

    just realized this, Trumpet Blast,Harsh Sustenance,Jeskai Charm, Kytheon’s Tactics and Swarm Surge are all in standard and fall under GDD’s flashback not to mention Call the Scions and Hordeling Outburst
    could wizards be trying to make us run four color tokens?cast an alpha strike spell, barely fail to to hit lethal then cast GDD and flashback the alpha spell and win.
    this might even worth testing for standard as a deck

    • Ben Ehren

      you also forgot most high quality single target removal in standard costs 3.

      • Happy The Cat

        I was just talking R++ tokens, really the only things I that it can hit that I wouldn’t want is the counterspells

    • kmk888

      Oh man! Healing Hands, Honor’s Reward, and Feed the Clans are in Standard with this card! Did Wizards plan for Naya lifegain??? The mysteries abound…

      • Happy The Cat

        you act like doubling life gain spells is bad, feed the clans doubled makes it so you have to kill me twice while I start ignoring your blockers with my 4/4

    • Thomas Richards

      I think it’s more likely that it just wants to go in a slightly bigger than usual R(g) deck and mostly flash back Atarka’s Command and Exquisite Firecraft – perhaps ditching the combo plan. Could well be wrong, though.

      In fact, maybe it’s intended as a way to let those decks remain viable in a world with Kozilek’s Return and possibly Inquisition of Kozilek…

      • Happy The Cat

        I don’t know about you, but the idea of using this to H outburst on top of a jeskai ascendancy that hits all the tokens it made last turn along with whatever you did turn one and two and just alpha striking on the spot. might even get jeskai to drop black and get rid of tasigur, the man isnt even a vampire, why is he the golden fang?

        • Thomas Richards

          If that was a viable deck in the format, it might be good there, but I’m not sure it’s enough to bring it back. Atarka Red’s already Tier 1.

  • xermaster123

    Am I wrong in thinking this could be pretty cool in living end, higher than 3 red snapcaster.

  • John Bonacorsi

    RU Delver baby.

  • michael ciriaco

    I have a feeling that this cards going to be played heavily in standard. Im certainly making a deck around it. If you look on tcg this is worth around three dollars. I’m gonna get my playlets before it goes way up.

  • Exyrea

    don’t get me wrong. I like it. But in standard right now (at least where I play) any red deck in the meta wouldn’t want this because it’s either too slow, or doesn’t run enough viable targets to really make use of it’s ability.