Goblin Electromancer - Izzet vs Golgari Spoiler

Goblin Electromancer

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Instant and sorcery spells you cast cost less to cast.

When asked how much power is required, Izzet mages always answer “more.”

  • Rakyu

    a usefull creature i must say, i mean 1 blue and 1 red for a goblin 2/2 with that ability is very good for a common card, thalia guardian of thraben effect will be less bothersome with this, also you can have more than 1 of this guy on the field to stack the effect

  • Guy

    How does this work with “x” spells such as roiling thunder, which costs “XRR”

    • Matias

      it doesn’t give any mana reduction, because it can’t reduce the RR cost, and if u reduce the X from 1 to 0 for example u will end up paying 0RR, meaning u paid nothing on X, so rolling thunder does 0 damage

      • Ninjawithin

        Actually Matias you are wrong. First you choose what X is, say 3, then that would normally cost 3RR, but the cost reduction modifies that to 2RR. X still remains 3 however despite the reduction and would do 3 damage.

        • wpken

          I’m too lazy to look up official rules, but i’m going to say if you reduce an X cost the effect will still be what you ended up PAYING for, not what the cost was reduced to, seeing as X is a ZERO cost when counting it’s cmc.

          • ThatOneGuy

            Ninja is correct. If u pay 2RR then Goblin’s Efffect makes X 3. We had to call a Judge at one of the Pre-Releases I went to. Plus it also makes copying Epic Expirements pretty pretty relevant.

    • dcht

      If you are casting Rolling Thunder and tap 2 mountains for the RR and let’s say 2 forests for X, Rolling Thunder would deal 3 damage, not 2 damage.

  • Nunzioni

    Incredible Izzet creature, should see play in a lot of izzet/counterburn decks, and at common, it should be cheap and see play in limited. Its true that being multicolored can be a problem, but its relevant creature types and awesome ability for the colors its in makes it so worth it. 

  • Derrick

    this card with snap caster will be amazing, but where it says pay one less dose that mean one less of a color u choose or dose it have to be color less

    • are you mental? it means colorless!!

      • Guest

         No need to be harsh bro, he’s probably new to the game.

  • Rev Shad

    stack a few of this with Arcane Melee any pay next to nothing for even the most powerful spells like Worldfire, Crush of Wurms, Curse of the Cabal or a brutal Fireball

  • Richardshort2001

    Ok so we can conclude that Delver of Secrets and Snapcaster Mage were secretly Izzet guild members all along then?

    • Highlander

       recurred by Rel to expand Mizzet’s power and knowledge into the multiverse

  • Pissedoffpasty

    Mizzium Mortars Sorcery R
    Goblin Electromancer UR
    Nivix Guildmage UR Copy Sorcery for 2UR
    Guttersnipe 2R

    1)Play Island
    2)Play Mountain, Play Nivex Guildmage
    3)Play Any Land, Play Guttersnipe
    4)Play Any Land, Play Goblin Electromancer
    5)Play Mountain(if you dont have two already), Play Mizzium Mortars for R, then Use nivix guildmage to copy. Kill two of their creatures and deal four damage to opponent. Then if there board is wiped attack in for 6, And deal 10 damage this turn.
    6) repeat turn 5 if you can 

    • Guest

      Actually the copy from the guildmage would not proc Guttersnipe, the copy is not cast so it does not count for guttersnipe, so you would only deal 2 damage to opponent. Still an awesome play though.

    • Flickerfan

      might as well overload Mizzium Mortars 

  • Nietstein

    i already had a U/R delver deck for the current T2, it worked well and it was original.  Now its going to be all we ever see from the looks of it.  Hopefully there will be something to balance this out, because the deck list will all but write itself.  I mean, its just obvious, where’s the strategy?  where’s the thought? I love the concept, but it’s just too easy to be as powerful as it will be… 

  • Atma Weapon

    Just want to make sure this would cheepen overload costs as well right? and also when you cast an overload cost does that become the new converted mana cost or would it remain to be the normal cost?