• Breadlord

    Oh my, Oh my my my.

  • Daniel Scott

    What plane is this goblin from? Is that a Zendikar gobbo?

    • Jackson Means

      Looks like it, the original was also from zendikar

    • Ryan Sullivan

      It’s a BFZ or Oath goblin, look at Zada, Hedron Grinder and compare to this art.

    • Coulter Baker

      It’s a female, specifically. Only female zendikari Goblins have the carapace-like head adornments. Males look more typical.

    • Zombie

      Female Zendikar goblins have the weird heads.

  • Matt H

    Wow, seriously starting to be impressed. This and Damnation only at rare slot :)

  • Erik López Barcelar

    FML now I want it

  • Heartless Zio

    Wow, was hoping they would reprint this for years! Def’ going to be more affordable to obtain.

  • Ryan Sullivan

    If this and damnation are in the rares along with Enemy Fetches, what kind of Goodies are they planning for mythic rarity? Grisel and Domri seem to be the bulk mythic that makes drafting fun but what else can they fit into a set with such good rares already?

    • dTHEb

      I think there wont be killer mythics except Snapcaster because the value seems to be going into the rares and maybe commons.

  • Dragoncastermaster

    loving this new art mixes the new look of zendikar goblins while calling back to the GP promo alternate art

  • Silverline

    Sweet, I’ve been leery about buying a playset to finish my Atarka Burn deck, hopefully this will make it a bit more affordable to finally do so. Sweet new art, too

  • Zombie

    Great card in dire need of a reprint.

    Goblin Guide being a $35+ aggro card is unacceptable.

  • Fred Weasley

    Yes, I would like a thousand of these plz.

  • Insight66


  • Jakob Schneider

    “Welcome to the Modern Master 2017 Spoilers Journey. I will be your guide.”

  • Happy The Cat

    not too hyped about this getting new art, and if it is I wish is was more “I’ll probably get you killed along the way” like the old fun goblins than “time to go kill them, us and probably several other things on the way” goblins are the dimwits of the magic world but look at him! he even has a map! goblins dont use maps! they use the story their great grandfather told them about when he was a young boy three years ago and went through there.
    also just a good red card to see, not unfair, and it conveys your intentions to your opponent very quickly. “I’m going to kill you, I dont care what you have.”

    • Tavis Carrillo

      The original art also had a map. sooo……

  • DirtyHoboLord

    Not a goblin. That’s a tyranid.