• Gregory Walter

    4/4 Black Zombie Classic Nicol Bolas? :3

    • Robby

      I like the flavor this implies.

  • MTG fan

    Nice card. Gate to the Afterlife sets this up so well.

  • Nathanael Lambert

    I would say that is worth playing gate to the afterlife

  • Chaospyke

    One thing I do like about HOU over AMK’?’ is that I can eternalize EVERYTHING, as opposed to only embalming the cards that have embalm.

  • Animar, Elemental Master

    So this is super screwed up. Bolas makes Eternal most likely by pouring molten lazotep on people. Living or dead unknown

  • Grant Jacobson

    an aggro reanimator deck? can potentially afford to run weenie creatures because those creatures hulk out when this card externalizes them. fetch this card with gate to the afterlife. fetch gate to the afterlife with trophy mage. this isn’t legendary so potentially 8 copies of this active (4 of those being mirage mirror) in standard? seems legit

    • Kitnz

      A 7-drop will never make aggro, unfortunately. That mana cost is steep!

      • Grant Jacobson

        technically you can get it out turn 4 with GTTA

  • David Thacker III

    best card combo they came up with, so much better then the heart-piecer bow combo and the other things they came up with latey

  • Jude

    Huh…little high costed but its not legendary and can get back anything. And give it haste….it can get out of hand in the right decks

    • kevin

      in the previous set there is a card setting this one up. Gate to the after life, it lets you search for this card and put it into the battlefield for 2 mana and only if there are more then 6 creatures in your graveyard

      • DJ Pad

        Maybe there’s potential for self-mill shenanigans? Probably not good enough though.

  • Soren Szilver

    on it own, basically too late to be playable, but considering there is a card that cheats it out early, it might be a playable in some formats

  • Bige Boiy

    seems good in something like (casual) tasigur, where you can tutor for the gate with trophy mage or something similar

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    This card is gold in commander.

  • Grant Jacobson

    one very janky “combo” is using this on Eternal Scourge so that you play the eternal from exile, sac the eternal to a sac outlet for some benefit, and then in your combat phase exile the eternal to the GPG creating a 4/4 haste token and setting up for the process all over again. FYI this is nowhere near standard viable, but seems like something fun to do if your bored and want to mess around with a dumb deck

    • galen150

      with the names, it seems almost like that was intented, this is basically the eternalize ability on a stick, and that is literally called eternal scourge

  • Flayne

    For standard, considering that this is essentially one part non creature Scarab god for any color, I would have not minded this to be a 5 cost, even with gate to the afterlife being a tutor for it more than anything else; given the fact that this set is full of graveyard hate and ways to counter artifacts.
    As it is, being a 7 cost basically funnels it down to requiring another card to even remotely being playable.
    A bit of a letdown from all the hype and mystery that gate to the after life was giving.
    In other formats, this thing might have a shot though.

    • Adam Gillies

      It doesn’t cost seven as you would play it with gate to the afterlife. This means it costs 2 Mana on turn four

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    This, Tuk-tuk and Mirror Gallery. Blam.

  • theEternalPilgrims

    Just.. wow. I love this card! Commander, here we come!

  • Deadly Berry

    EDH rejoices! Cmon keep em coming!

  • Happy The Cat

    Misthollow Griffin shall never die! and even it it would, I get s 4/4 Misthollow Griffin and then can recast it!

  • name moniker

    Can this trigger multiple times per turn? It says that it activates at the beginning of combat on your turn (thus you can not proc it during your opponent’s turn), but it doesn’t clarify whether its each combat phase or only the first.

    • Deadly Berry

      I assume multiple combat phases can proc it, once for each one of them.

  • name moniker

    Potentially 40 damage on turn 4 if you have a playset of combat celebrants in the yard (with 2 other creatures to proc gate to the afterlife)

    • xSiNx SHADOW

      but it only says to search for one

      • Rory O’Connor

        I thinks the suggestion is that celebrants exert trigger can abuse the extra combat steps to get multiple triggers off god pharaohs gift in one turn. Not sure it works that way though…. also after each one exerts it will be tapped and cant attack in the next combat phase. Cool idea though

  • xanatos135

    So the tokens still have mana cost? A bit inconsistent with the rest of eternalize cards

  • Rory O’Connor

    Id like to see this in WU standard spirits. All the creatures either chump or are lightning rods anyway. Then they come back as 4/4 flyers. This is particularly awesome with mausoleum wanderer and selfless spirit that can easily get themselves in the graveyard