Godsend - Journey into Nyx Spoiler


  • Color: White
  • Type: Legendary Artifact - Equipment
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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Equipped creature gets +3/+3.

Whenever equipped creature blocks or becomes blocked by one or more creatures, you may exile one of those creatures.

Opponents can’t cast cards with the same name as cards exiled with Godsend.

Equip 1 Mana

Godsend Art

  • leeoftheswift

    wow… put Alpha Authority on a creature along with this and dayum….

    • Zombie

      You meant Madcap Skills.

      Alpha Authority says the enchanted creature can’t be blocked by more than one creature. Godsend only activates when the equipped creature is blocked by more than one creature.

      Alpha Authority means Godsend never triggers. Ever.

      • Michael Bessem

        it says when blocked by one or more creatures, so you still get the trigger

        • Zombie

          Yeah, that was my bad. Saw the “more” and was like naawwwthataintme.

      • DInner

        no alpha authority is better

  • Matt

    Dayum….I heard rumors that Godsend would be in this, but this is just downright FANTASTIC

  • Gilligan Isle

    So white weenie is a threat now

  • artificer682

    soo my mono white deck got a lot more fun, this thing on Brimaz…

    • Gilligan Isle

      With bestowed Eidolon of countless battles XD

  • DInner

    better than fire and ice

  • Adam Watson

    so this is a thing… I want a want so bad

  • Montague

    So yeah time to main some enchantment removal eh?

    • ManaTheDestroyer

      that’d be a good idea…if it was an enchantment

      • Montague

        Oops I forgot. Bleh. Well, I meant to say Enchantment/Artifact removal.

  • Josh Kaufman

    I think this is the first legitimate equipment try have printed since Batterskull. It’s pretty sweet. This is the first straight up answer I have seen white have against Desecration Demon. Although this is probably best put on a mutavault.

    I like the card for one real reason though. It’s not an enchantment. With all the enchantment removal running around, it’s nice to see this. And they were smart enough to make it white which means it can’t be abused on a Blood Baron of Vizcopa or a Stormbreath Dragon. And the double white will make it hard to play with reaper of the wilds.

    But how many people are going to stick one of these on a witchstalker?

    • Josh Kaufman

      Oh and pardon the double post, but in absolutely no way is this card broken. It’s not a sword, there are plenty of ways to kill the creature on it and baiting an attack and then removing the equipment, it’s 3 cmc so it’s abrupt decayable, and it just adds 3 extra damage. This also has no interaction with the creatureless UW/x decks out there, but it is a solid card. Not in draft where it’s busted, but in a green vs white match, this card can be a game changer, or against mono red, etc.. Not modern playable though. Too hard to cast and not as good as a sword.

    • S

      It does not work against mutavault since you don’t ‘cast’ lands.

      • Josh Kaufman

        No, but you can equip it to a land and in a UW control deck, have a pretty insane 5/5 threat against early threats.

    • Zombie

      “This is the first straight up answer I have seen white have against Desecration Demon.”

      You say that like Celestial Flare, Elspeth Tokens, Supreme Verdict, Detention Sphere, Planar Cleansing, Fated Retribution, etc. aren’t even spells… Oh, wait… they are. and they’re white… And I’m pretty sure they’re all answers to Demon.

      And what makes you think anyone in their right mind will block a creature equipped with Godsend with Desecration Demon AND something else, unless they absolutely have to.

      Not to mention that if they block with one Desecration Demon, Godsend doesn’t even trigger. And you have to have something with Flying to block the Demon. Those aren’t exactly easy to come by when Bile Blight, Hero’s Downfall, and Drown in Sorrow are being tossed around like hotcakes.

      People are overhyping this because the only way to guarantee that Godsend triggers is by the Madcap Skills effect and with a reliable blocker. This isn’t White’s answer to their problems. Green has Hexproof, that’s where this goes.

      • DaMullet

        I may be just a simple country lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that “one or more creatures” includes “one creature” as well as “more creatures”.

      • x4anonymous20x

        Zombie, I may be misreading what you were trying to say but I don’t understand your comment about “if they block with one Desecration Demon, Godsend doesn’t even trigger.” The card says that “whenever equipped creature blocks or becomes blocked by one or more creatures, you may exile one of those creatures.” Notice how it says one or more creatures? I may be wrong but to me, that implies that even if it is only blocked by one creature, Godsend triggers.

      • Josh Kaufman

        I was talking about a straight white answer to desecration demon. In this block, there isn’t many ways to kill a desecration demon. If you take out the black cards, you have mizzium mortars, the O-ring that gets hitched to a land, playing Elspeth and using her minus ability which means she gets killed almost immediately. I mean you can sack tokens, but then you have that whole devotion deal going on. Blue has no real answers other than new pongify.

        This format lacks removal in other colors (discount esper control cards), and I mean 1-1 removal in colors other than black. Also remember it exiles the creature which means you don’t have to deal with whip.

        Looking at it again, I’m not a huge fan of this card. It’s casting cost is hard for non white based decks, and most of the white decks out there either don’t play creatures or like the BW deck, you play creatures that don’t need this. I don’t even think Brimaz needs this. Brimaz is good on his own.

        I see this best used maybe on Elspeth tokens similar to how intangible virtue was used to pump up lingering souls tokens. Other than that, I don’t think it even has a place in white weenie. It’s not better than Edilon of Countless battles, and I think ethereal armor is still the go-to card because of its mana cost.

      • Rayvelion

        You realize the card says “ONE or more creatures” not “More than one creature” right?

  • This equipment is a god send for mono white. . .

  • poopeater

    I copy or two straight into my hexproof deck!

  • Graymalkin86

    Wow. I may have to rebuild my Kemba EDH deck now. Shame my Mirri the Cursed deck can’t use it though.

  • lorescathle

    oh, so were just gonna get colored artifacts all the time now? in esper, it was the theme of esper. with new phyrexia, you could play colored artifacts in any deck because you can pay life instead of the color. earlier in theros, colored artifacts were also enchantments, so that is a bit of an excuse, but why is this white?

    • Luis

      Maybe because it’s Elspeth weapon..?

    • David Fitzsimmons

      In the story it is touched by Heliod ad modified by him into the shape of a sun spear.

    • Zombie

      It’s White because it’s Elspeth’s weapon that was blessed by Heliod. Elspeth is White, Heliod is White… The spear is imbued with “White” magic, so it’s pretty easy to understand why it would be White.

    • Wrathsforfun

      The answer is simple. They wanted it to be a Legendary Enchantment Artifact Equipment, just like the original God weapons were suppose to be. The reason its not is the same reason they are not. You cant fit “Legendary Enchantment Artifact — Equipment” on the text line. So they fudged some norms and made the God weapon for Elsbeth white without it being an enchantment. I think thats fine personally.

    • lorescale

      People, I wasn’t asking why this is white instead of another color, but why it is a colored artifact at all. Im not fine with this block increasing the overlap of enchantments and artifacts. The new ‘Font’ cycle of enchantments have activated self-sacrifice abilities that would otherwise have been on artifacts or creatures. Being colorless used to be an even greater distiction from enchantments, just like artifacts sometimes being creatures, and this block has ruined it

  • stealthvoodoo

    Hundred- handed One, or Culling Mark. Done against creature decks.

  • Luis

    I am ready to say: Naya is becoming really powerful with this, Iroas, Xenagos and the Bowl.

  • Zombie


  • Nyrab

    I will be having nightmares about Brimaz equipped with this card attacking on turn 4 Q_Q

    • mono black

      turn one- lay plains favored hoplite (hand-5)
      turn two- lay forest, ordeal of nylea on favored hoplite attack (hand-4 tapped out)
      turn three- lay plains, hoplite attack search 2lands ,summon Brimaz (hand-3 tapped out)
      turn four- lay a land , play godsend equip on Brimaz , your nightmare (hand size-1 tapped out)
      i did my best to make your nightmare come true, it was hard.
      now I’m gonna shoot hero’s downfall on it

      • mono black

        oops sorry at the fourth turn’ you still have 2 cards in hand

        • Nyrab

          This is where you tell me the two remaining cards in hand are brave the elements Q_Q

  • guest

    called it

  • Eric Barton

    Does Godsend go through Hexproof since it doesn’t say target? :/

    • kmk888

      It would appear so.

    • Kim Blackburn

      114.9a Just because an object or player is being affected by a spell or ability doesn’t make that
      object or player a target of that spell or ability. Unless that object or player is identified by the
      word “target” in the text of that spell or ability, or the rule for that keyword ability, it’s not a
      114.9b In particular, the word “you” in an object’s text doesn’t indicate a target.

      Yes it does get around hexproof/shroud/protection. Its a GREAT card.

  • kmk888

    Ugh use this on something with trample.

  • Jordan

    Anyone getting sick of White getting all the power in the last couple years….

    • Kevan Kramer

      White needed more power. Black so far has had all the power in standard.

      • Jordan

        over the last few months yes, but white has had the power when it comes to mana to power ratio, especially in mythics.
        Ajani in this set

        Then you start looking at their rares
        Blood Baron

        Then the rest
        Cards like brave the elements, etc etc etc

        • build wb?

        • Whiskerbro

          BUt what if Ajani is bad?

        • Shadow921

          why are you classifying rev and baron as rares?

      • Zombie

        White got too much power back.

        Black doesn’t have all the power. Most of the cards in Mono Black were completely terrible last Standard season because they didn’t have 1 thing: Gray Merchant of Asphodel.

        If Gary didn’t exist, Mono Black wouldn’t exist. Black doesn’t hold all the power. Gray Merchant does.

        • Guest

          I think thoughtseize is a pretty big culprit too.

          • Jordan

            Desecration Demon doesn’t help any.

          • Zombie

            Desecration Demon becoming playable is just a symptom of the underlying cause/enabler: Gray Merchant.

            Without Gary Mono Black wouldn’t exist. Sure, the deck can work without Gary, but it wouldn’t win nearly as many games.

          • Zombie

            Thoughtseize wasn’t nearly as big of a problem as everyone, myself included, thought it was going to be.

            It’s still an amazing spell, but it’s not the reason why Black is so good right now. Gray Merchant gave Black the huge bomb it needed, and allowed it to actually capitalize off of a crowded do-nothing board state.

            Everyone seems to think that things like Pack Rat, Desecration Demon, Nightveil Specter, etc. are the problem. Truth is, they were completely terrible in the previous season because there wasn’t an enabler for that build to exist. Yes, there was a meta change that allowed them room, but Gray Merchant of Asphodel is the one doing the heavy lifting.

            If Gray Merchant didn’t exist, I HIGHLY doubt Mono- Black Devotion would still be a thing.

          • Antares

            That’s true for most decks, though. Decks often have 2 or 3 cards that enable the whole thing to win through. U/W control has always been a thing, but nowadays its only a truly top deck because of Revelation, D-sphere, and Verdict.
            Mono-Blue was a horrible deck until Master and Thassa came onto the scene.
            White based aggro lost a lot of steam until Born of the Gods gave us Brimaz and a few other tasty treats to help out.
            Hexproof last season was a huge deal because of Geist and Invisible Stalker.

            If Grey Merchant didn’t exist, Mono-black would not be the dominant force it is today. THen again, if Azorius in RTR hadn’t handed Control decks 12 of their 60 cards on a silver platter, U/W/x decks wouldn’t be either. Mono-blue wouldn’t be a force to be reckoned with if not for Thassa and Master. Decks are usually built around a core of win-conditions, with the best in the colors supporting those win-conditions. Mono-black found one, and stuck with it. Good for them. We’ll see if that continues into next season. :)

        • Whiskerbro

          Rakdos Cackler?
          Desecration Demon?
          All of the kill spells?
          Tormented Hero?
          Agent of the Fates?

        • kmk888

          You know what? I disagree. I think the reason the deck was created was to mess with Gary, but the largest jump in power, the one that makes it (debatably) the best deck in standard, is the printing of Mutavault. Oh everybody can use it, but with Pack Rats on board it’s pretty clear that monoblack benefited the most. Once people started building around Gary/Erebos, they put together Pack Rat, Desecration Demon, and Underworld Connections and then that turned out so well they just never changed it. That’s why Gary isn’t even always in the deck. Although the meta has swung back towards his inclusion, there was a period where people didn’t play him. But the Pack Rat/ Mutavault package is so explosive (in any stage of the game) that I think it’s the real reason Monoblack sits on top.

      • Jordan

        Red says “what about me?”.

        • Zombie

          Red has Stormbreath Dragon, Mizzium Mortars, Burn spells, Chandra, Domri Rade, Xenagos…

          Red is doing fine. RUG/Jund/RG Monsters and RW Burn are all fantastic decks that include red.

          USA control is probably going to make a comeback as well.

    • RomriDade

      Black has had its hand held through the last few years by WOTC, White has not

  • Zombie

    I really don’t think this is as good as everyone’s making it out to be by jumping aboard the Hype- Train.

    Its ability is SUPER conditional, easy to get around, it has a moderate equip cost, and honestly it doesn’t stop a game plan any harder than Slaughter Games. And actually, Slaughter Games can get rid of something just as quickly as Godsend, assuming you even get Godsend to trigger.

    This doesn’t stop Stormbreath decks, Monsters can still blow up the equipped creature with Polukranos, Black decks can just kill it, Artifact removal is already being played in Standard sideboards as a secondary to Enchant removal on the same cards…

    I just don’t see this being that useful. I could be wrong, there’s always potential for that. But using my knowledge of the format, unless there’s something that easily enables this card, it’s just going to suffer from Pain Seer syndrome. Amazing ability, but only when you can get it to trigger.

    • Leonardo Duarte

      Remember that one bestow creature that obligated the oponents to block it. I think it’s green. Well, put it one this one guy and swing attack with your creatures. You’ll do a heft damage to you opponent and will exile a creature forever like that, and might as well also kill one or two other creatures with damage.

      You’ll spend some mana with this move, but it’ll certainly decide the game.

      • Shawn Thibodeau

        You do realize that you exile the creature before you do damage right ? !

        • Leonardo Duarte

          I do, what I am trying to point out is its power to change the game. You can exile that creature with deathtouch/doublestrike/indestructible that’ll annoy you AND hold everything else, while your other creatures feast upon your opponent.

          • Shawn Thibodeau

            Although this would be epic on a trample creature.

    • Jordan

      my beef isn’t that this card is going to be the end all be all, but that white gets yet ANOTHER potential crazy good tool.

      Also, pain seer syndrome however is starting to turn around. That u/b deck is looking to be a monster.

    • Nitro

      The way i see it, it’ll only be mild useful in standard play, since more people would have kill cards. Run this at the prerelease though, along with Iroas, you make your creature a destructive force.

    • Antares

      Nykthos can enable it for a turn 4 swing? that’s about it. That being said, I don’t think it’s quite as conditional as everyone is making it out to be. Sure, it’s no Brimaz, but that’s why he’s still 30, and this is going for about 15. Black decks can kill it, and artifact removal can hurt it. That is true, but the same applied to Swords (exception: Feast/Famine and Light/Shadow) and they saw a LOT of play. This will see play in almost every creature based White deck, I think.

      It gets around protection, and will turn anything but a 1/1 into a threat that MUST be dealt with. Then you just equip a new creature and make them deal with THAT ONE. IF they keep a Pro-W creature to block, you can exile it with the trigger. Monsters can’t blow it up with Polukranos. It needs to be a Domri or something similar, and the target has to be at least a 4/6 to kill the equipped creature and survive (So many Savannah Lions in the format right now). Black can just kill it, but that is what Brave and Gods Willing are for (as well as Ranger’s Guile/Mizzium Skin, if you are into those colors).

      I doubt it’s going to suffer pain-seer syndrome. It will drop, certainly, but I see this staying around the 10-12 dollar range for at least the rest of its standard career.

  • Jword

    You could get godsend onto a brimaz in no time with nykthos

  • Kim Blackburn

    One of the biggest downfalls to people hating on this card is the fact they think this is the “answer” to all white decks problems. This is just a bullet in the chamber. With the new Boros God, the godsend is literally a godsend. The way it is worded it gets around hexproof/shroud. It triggers with “one or more creatures”. It give a +3/+3 buff and its legendary. I wouldn’t use more then 2 in my deck but when I get it I will be over joyed because it makes anyone of my creatures a POWERFUL threat that will need to be answered. If left unchecked this card can stop some big creatures (IE Blood baron and storm breath even with the Pro white cause this card doesn’t target).

    • DInner


      • Kim Blackburn

        Great argument. What part do you disagree with?

        • DInner

          all of it

          • Whiskerbro


          • Shawn Thibodeau

            Godsend doesnt target, there for it does get around hexproof and shroud.
            it says exile “one of those creatures” and not target creature.

          • Kim Blackburn

            If you would read the cards you would see that it doesn’t target. So it gets around shroud/hexproof/protection. You can always look up the rules if you are not fully sure (which it sounds like you are not fully sure). That’s what makes Godsend a great card.

          • dinner

            nope, you’re wrong

          • Kim Blackburn

            114.9a Just because an object or player is being affected by a spell or ability doesn’t make that
            object or player a target of that spell or ability. Unless that object or player is identified by the
            word “target” in the text of that spell or ability, or the rule for that keyword ability, it’s not a
            114.9b In particular, the word “you” in an object’s text doesn’t indicate a target.

            Learn the game before you start telling people they are wrong. This card DO NOT target anything, therefore it will get around protection/shroud/hexproof.

          • Dinner

            nope, you’re wrong

          • Whiskerbro

            Dlnner is a troll.

          • You guys do realize that Dinner’s a troll right? He has literally been trolling on every single card that’s been spoiled. Also *Does not* if you’re gonna yell at someone (though he does deserve it for being a troll) try not to make yourself look like an idiot when you do it.

        • RomriDade

          Well the fact that Hexproof/Shroud means it can’t be targeted by spells or abilities negates your entire argument

  • wisdomseyes

    +3/+3 artifact for 3 mana twice. Eh. A singleton is fine, but I don’t really see it being worth more than 2 copies in any one deck. I think it was designed with the boros god in mind, who makes your creatures immune and forces them to block with 2 or more creatures/ take it to the face. It is quite interesting. Not a bad artifact.

  • Leonardo Duarte

    Give it to someone who have first strike/double strike and give this guy also Madcap Skills. See your opponent sudder with doubt. If he blocks, boom, he’ll probably lose 2-3 creature without even scratching your little guy. He doesn’t block, he’ll take at least 7 damage. If the creature has double strike 14 damage.

    • DInner

      thats now how it works

      • kmk888

        DInner is correct. It does not trigger from double strike, the effect is a triggered ability right after declare blockers. And it already has something far better than first strike. You may notice that any creature that dares to block or is blocked by godsend is exiled BEFORE it deals combat damage. It also doesn’t target. This means it completely dominates any creature to creature matchup, with the only thing keeping it moderately fair being the mana/equip cost.

        The only thing it really needs is a creature with trample, so that you can deal stupid combat damage even after the creature is blocked (it exiles a blocker before it assigns damage, so with trample all damage would be assigned to the next creature(s)/player)

        • Give the king trample and this?

        • I think you guys are reading his comment wrong. He means that this card will exile one of the blockers, then his creatures first strike damage would kill another 1-2 of the blockers, which would leave your attacker unscathed, or with minimal damage.

          • kmk888

            Oh. Could be. Well his wording was a little misleading and I’ve noticed that a lot of people aren’t quite getting this ability, so I explained it anyways.

      • Whiskerbro

        Wow. Dlnner was right once.

        • DInner

          i know :( i should have read the comment before I disagreed with it

  • Hm5555

    say hello to my quest for the holy relic deck. and the thing is it is a holy relic.

  • Hm5555

    this foil. i want a coppy badly

  • Sam Chi

    Oh look, NOT Sword of Kaldra.

  • Dr. Storm Crow

    Give Storm Crow the Godsend, your enemies will end.

  • Horo

    Stoneforge new toy.

  • Mick Cortella

    One for each color then??

    • Whiskerbro


    • Antares

      No. This is specifically Elspeth’s weapon. I think it’s only going to be for W. Maybe in the future we will see other weapons for planeswalkers? At most, G would get one from Ajani’s axe.

      • kmk888

        Well you could get the veil from black. But in this block, the only other one I could imagine is Xenagos’s staff thing (don’t remember the proper name)

  • Greg

    Now, i was wondering if i made all lands creatures and make them block this turn, instead of tapping they allow them to block. Does that mean they can not play lands?

  • Thomas C

    Lands are not cast and therefore could still be played.

  • guest

    storm crow this is your true power use it well

    • Satan

      Storm crow doesn’t need help to be powerful

      • Joseph Ragan

        but equip razor boomerang to storm crow and gg

  • 1234567890

    Godsend+tromokratis…talk about dem limited combos

    • Whiskerbro

      What limited combos?

      • Storm Crow

        he must mean if u put godsend on tromokratis. then your opponant either has his board wiped or takes 11

        • Whiskerbro

          No. You can only exile one creature. Read the card.

          • Storm Crow

            oh…….my bad…….

  • Nitro

    Iroas + Godsend + Fabled Hero = One really dangerous 6/6 double strike that can exile creatures. Plus the added bonus that Iroas is not yet a creature.

    • Shadow921

      fabled hero is a 2/2 so it would be a 5/5 double striker

    • Robert FakeLastName

      godsend, like all equipments, does not trigger heroic. only casting a spell that targets before the resolution of the spell triggers heroic.

  • noob

    Standerd playable hands down

    • Antares

      Some modern decks might like it. Not as good as a Sword, but on something like MIrran Crusader, it might as well be. XD :P
      If I get enough, I’ll definitely put one into my Modern Exalted and my EDH decks.

  • YouGotFranked

    I’m no expert on Modern and Legacy for sure, but i could see this as a one of in stoneblade’s sideboard. I think its greatest asset in eternal format is that it turns any flyer into a threat for Emrakul. Your Squadron hawks suddenly becomes serious threats.

  • Joseph Ragan

    You know if combat damage is applied before or after a creature is exiled?

    • YouGotFranked

      Combat damage is applied after the creature is exiled. Godsend’s ability triggers during the Declare Blockers phase, so the creature will be exiled before it can deal and receive any points of damage.

      • Joseph Ragan

        Thanks, that makes this item look a bit better. I still prefer Sword of Kaldra.

        • YouGotFranked

          On it’s own, Godsend is better than Sword of Kaldra. Sword of Kaldra is more expensive and does not go through protection, so if you equiped it to a black creature and your opponent blocks with a pro black creature, then SoK will be useless. Godsend bypass the protections since it’s trigger is not dependent on dealing damage and it doesn’t target. Which means it will work on creatures with protection from whatever color the equipped creature is. It even works on Progenitus.

          The only time Sword of Kaldra will be superior is when you have the other 2 pieces of the set on the field.

        • ultramegalord

          sword of kaldra + crack = godsend…….. i wanna use this against a relentless rats deck soo bad………. shadowborn apostle would be funny too if they wernt paying attention…..uh yea…. half your deck is dead….gg :)