• Laws

    Land or Legendary Land? Because that’s a very important distinction.

    • Random Guy

      Two characters in a language like Chinese where two characters can mean a word like “but”. So non-legendary.

      • Laws

        So one copy can feed mana into the creation of another copy’s golem. Interesting. Is this the first non-legendary transform-land we’ve seen?

        • Nadorou

          Thaumatic Compass is non-legendary as well.

          • Coby Folk

            And dowsing dagger… And conquer’s galeon

  • foxboy1000

    Wow art from this set that I don’t like, how is that not a surprise?

  • Hedronal

    This seems very ready to smash whatever people don’t own in (and are in Orazca). I hope it’s relevant, even just for a sentence about sentinels holding back ‘s forces.

  • Shagoth

    This is a really fun card flavor wise.