• Jalais

    So will it only transform if it dies after it’s ability has been triggered that turn?

    • Adam Myers


      • AJ

        Can’t you just destroy it and it transforms? Or does it have to include the pit fight ability to transform. Either way 2 of them on the field and make them fight is a very fast way to to get some sweet mana ramp and 4/4 golems into play.

        • Adam Myers

          If this translation is correct, than you have to use It’s ability in order for it to transform.

          2 Mana: Golden Guardian fights another target creature you control. When Golden Guardian dies this turn, return it to the battlefield transformed under your control.

          Notice that it says when it dies THIS turn. This turn is refering to the turn that you activate his fight ability. That second part is part of the same ability. They are not separate abilities.

  • Random Guy

    I can’t imagine this doing anything outside of limited, 6 mana and a very rare condition for a 2-mana rock and pay 4 for a 4/4 (and a free 4/4 but with defender and if it dies you lose the whole deal)

  • Paul-louis Sarfati

    Could see this in tron
    once its a land its a great way to do things if you have to many lands, just make a golem each turn
    not transform, its easy removal
    gets targeted, pay 2 mana
    get land
    2 mana back
    4 cmc turn four if no tron, in to a strong crature
    if you do have tron, play it and remove stuff directly
    pretty strong

    • galen150

      it only fights something you control. so not easy removal

      • Paul-louis Sarfati

        oh indeed just saw that
        reading the card explains the card
        well then it is kinda stupid

  • Happy The Cat

    This might’ve been cool without defender, easy to confirm 4 drop 4/4 that has a cheeky answer to board wipes. but without being able to attack this just applies no pressure, even though a creature of this size/cost should be a threat, even with Dinos roaming around.

  • Fathorian

    To bad this doesn’t have 6 power…
    it could trigger Wurmcoil Engine for tron in response to an exiling effect in addition to transforming into a land.

    • Paul-louis Sarfati

      you can make it fight the wurmcoil 2 times
      tho deathtouch

  • Josh Bowdish

    So if you have 2 and you activate both abilities, do they both die before the second trigger resolves, making the first one not transform?

    • Hedronal

      No, the trigger checks for the rest of the turn. Both transform.

      Edit yes one dies, see below.

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        But it dies before the ability can resolve in the first place.

        • Hedronal

          Welp, dang the order of operations.

  • foxboy1000

    Wow art from this set, that I like, who would of thought?