• Arcus Diabolus

    Whoa whoa what? Is Emrakul being a bro for some kid?

    • Kahai

      Nah, some kid dropped her bear and she quickly grabbed it again with her tentacle arm.

      • Kaiser

        then becomes the kid into a Eldrazi horror cause is cool

  • Zalgo



    • Arcus Diabolus

      Cause Eldrazi are jerks. At least Emrakul is being nice and getting it for the girl (after presumably turning her into an eldrazi)

      • Jay Kilian

        No way. The girl is at the bottom of the well. He’s holding the bear just out of her reach. Must be a slow day in the world rending business.

    • Kahai

      The girl from Make a Wish is holding her bear. :3

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Wowm That girl’s been standing at the fountain forever

  • Liam Maiher

    What card is this art based on? I can’t remember

    • guy

      make a wish

  • Alex Massar

    This is definitely the girl from make a wish turned into an eldrazi, grappling with it’s nearly lost human memories, reaching out for the few keepsakes still cherished at the bottom of the well…

    • Kahai

      That’s what i thought instantly! :D

      • Bliza

        I see an eldrazy coming upon the remains of a litte girl, fallen down a well =(

  • guy

    so is the girl’s conscious embedded in that eldrazi hodgepodge?

  • Jonathan Mueller

    So this is *the* horror set, yet we’re getting spoiled with (albeit treacherous) artworks of teddy bears and kittens.

    I wonder if we’ll be getting puppies as well.

    …I guess that will be hard to pull of with Innistrad’s canines mostly being Wolves, Werewolves, or even Eldrazi-Werewolves.

    • Vizzerdrix

      A little baby werewolf learNing to hunt with is daddy?

    • Nolly

      The horror part comes from the fact this twisted abomination used to be a human and it still feels something of its former humanity.

      • Jonathan Mueller

        I know, that’s why I wrote “albeit treacherous”.

        I was merely making a joke.

    • Dominic Ng

      I hope you recognize that there was a Teddy in Make a Wish, so it is a direct reference

  • big meme

    a worse mulch? Why? I like the flavor though

    • Nolly

      Its an instant. Mulch is a sorcery.

  • MrAptronym

    Well I think this wins for darkest card in the set. ;>.<

  • Nolly

    Oh hey I think I like this a lot more than corpse churn in a delirium deck, but now I can run this over vessel of nascency.

  • Deadly Berry

    A (much) worse grisly salvage? No thanks.

    • Nolly

      Grisly salvage is two colors, thanks.

      • Hi

        Grisly Salvage reveals 5 cards and you got to chose one of them either land or creature, this spell however mills 3 then you can choose a creature ot land card in your whole graveyard, so this card is by far stronger than grisly

      • Deadly Berry

        Graveyard-based decks carry black 90% of the time, so the black mana is not an issue.

        • Nolly

          Um… i think you need to look at this again. Very much an instant.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      It’s not actually that much worse. Lategame it can be better.

      • Deadly Berry

        Agreed on the lategame part, but graveyard dependant decks need stronger early game, their endgame is already strong by the graveyard concept, GSalvage fills this need better.

    • Arcus Diabolus

      Ummm, dude. Look at Grisly Salvage again. That mills you 5 then you must pick one of those five. This mills you three and you can pick anything from your graveyard. This thing is not worse than GS by a long shot.

      • TogetherAlone

        this is also an Instant, so that is definitely relevant in black green with all that removal you have access to.

  • Jaya

    Helps delirium

  • Nolly

    People really seem to overlook the wording that it gets ANY land or creature in your graveyard, not the ones it mills. Im glad a few people have noticed it before comparing it to other cards at least.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Definitely my brand of jam, though I’m not sure if it outright replaces vessel of nascency. I think it does.

    • Nolly

      Vessel is just too slow for constructed. This lets you have up to 8 copies of corpse churn in one deck, so you can have as much graveyard filler as you want, now.

  • Melissa Juice

    That art is brilliant.

    • Ryū

      Indeed. Incredible flavor.

    • MagicGALAXY

      It even references the art and flavor of Make a Wish.

  • Dominic Ng

    I never notice there was a Teddy in Make a Wish until now

  • Samuel Jurewicz

    Emrakrul is a She.

    • Alex2480

      No. It is an it.

      • Happy The Cat

        she is female,look it up.
        or at the card, where it says she

        • Nolly

          “She” is an Eldrazi. They are eldritch beings with no identifiable gender characteristics or personality.
          She is referred to as female because of the God that is based off of her, which was female.
          I imagine its a similar thing on Innistrad, too. Emrakul the being of worship is female, but Emrakul itself has no gender.

          • Samuel Jurewicz

            YOU DOUBT OUR TENTACLED LADY EMRAKRUL? How foolish your small “sane” mind must be. All will fall to her glorious madness! All will meet the promised end!

          • Schlapatzjenc

            I’m a fanboy and Emrakul is still an ‘it’. Female gender makes sense in case of worship, but nowhere else.

  • Nanya

    I’m hearing Jeff Foxworthy go “THAT THING’S A WOMAN?!”


    And then go… “AW! IT’S AUNT BETTEY!!”

  • Happy The Cat

    well I guess one Corpse Churn in standard wasn’t good enough. If Emerge is strong enough to be a mechanic-deck this will definitely be in that deck.

  • Kevan Kramer

    It is amazing what puberty does to people. (For those who don’t know, the Eldrazi is the same little girl on Make A Wish.)

  • Red

    The flavor in this set is just amazing. Its making me want to collect all the old Innistrad cards and place their Eldritch Moon counterparts side by side in a binder.