• Jacob Anderson

    Oh man i like this card, this is replacing Kessig Prowler as my 2nd 1 drop in my energy deck fo sho, goodbye werewolve sub-theme.

  • Pandancules

    You could pop this on the battlefield a few times crewing a vehicle each time before it bounces.

    Soul of Harvest is technically standard legal so you could exploit this for card draw. (or possibly Zendikar Resurgent)

    You could also get a few Aetherflux Resevoir triggers off of this.

  • Tyler

    Attune with Aether and then play this on turn two for a 3/4 on turn two.

    Could work well with the revolt mechanic since it comes onto the battlefield and then bounces

    • Jacob Anderson

      Would actually probably be smarter to play this turn one just for the one free energy then turn 2 play Attune then this again, unless you have something else to do with that one mana on turn 2 (2nd Attune, tapped land, Blossoming Defence).

      • Tyler

        Right, it’s all built on another one drop for turn two that you would get value out of, which in this format has some decent things to use. Just depends on how you want to build your deck. The reason why it wouldn’t be super smart to play it turn one (I mean, if that’s all you got when you draw then go for it, absolutely) Is that it lets your opponent know you have that card in hand when it bounces back. Then if you draw a better two drop (Smuggler’s, Heart of Kiren, etc) the opponent knows at least one card in your hand which could be huge. Whereas you do something like Attune turn one, you have energy for any output and a guaranteed land in your hand and if you draw something that changes your strategy, your opponent doesn’t know you have this card.

        Again, it’s all situational but absolutely you want to have a one-drop to play as well as this on turn two (or bluff you have Blossoming Defense and keep it up)

  • Steven Wallace

    Dont forget that this helps trigger the Revolt mechanic, or whatever it is called. The ‘if a perminant you control left the battlefield’ triggered abilities.

  • Jacob Anderson

    Dies to Fatal Push tho =(

    • Happy The Cat

      it also triggers fatal push’es Revolt as well.

      • Cthulhooo

        So it’s a boomerang elephant that can be pushed out of the edge more than once in a row provided you have some ways to use energy.

        • Happy The Cat

          I see it more as energy’s turn one cantrip to start building up that also sets up revolt if needed. paying g to turn fatal push from 2 or less to 4 or less is pretty decent

    • David Herrera

      “Dies to removal” is the one of the oldest jokes in Magic. Still, made me smirk.

  • Khan Runander

    This guy is the best combopiece in standard.

  • Snievan

    Reminder that you are required to pay the two energy if you are capable to do so. The clause of returning it to your hand will trigger if you are not capable of paying the energy.

    • Pandancules

      You could burn the energy to your Aether Hub to get an extra bounce out of it. It should be very easy to exploit.

  • Zombie



  • Blahblahblahbla

    You have in play Paradox Engine, Aetherflux Resevoir and Servant of the Conduit. Cast this = gain infinite life and deal infinite damage to opponent. Throw in a Panharmonicon and whatever else you like for other infinite lols.

    I think WotC just got me to build a standard deck for the first time in forever.

    • Blahblahblahbla

      To do this you’d need 0 energy in your pool to get it going so you would want some energy sinks like Die Young or Harnessed Lightning to drain your energy before going off. I could see this being a like 4c combo deck.

      • Dominic Ng

        To be fair Servant of the Conduit is the energy sink and it also pays for Greenbelt Rampager. Every combo pieces are in green and now all is left is how to find these pieces and protect it.
        Edit: Aether Hub can replace Servant of the Conduit.

        • Jacob Anderson

          Aether Hub can’t really replace it, Paradox Engine untaps non-land cards.

  • Fred Weasley

    This is the one drop I have been looking for!

  • Jakob Schneider

    Pretty cool card by itself, though I would flat out _adore_ this guy if the payment wasn’t obligatory.
    Though a 1cc 3/4 self-bouncer would probably too exploitable.

    This guy is essentially three lightning bolts for GGG in a Pandemonium Deck as is :P

    • Pandancules

      3 lightning bolts?

      • Jakob Schneider

        A Lightning Bolt or “bolting” refers to the option of dealing three damage to any target.

        If you cast this with zero energy, it will bounce and give you E. Repeat this, and it will bounce again for E. When you cast it for the third time, you’ll be able to pay EE and it will stay. With Pandemonium out, each of those activations will give you the option to deal three damage to target creature or player, since it has three power.

        • Pandancules

          My brain autocorrected to Panharmonicon when I first read it, my bad.

          • Jakob Schneider

            “autocorrected to Panharmonicon”

            lmao. both the phrasing, and making the seemingly far connection from bolt to Panharmonicon.

          • Pandancules

            In case it wasn’t obvious, I don’t play Modern.

    • kmk888

      Right? I do really wish (Aetherflux Reservoir memes) that the payment wasn’t obligatory. But I do understand that it would be too powerful as an energy generator then.

  • Jakob Schneider

    On another note, this Rogue Elephant 2.0 looks like something that has something for every player archetype:

    Johnny, Timmy, Vorthos, and maybe even Spike will find this interesting.

  • Shagoth

    This is one of the most powerful sets I’ve ever seen looking at the other spoilers. Every standard archetype is about to get a giant upgrade. Seriously, at worst ignoring how exploitable this is, this is a tri green 3/4. Not the worst thing in the world. But with ETB effects this is bonkers, in anything energy related this is pay X and get X energy.
    And do I need to mention Aetherworks Marvel. Please don’t tell me they have “better options” because the enablers to get energy in that deck are bad cards but the best of bad options, this is pretty darn good on the other hand. This is probably the only good energy card aside from the Pummeler, Voltaic Brawler, and Aetherworks itself. Wow.

    • Him


      • Shagoth

        I don’t want to use a lot of details, but I have to. To put it simply there are cards that are both really powerful in a vacuum and with combos, and there’s a lot of combos that have many pieces to them right now like the already powerful Aetherworks Marvel deck will get this Elephant, so will the fringe Panharmonicon, so will Electrostatic Pummeler, and so will any aggressive green build. You know how tough the Looter Scooter is? There are going to be more cheap low crew cards with high P/T to make THAT deck more powerful. There’s going to be an Expertise Cycle which has some powerful synergy with Modern Decks on top of being decent cards on their own. There’s going to be a vehicle that you can pay 2 to turn any other vehicle into a creature, and there’s a lot of low cost vehicles with high P/T (including one unsubtle one mana 7/11). To make these combos more consistent, there are other ways to make these combos work like Start Your Engines and a new enchantment. These are powerful combos that can slot into aggressive builds easily, though they probably won’t and will instead be powerful decks of their own. We haven’t seen that many cards, either. On top of that, I’ve seen an upgrade to at least a few edh staples and a few tutors to make the aforementioned combos even more consistent. I think this will be big, this will be bad, and this will be ugly. Someone also pointed out the pattern of standard bans-Urza’s Block -Mirrodin Block-Zendikar Block they are a similar number of year apart. They mentioned this year falls into the pattern of standard bans. Though I don’t think we’ll get a ban, and that person didn’t even back his theory with years, this is really powerful. Unlike most sets, it looks like thus are going to do a couple insane things and a few standard decks will get a major boost and/or be created. Here, it’s insane. Just crazy combos everywhere. The creatures are power creeped and there are lots of obvious set ups for certain decks and combos to be made. It’s also clear that they weren’t sure that energy and vehicles would be pushed enough for standard and are pushing them some more, little did they know the two gimmicky janky concepts would be two of the toughest decks in standard.

        There. I explained.

        • Him

          what about the pay X get X energy?

          • Shagoth

            That was the part you wanted explained? I misread it and thought paying the two energy was optional and you could just let him go back to your hand. That was a whoopsie on my part.

          • Him


  • kmk888

    I really like this card, and green isn’t even my color.

    It’s like Serra Avenger in that it cannot be cast the turn the mana cost suggests but is still enormously efficient. It may be a 1 mana 3/4 but for all that it does have a lot of play to it as an energy generator that doesn’t use up cards from your hand and a Revolt enabler.

  • Tacanu

    I’m seeing a modern deck with this elephant along Soul Sisters, Norin the Wary and Genesis Chamber. With 4x Aether Hub to spend the energy for casting it, and the also brand new card Mechanized Production, it can easily gain 4 lifes and 2 Myr at your turn and 2 life and 1 Myr in the opponent’s turn. Once you have 6 Myr in your turn, cast Mechanized Production on Genesis Chamber and you’ve got it.

  • Tolle

    Guys, remember, at worse this guys is a 3/4 for GG. That is pretty good.

    • CaribouTitsMcGee

      it would actually be GGG because you don’t get the energy until he returns to your hand

      • Tolle

        Touche, misread the card.

  • Weird… but intriguing

    • MTG fan

      Can you kill this before this bounces back?

      • I think so. If you respond to its ETB trigger with an instant-speed kill spell/ability, that should resolve first. They’ll still get the energy though.

  • name moniker

    if you don’t have the energy its a G gain an energy and activate revolt (at sorcery speed)

  • NickName

    Guys, is it possible to infinite bounce it with Spontaneous Artist and Cryptolith Rite?
    (Artist and Rite on the battlefield and 1 energy counter)
    Play Elephant
    Activate Artist’s activated ability
    Pay 1 and give haste to the Elephant
    Tap Elephant for G mana
    Elephant’s ability resolves
    Do it again.
    If the answer is yes then:
    This + Aetherflux Reservoir :)

    • Tyson J. Pettegrew

      This doesn’t work because you have to pay two energy even if you don’t want to.

  • MTG fan

    Can you kill this before it bounces back?

  • mehngo

    I concur. :-)