• Jazzyboy1

    I wish this was 4 mana more, or 10 mana more, just so that it could change it from being just when this creature deals damage to whenever any creature I control deals damage. (I don’t care if it’s 50 mana more, because RB-Grenzo doesn’t need mana where he’s going)

    • Happy The Cat

      I’d say it doesn’t because cards like Goblin Lackey and other weird powerful “when deals damage” goblins(and red creatures in general) exist. this already seems terrifying with grafted exo and the other give infect cards.
      we’ve all seen what that myriad sword combos can do with stuff like Lord of Shatterskull Pass, do we really want that same deck being able to just kill every player?

  • Nanya

    Hello, Hydra Omnivore, how are you?

    • Ryū

      Shorter, smellier, more numerous, mildly armed, and slightly less intelligent apparently.

      • Nanya

        10 points to Gryffindor!

  • Tolle

    Okay… I know melee doesn’t like blade of selves but this creatures does. Throw in a method that prevents them from being blocked and just laugh.

  • Edward

    I want to Rite Of Replication this thing so bad. I would also love to use it with with Deceiver Of Forms or Blades Of Selves to just deal a massive amount of damage to everyone

    • Happy The Cat

      maybe I could interest you in a Fireshrieker or a Loxodon Warhammer? or maybe a Grafted Exoskeleton? four poison to every other player in one attack. or maybe you would like some tribal? Coat of Arms along with a couple of tokens and lords will make this 2/2 rather large.

  • Happy The Cat

    can we take a moment to point out this is an uncommon? if this was in standard this easly have taken a rare slot and if it had +2/+0 and legend tagged onto it this could take a mythic slot. this is why I love these eternal sets, they aren’t afraid of red here.