• colin

    This is so good. His second ability is basically scry 3 when u damage a player, but with the bonus of adding to your graveyard.

  • George Zamyatin

    This might be my favorite mythic revealed so far..

  • Chaospyke

    The mythics are starting to improve in quality. I super like this Sad I’m not making a delirium deck now

  • Kaiser

    Hannibal is that you?

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Pretty ehh in my opinion. You’ll get one good hit with this early and open up the POSSIBILITY to have a 4/4 for turn 4, and from there it won’t get any bigger, but will give you constant sry/graveyard love until something shows up that can block it safely.

    • Jazzyboy1

      You’re thinking of it in a vacuum. This is going to be alongside other creatures in your deck. If your opponent wants to deal with this guy, they might have to leave your other guys alone, and vice versa. You can also pump him up with other effects, such as Graft in Modern, and equipment and pump spells in Standard.(I dunno what Standard’s best pump spells are atm. I don’t play Standard)

      • BuddyChrist

        Earthen arms on turn 3 makes him a 4/4 before his own pump, swinging with a 6/6 trample on turn 4 aint bad in standard

  • Jazzyboy1

    This is amazing. I would actually replace ‘goyf with this in Golgari decks. He generally won’t get quite as big as Goyf(Afaik, Goyf usually tops as a 4/5), but he has Trample; and he fuels himself, as well as any other effects that use the graveyard. Oh and his ability lets you actually grab the cards you need and put them on the top of your library.(though I would still be excited if it was just mill 3)

  • Nirayá

    Everything about this card is beautiful!

  • Sebastian Fuchs

    He´s like an golgari brainstorm! absolut insane that u can fix u graveyard and u drawstep

  • Ultramegalord

    Well, there’s a money card

  • Marky Day

    Graveyard Scry? Love it. Love this Card. Love all the Golgari support we’re getting this set.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Meren’s new best friend.

  • Happy The Cat

    ah, a good ol Jund ’em card. if this gets double strike t3 you can get a huge hit in. 4-6 damage and two checks throwing up to six cards in the yard

  • traveler

    this card is good, but it will be hard pressed in modern because it does to the big 4 (path of exile, dismember, abrupt decay, and lightning bolt)

    even if its plus 2/2 is triggers, it will only survive a bolt. goyph can survive 2 out the four when he is pumped. i am thinking this is just going to be in standard but who knows, the comment section has been wrong multiple times in the past

    • Jazzyboy1

      How does Goyf survive ‘2 out of the four when he is pumped’? He’s rarely going to be a 5/6 in most of the decks he’s run in, so Dismember will kill him, Path of Exile will kill him, and Abrupt Decay will kill him.

      And those removal spells are used for a reason; they kill lots of things. They kill hatebears too; and elves; and merfolk; and goblins; and basically almost every low-cost creature in Modern. Judging a 2-drop by whether or not it dies to removal is just ridiculous.

      And keep in mind that Path of Exile gives you a Rampant Growth effect.(2-mana, so it would be cost-effective for you, and your opponent paid 1 mana), Dismember costs your opponent either 3 mana, 1 mana and 4 life, or 2 mana and 2 life(so your opponent is pretty much always paying more value to kill your 2-drop than you paid for your 2-drop), Abrupt Decay costs your opponent 2-mana(so the cost is equal), and Lightning Bolt costs 1 mana(so not quite cost-effective, but it’s not too bad losing a 2-drop to a 1-mana spell)

      • Traveler

        In all fairness I went under the assumption both creatures were fully triggered, perhaps I should have stated that. If this is fully triggered it’s a 4/4 where as goyph (yes 4/5 is often his best) he can a 7/8 at this he survives a dismember, and bolt, where as this guy will only survive a bolt ( here we are assuming your opponent has only one of each kill spell) if goyph is at 5/6 as you stated then he can’t die to dismember because he will still have one toughness.

    • ForeverLaxx

      “Dies to removal” isn’t a legitimate point against a creature.

  • Zombie

    Certainly a very cool card but I can’t imagine this will be doing much in practice versus what’s on paper.

    It’s a high-impact reward to be sure, but it just starts off as a 2/2.

    Being a bear means it’s probably not going to be hitting your opponent that often, because a multitude of creatures can block it or trade with it with ease.

    It might be a mid-game snowballer more than anything, but it just seems very weak early, which is odd for a 2-drop.

    • EJ

      Even without any other text, it’s a 2/2 trample for 2. The only other card in Magic which has that ability is Kavu Predator, which has seen fringe play in Legacy, Modern and Vintage.

      The cheapest 4/4 trample without a drawback in all of Magic costs 4 mana. I agree that it is probably better mid-game than early game, but it’s nice to have that flexibility.

      • Nathan Harviala

        Plus, when you combine it with the “rearrange” ability, you get way more fun in those formats. The downside about this to Predator is that he’s two colors, as opposed to Kavu’s mono-green status. Of course, in the format where mono-colored decks are non-existant, that won’t matter as much, but it does take a little more mana fixing.

      • Zombie

        It’s a 2/2 trample for GB, that not only severely limits the color of the decks it can be played in, but its ability further limits its applications.

        Not only that, bears just generally aren’t that great unless they have a fast payoff or one that’s extremely significant later in the game.

        This is just worse than Sylvan Advocate in Standard.

  • Jonathan Mueller

    »I’m Mythic because I’m pushed! Have fun watching my price tag grow!«

  • Melissa Juice

    Freaking insane. Hail the Golgari.

    • Phoenix UNBENCHED

      YES. Crossing us is a GRAVE mistake >:D

  • Craig Molnar

    This card runs into the Sylvan advocate problem. Better have a way around that guy.

    • Mack Tackleton

      I will be swinging into your advocate all day.

  • MrAptronym

    I need this for my Sidisi EDH.

  • Chris

    Start off expensive, and then dive back down to Ayli levels.

  • Atarka Effreet

    I have a feeling that wotc want green black aggro to be a thing

    • Urdothor

      They’ve seen my EDH decklist for Meren then. :P

  • Boop

    Ummmm living sultai ascendency triggers on combat damage to players?? Yes plz .w. screw dumping into your grave you basically get a senseis divining top after combat with the ability to shovel out what you dont wabt or need or get to delerium fsster. Strong card. Exrremely strong card

  • TogetherAlone

    This guy loses everytime to Sylvan Advocate. Its a good card but likely isnt going to see play until origins rotates sadly.

    • Jazzyboy1

      Completely different deck strategies. You would be running this in Dredge. Sylvan Advocate gets played in mid-range and ramp.

      • Zombie

        If you think Dredge would touch this you’re in for a rude awakening.

        Source: competitive Dredge player in Modern, Legacy, and Vintage

        • Lockwert

          I believe you haven’t heard of -standard dredge-

          • Zombie

            If it doesn’t say Dredge on the cards, it’s not Dredge.

          • Lockwert

            It was supposed to be ironic

  • Jaya

    hail humans

  • LionO

    Did Garruk lose his spark or something?

  • Summer is Coming

    Why is this a mythic? If this was printed in a set 6 months months ago it would be a rare. It seems like theyre going out of their way to make most rares and mythics in the last 2 sets terrible

    • kukuc96

      They made it mythic becouse its moste likely beyond absurd in Limited and they don’t want a lot of it running around.

  • kukuc96

    Great card with an insane effect (really the card selection it gives is unbelievable even without any gy interactions). Its sets up its own delirium. But still i dont see how it can compete with the other insanely broken creatures in standard right now. (Sylvan advocate, Tireless Tracker, Bounding Crasis, even Kalitas stonewalls it if you cant enable the delirium otherwise). Maybe it can shine post rotation.

    • Gary MFin Oak

      Only one of the cards you mentioned rotates, I hope your right but it seems extremely unlikely. Delirium remains an inconsistent mechanic. They printed enough cards that get cool delirium effects but not enough cards that consistently turn on delirium. This card helps slightly but I dont think its enough

      • kukuc96

        Yeah i know only one rotates but thats exactly the one that reks it super hard in combat. The others are close. Tracker need at lest a +1/+1. krasis only works well pre delirium. And Kalitas is at 4 mana at which point this might be already on. By no means tarmogaoyf but the crad is still probably good.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    A 2 drop with trample that on combat damage functions as a Mirri’s Guile with card filtering. This is pretty neat.. I could see some modern play coming out of this.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Oh baby. I only wish he wasn’t mythic, cause I need four o Dems. I dunno whose glove Garruk’s cousin be holdin, but if it fits, you cannot acquit.
    On closer inspection, he’s wearing a coat of gloves. Presumably human leather. Must be handy in the winter, which is most definitely coming.

  • Nolly

    I really just don’t understand why its a mythic. It’s not particularly
    flavorful, the dude looks generic and his name is generic.
    He’s powerful, but honestly I don’t think he would have been common enough at rare to be a problem. I mean, if Sylvan Advocate was a rare, this could have been a rare.

    • Sebastian Fuchs

      the reason for some rarities is limited and advocate needs time to grow. even if he´s an amazing 2 mana creature, this one is an combo enabler! Dredge, Delirium. Zombies and more needs this kind of effects.

      and his ability is comparable to brainstorm. your fixing the next card you draw AND u can get value card in your graveyard. Atm its dificult to enable delirium at time, but with him its much easier.

      • Nolly

        My point was that this isn’t powerful enough that it being at rare wouldnt be an issue.
        If a 4/5 with vigilance at rare isnt an issue, a 4/4 with trample with deck manipulation wouldn’t be that bad either.

        • Vizzerdrix

          Deals damage you get to do half a ponder, and feed delirium which will make it stronger, I’d say it’s pretty fair being mythic, also it has evasion to help trigger its ability and when it has delirium it has trample as well, this card is freaking awesome

    • Bige Boiy

      this is the most “not mythic” mythic since lotus cobra. that aside, this is a great card! I’m looking forward to playing it.

  • Lorenzo Rosi

    love it… also the art, it’s just great!

  • munkeemanometal

    This might just be the excuse to play Golgari Agro that I’ve been waiting for since Lotleth Troll rotated out of standard.

  • Bige Boiy

    Hannibal (hand cannibal)

  • Quick Draw Zero

    anyone else noticed that he is holding Murderer’s Ax on his hand and the gloves that are next to it?

  • MTG fan

    This is excellent! With pump spells like grotesque mutation, this creature is able to get delirium fast. Great with obsessive skinner.

  • Randall Chevalier

    I think this is a great card, but I don’t get why GB delirium is an aggro thing suddenly. It doesn’t make sense. In a typical aggro deck you try to go wide, flood the board and run your opponent over afap. That isn’t necessarily going to give you delirium even in modern, let alone standard. Seriously, if you dump your creatures out and try to go aggro against g/w humans or even mono black zombies or rb vampires whatever, you will lose.

    Delirium makes things better later after you can fill the yard selectively. Deathcap Cultivator is a mana dork with late game upside, his design is all about midrange or control. I think that cards like this will work better in a midrange shell. Deploy removal and hand hate early, late game take over with delirium enabled creatures.

    As for Grim Flayer, I think he’ll be a great card in other formats. Delirium is much easier to enable in modern, and this guy does a pretty decent goyf impression after a T1 fetchland/inquisition etc.. Or in Jund with T1 fetchland, Faithless looting, dumping an instant and creature. You then have a T2 4/4 Trample that’s out of bolt range.

    • Deadly Berry

      You’re right there, this looks more like a card Modern could use. It’s still hard to say just how good he will be, considering confidant and goyf are 2cmc drops as well and are irreplaceable in GB decks.

  • chad

    this is perfect for meren EDH, just the card to stack the deck for reanimating, its a auto include for meren

  • Ryot

    Oh hey Tarmogofy 2.0. I was wondering when you were going to show up.

  • kmk888

    I like it. Three extremely synergistic abilities and a base form that’s perfectly playable. I wonder if I can achieve Delirium in my GB Aristocrats deck?

    Y’all can keep getting mad about the rarity but I’m happier with this than a mediocre legendary mythic that costs 5+ mana and will only appear in EDH. Or something stupid like Mirrorwing Dragon. This is a fun card that will affect standard and maybe more.

  • Daniel Walsh

    You’re guys missing the point of this card. It’s not meant to be a Delirium enabler, though it can help with that. It’s basically Sensei’s Top with a damage trigger, with the situational upside of letting you bin dead cards. It’s pretty good. It’s not a Tarmogoyf but it fills a badly needed role in standard: playable non-white creature

  • Avery Standley

    Turn one: Verdant Catacombs into Blood Crypt untapped, then cast Inquisition of Kozilek. Turn two: cast Grim Flayer. Turn three: Slap the opponent with it, getting a slightly easier Delirium accessibility with the fetchland, granting you a 4/4 trampler for only GB. Cast a 5/6 Tarmogoyf afterwards.

  • MithosFall

    I can see some real Standard competitive potential with this card.

  • Gord

    This will be good in reanimator decks. Selective self milling while being a playable creature in its own right. Very strong for a utility creature

  • Fred Weasley

    I’m a little surprised and thankful that this isn’t legendary. It is a very good card that I want in a deck with Mr. Frog.

  • Chaospyke

    So I got a close up picture of this guy and his cloak is made of gloves and he’s holding another one. Some I’m wonder why he has a glove obsession.

    • justindeltora

      look at his ax he totally has a jack the ripper vibe about him and with the denizens of innistrad warping what better time to be a serial killer

    • MrAptronym

      Look up the word “Flay”… those are not gloves.

    • Tragic

      Well, perhaps he’ll be prepared if he ever runs out of condoms?