• mehngo

    LOL The legacy mill combo is potentially in prerelease for Aether Revolt

  • BusinessmanGinger

    I honestly did not think they would include this, but I guess if I get it I have an excuse to build my mill deck again x3

  • Julian Larson

    no one will match the happiness of the person(and statistically it WILL happen to somebody) who cracks a painters servant and a grindstone in the same draft for a very long time.

    • Pseudophysics

      I think you mean statistically can happen. Assuming in any given pack you have a 1/216 chance of getting a foil mythic. Two packs of Aether revolt and one pack of Kaladesh. You have a 0.0000000264 (2.64*10^-8) percent chance of pulling both this and a painter’s servent. To give this some perspective your 2.7 times as likely to get this pull as you are of guessing all 6 49 digit numbers correctly for the lottery. In other words. If someone get that pull they will indeed be the happiest and luckiest person in that room.