• Tolle

    Cool but expected.

  • Zombie

    Does this mean we’re seeing a reprint of Through the Breach for this?

    Oh lord please yes be true. Goryo’s or TTB desperately need reprints.

    • Happy The Cat

      but that’s from kamigawa block, those sets dont exist to wizards anymore…

      • Zombie

        Kamigawa’s gotten some love from prior Modern Masters sets. MM1 far more so than MM2.

        Hell, the vast majority of the Mythics from MM1 were Kamigawa-block reprints.

        6 of the Mythics from MM1 were from Kamigawa alone, and IIRC about or maybe even more than a dozen other cards, besides the Mythics in the set, were Kamigawa as well.

        MM2 was the set that kinda forgot Kamigawa existed, though.

        • Happy The Cat

          I miss that block though… it was good even though drafting any color kinda felt the same, but the flavor and just the staggering chase cards that decided who would place made for an interesting combo. Honestly I think wizards has been trying solely to recapture that feeling since theros block and it’s what’s been kind of ruining the game. back when they were printing fun splashy cards instead of mathematically stronger cards they could get away with it, but nowadays chase cards are 4/5s for less than five mana with only upsides…

    • Marvin Sürig

      I never knew that Goryo’s were that expanisve :/… I had about 8 and gave 6 away for lo xD…. I knew a place that sold SoK for some year for about 1,5 Euro per booster. So I got some cards X’D. . . And well I gave 6 of those good ones away^^…

  • ShadyBiz42

    Print avacyn…