Growing Ranks - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Growing Ranks

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At the beginning of your upkeep, populate.

“We will grow an army large enough to withstand the Izzet’s madness.”

  • Higa

     So much hate for the Izzet.

    • yeah i was thinking about the same thing >.<

      • Falconfly

         Because the Selesnya are individuality hating cultists and the Izzet are [mad] scientists. There’s no way they’d be allies.

  • Grizzy

    All of my want. Also, potentially stupid question but, if there’s more than one on the battlefield do you do it multiple times?

    • YouGotFranked

      Yes you populate for each of these.

      • Andarien

         Jeez… of course NOT. You put only ONE token that is a copy of any one token you already have. You have to choose what one to copy. You do NOT get 1 for each you already have, it would be madness to DOUBLE all your token creatures. Yuo get just one, so it is better to choose someone strong, like an elemental 8/8.
        The question is, why are there so little cards that make tokens? What can I populate so far? A bird from Eyes in the Skies? A knight from selesnya charm? Wtf? So much populate and so little token cards. You can end by jusrt sitting with all this populate in your hand and do nothing.

        • Denvereight

          You look at only the guild. Mutiply Pack Rat tokens, Madame Badasses’ assasin win tokens, THE GUARDIAN an 8/8 token with vigilance. 
          Don’t forget creatures made with Crackling Counterpart. Try populating a Thraggy, Elvish Visionary, Revenous Rats, Snapcaster Mage, and dare I say it….Delver of Secrets….dum dum duuuuuum!

          • wowisanamazingthing

            I agree with Cackling Counterpart. Possible Red/Green/Blue, Huntmaster/Ravager + Cackling counterpart + Growing Ranks. Still, I hate this card’s mana cost. A little too slow for any thing but ramp.

          • Andarien

            People, what are you talking about? I am saying about tournaments and prerelease first of them all! How will you get those cards on prerelease where you are limited with your guild? Of course you can splash third color, but i will be a very bad decision.
            Also, should each guild not be able to work by iteself? Why does Selesnya need cards from other guild or even others BLOCKS to have ITS UNIQUE GUILD ABILITY to work?

          • MrMario7502

            Jumping the gun a little bit.  Less than half of the set has been revealed with only twelve watermarked Selesnya cards; it’s far too early to be criticizing any part of the set.

          • Andarien

            I agree with that and can only hope that there are some hidden token creators :) For example, I have seen a wurm art spoler, totally Selesnya. So, there will be, probably, a card that makes wurm tokens. If you can remember, in old Ravnica Selesnya had huge wurms: Siege Wurm and Autochton Wurm. It is logical that they will return in some way. But what about wolves, main riding animal of the Conclave? And pegasi? :'(

          • Denvereight

            Dude, verify. We don’t know how you think or have our full assurance that we’re on the same level nor topic of discussion. 

            For prerelease you don’t just get your guild’s cards. You have a whole other 5 booster packs to work with. There is an incredibly good chance that you won’t have only green and white in them, FACT. Maximizing limited resources to their fullest potential is natural in playing the game. Players just want to play. 

            And Why would it be frikin bad to use three colors? It’s Magic and it’s Return to Ravnica, the plane that made multicolor it’s home. The guys at RnD encourage us to experiment with the colors and have serious fun playing the game. 

            The reason I pulled out cards from other sets is to show how versatile the featured card is. Not only on Limited. Every card has it’s chance for even constructed play. Everything I’m even talking about is limited to Standard format. I mean, wouldn’t you want to use your cards like that as well?

            To cast a turn three Snapcaster on turn three to play that eyes in the sky again to have four 1/1 flyers? To have more of your best creatures out there to stomp about at your opponents? 

            The choices aren’t bad at all, dude. Just populate over and over and let the Wandering Temple do the rest. Selesnya want’s you to take advantage of your vast army of populating weaklings and weirdos. 

        • Guest

          You’re joking, right?

        • Dv1L

          He didn’t mean tokens…He meant enchantments. Yes you multiply it by the amount of enchantments. If you have two enchantments out…You get two new tokens on upkeep.

        • craig pelton

          A) grove of the guardian…8/8 vigilance with more huge tokens to come im sure..also slime molding and precinct captain..B) Im pretty sure they were talking about multiple growing ranks..not tokens..calm down

  • GUY


    • Dv1L

      No! we will not be making Squirrel Tokens…in this dimension or the next.

  • morrius

    when the token inters play does Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice’s life gain ability work?

    • Flickerfan


  • Klangas1234

    Vraska the Unseen says hello

  • rev_shad

    why is everyone hating on Izzet it not like we trying to rule or anything we just want to expand the limits of knowledge as far as we are about i mean it not like Niv-Mizzet himself has some ultimate end game i rule everything plot

    • Flickerfan

      Niv-Mizzet is planning something big and mysterious and seeing as to how small izzet experiments can result in huge explosions (either on purpose or by accident) imagine what i large scale experiment will do 

      • rev_shad

        ya i know that was kinda the idea. we all know Mizzet is working on taking over and lore wise it looks like he mayb hatching dragons because hypersonic is too strong to be a lesser dragon and Blue don’t really fit with most dragons.
        and yes Izzet is by far the most dangerous guild in part because they never know how there experiments will turn out and most disaters in the city are because of there experiments and they have Mizzet who rivals Bolas in mind and wisdom plus Ral Zarek, who is still a mystery.

    • AnonymousPlayer

      Maybe Niv is readying himself against incoming Eldrazi?

      • Ricky

        your logic is flawed the Eldrazi can’t move between plans anymore that was part of how Sorin and the others saved the multiverse from them. Mizzet is reading himself against Bolas probably.

        • Xero

          It was confirmed that Nicol Bolas will not be coming to Ravnica.

          • Highlander

             so Mizzet and Ral work together to create a plane bridge/ship like Urza or the Phyrexia

  • Neuo the 1

    this is just too slow to be useful in almost any deck.

    • ricky

       so very right unless you pare it with Parallel Lives or Doubling Season. and even then the four cost is still too much

    • Tprater93

      Except for a green deck? Seriously, you can easily turn 3 this.

  • Firestorm75

    Turn one: Forest, Arbor Elf/Avacyn’s Pilgrim
    Turn two: Plains, some white creature, and/or Arbor Elf/Avacyn’s Pilgrim
    Turn three: Grove of the Guardian,  This card. Opponent scoffs in disinterest.
    Turn four: Land, pass. At opponent’s end step sac grove to get 8/8 vigilance elemental hammer
    Turn five: Populate, pound opponents face.
    Turn six-last turn: Repeat turn five as many times as necessary


  • Mlundgoldstein

    this and seance are now awesome

  • linko

    This would be fun in a BGW deck with Vraska the Unseen
    Turn 1: Forest, Arbor elf
    Turn 2: Swamp, dark ritual, and forest twice then play Vraska +1
    Turn 3: Forest, give Vraska +1, Growing ranks 
    Turn 4: Plains, wayfaring temple, Vraska’s final
    Turn 5: Plains, collective blessing
    Enjoy your enjoy your growing 9/9 and your endless 4/4 assassins turn 5.