• Lawlstatus

    I feel like this card could be good enough for Modern bogles

    • ashenmoor

      I’ll do some testing on it.

    • Marc Tremblay

      well it the lowest cost card that gives flying and and a +1 that I ve seen, so this may be a hidden bomb of the set

  • Happy The Cat

    the biggest drawback to enchantments is that if the creature dies you just gave away a two for one. This however can come back, putting it into a very rare slot we dont see often and honestly I’d like to see what this ends up doing outside standard

  • Hedronal

    Just looking at the art, I momentarily forgot that Gryffs are winged quadrupeds, as I missed the back half of the depicted creature.

  • Velvet Wurm

    What’s up with the back of that gryff? It’s really long and wierd

    • I like MTG Arts

      It’s part horse, part swan