• Kahai

    Hadana climbed until they could fly ;)

  • kmk888

    This card seems nuts for Sultai energy. 2 counters or more a turn with Winding Constrictor. Plus the evasion on the flip side is great too (although notably no trample in the face of thopter tokens)

  • Rocket Raccoon

    My Invisible Stalkers and Geist of Saint Traft likes this =) Plus the Swords of X and Y, I could play them again :D

  • Nharzhool

    So put this in a Prime Speaker Zegana deck?

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    -Plays “Snake Eater” theme while playing this card-

  • galen150

    i think if merfolk decks become really strong this could see play since merfolk like 1/1 counters. plus the other side is fairly strong.

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    Why yes, I would like a mini-Ezuri in my UG Ezuri deck.

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    Reeeee Vorel of the Hull Clade reeeeeee!