Hall of Triumph - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Hall of Triumph

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As Hall of Triumph enters the battlefield, choose a color.

Creatures you control of the chosen color get +1/+1.

Heroes act without thought of glory or reward. Accolades are a consequence, not a goal.

Hall of Triumph (Promo)

  • Anthony Bartolomey

    Neat idea but seems underpowered

    • Zombie

      In what way is this underpowered?

      It’s an Honor of the Pure for any color for 1 extra CMC.

      That is in NO way underpowered.

      • YouGotFranked

        Or to phrase it differently, It’s a Spear of Heliod for any non-white decks.

        • Zombie

          No, if it was a Spear for Non- White decks it would be able to kill creatures.

          All the Hall does is give +1/+1. All Honor does is give +1/+1. Yes, Spear gives +1/+1, but it also has an activated ability that separates it from the rest of the Honor effects.

          • YouGotFranked

            seriously, how often do you see the spear’s activated ability being used? I’ll say like a guy at my LCS said, if you have to use 4 mana to kill a creature that already dealt damage to you, then you’ve probably already lost the game.

          • Zombie

            Correction: It’s 3 mana. Not to mention that it’s an attrition ability.

            If you don’t understand the significance of having an attrition tool at your disposal in an aggro deck, then I feel suuuuper sorry for you.

            And I use it all the time in my GW Voltron deck, which currently has a 92-93% win rate on MTGO out of IIRC 115-116 games played.

            Also: If you want another comparison, Honor of the Pure is color- biased. So is Hall of Triumph.

            Spear of Heliod is not color- biased. Therefore Hall of Triumph is still more closely related to Honor of the Pure.

            There are right times and wrong times to use Spear of Heliod’s ability, but if you get smashed in the face with open mana and a Spear on the board and you DON’T kill their best creature with it… then you’re probably better off playing solitaire on you computer.

  • Togetheralone

    I think is well costed considering it is essentially an honor of the pure but for any color and is not color restrictive either. This could see play imo

    • togetheralone

      Think of using it with master of waves, or maybe a mono red strat.

      • Necro

        It doesn’t grant Devotion…

        • 7roop

          He’s implying that it prevents the Master tokens from dying if Master dies.

  • dinner

    op with chromanticore

  • Zombie

    This is VERY Standard playable.

    Any Mono-Colored Devotion/Heroic deck can use this very effectively.

    • RomriDade

      I like this card a lot because like you said, it will be good in Mono-colored Decks. I really like it because it makes the Elemental tokens produced by Master of Waves not die if he dies.

  • Chi Sarades

    this is going in my mono black shadowborn commander deck

  • wisdomseyes

    Interesting, a non-creature lord card. Kinda glad it is legendary, just so it is harder to play in constructed, but still very useful. Especially since theros pushes for mono color so heavily