• Nefarox

    Poor, poor Kaalia players :)

    I cannot wait for a few buds of mine to find out about this card.

    • David Herrera

      By the time the decision is made to put an angel, demon, or dragon creature from your hand onto the battlefield, it’s too late for you to cast this. If you do cast it in response to the ability triggering, the Kaalia player can simply choose not to put a creature down that turn. It’s an awkward Stifle in that instance, but not much more.

      • Nefarox

        That was a misread and a half on my half. Thanks for pointing that out.

      • Jake

        actually you can respond the the creature being “put” onto the battlefield so then it would get exiled

  • Daniel Rouze

    Containment Priest off a stick?

    • EddieDeanofIgnorance

      This is better than Containment Priest. This hits tokens. And replaces itself in your hand. And will be Standard and Modern playable.

      That’s three things this has compared to Containment Priest’s two (it swings for two, that’s its two).

      • DJ Pad

        In most circumstances it’s not better than containment priest. Priest has the added benefit of being able to kill your opponent and his effect sticks around until your opponent deals with it (or doesn’t). The only benefit that this card has over containment priest is it can’t be killed and hits tokens. Permanent effect vs. 1 turn is a big deal though.

        • Alex Egertsen

          You can vial in Containment priest you can play this to kill their priest if you vial him in

      • DoogleHallow

        Containment Priest can be vialed in, and that’s enough to make it the go-to in legacy. This is going to be force of willed and requires you to have the mana open. And this only lasts a turn, the priest pretty much ends the game if you can keep it around.

  • Aaron Seet

    so how much hate is slapped on this card… Quite a ton

    Tokens: FUGEDDA about them (Tokens of any kind including the Splinter Twin/Kikki Jikki nonsense, doubtful that any Twin player would pull the combo into untapped mana
    Reanimator: CAST your damn emrakul/griselbrand punk.
    Co-Co/Chord deny that
    Aether Vial: How bout nope to the tribal player
    It could see a spot for Death and Taxes (which is hate bears slapped everywhere

  • Dan W.

    This set is turning out to be so niffty for my Naya prison deck. First Starfield of Nyx, then Archangel of Tithes, now this gem…it’s going to break some hearts, that’s for certain.

  • Hafglop

    How about a token card so it can be useable in standard?

    • Taco

      What do you mean? As if Jeskai Tokens wasn’t a deck until they spoiled Virulent Plague. . . This is meant to check CoCo and See the Unwritten, and in that respect, it is very usable in standard.

  • robinoost

    yeah this will be usefull in standard. Great sideboard cards against token decks. It can be used in other ways but it’s deadly to tokens. Just think off an secure the waste that wants to get resolved, you can exile them all and draw a card for 2 mana thats just very very good.

  • chess-z

    SUCK IT AEther Vial!

    • chess-z

      I just realized that you can put it on isochron scepter.

      • DJ Pad

        Or just put silence under isochron’s sceptre

        • chess-z

          But does that let you draw cards? I didn’t think so.

          • Robert FakeLastName

            at that rate why not put impulse or any other better cantrip?

  • Taco

    Am I the only one thus far who realizes that this is a CoCo check? WHY WIZARDS?!?! WHY?!?

  • Happy The Cat

    anything that backhands resto angel this hard I can get behind
    also, SUCK IT WHIP!!!

  • wwww

    Why not simply put Containment Priest in modern?

    • Melissa Juice

      Because they liked this design.

    • Tzenmoroth

      Power level concerns. This is only a one-shot effect instead of requiring removal to get rid of, and you get a card instead of a bear. This is a lot more fair.

    • Kameenook

      We have a lot of hate bears, be careful what you wish for.

  • tyke5140

    Put it in your isochron scepter to really piss them off.

  • Ryū


  • Melissa Juice

    What in the world. One hell of a sideboard card.

  • Zombie

    Modern’s Containment Priest.

    Not good enough to hit Legacy, I think. Aether Vial bringing in Containment Priest is still far more relevant in Legacy.

    • Oberon

      this hits tokens too, to note, as well as cantripping, so it is not really that close to containment priest.

      • Zombie

        It’s Modern’s Containment Priest because it’s probably not going to see Legacy play.

        Containment Priest is good in Legacy because it can be Vial’d in, aka it’s uncounterable.

        Hallowed Moonlight can be hit by the mountains of counter spells in the format.

        • Happy The Cat

          don’t forget this is only one turn so your combo won’t get messed with
          reanimatiors might run this if it lets you keep your play while shutting out your opponents play

  • Oberon

    Wow, this hoses so many modern strategies. buys a turn vs splinter twin (which can really be all you need), hoses goryo’s vengeance, stops CoCo, kills of a side of a lingering souls, prevents empty the warrens storm from comboing off… This card’s constructed applications are great, can’t wait to put it in my deck.

  • selesnyawarden

    Now this is how things can get broken once a while but I do suppose Wotc is trying to appeal to modern masses. Containment priest is similar in efect but Hallowed moonlight being one mana cheaper and cantrip is some other level. Time will tell, but if collected company got such attention for its little time on standard spotlight, what can we say for this card? Is it a real power-house or just another wanna-be-in-modern-card?

    • Kameenook

      I believe that it’s the same mana cost as Containment Priest, but you lose the flash bear.;

  • Kameenook

    The baby between Containment Priest and Elvish Visionary, also SCREW YOU SPLINTER TWIN

    • Happy The Cat

      oh no… you set me back a turn… what ever will I do…
      oh wait I’ll just combo off next turn
      shutting down a cloner deck only works if the cloner dies as well
      shuts down whip builds and cheater deck like reanimation
      also I’d like to point out how hard this stops living death
      mono white and white+ returns!

      • Kameenook

        And as likely as this is to catch on my b/w tokens fade into oblivion….

  • guest

    i love how everyone on this site either talks about the standard and/or modern implications of these cards when really this card seems to me to be more of a new weapon in legacy (i assume though that most people here don’t play legacy).

    this is lame… another weapon for CB Top and DnT to use against my reanimator and show and tell decks. hopefully wizards threw this out there because the zendikar set will have crazy powerful eldrazi?

    • wwww

      Legacy already have Containment Priest, so players already knows what this card will do in the format. However, it’s not the case in Modern/Standard.

    • Happy The Cat

      we talk about edh because it is fun
      we talk casual because you get away with everything (I’ve played a battle of wits,door to nothingness,mazes end deck)
      we talk standard because most leagues play it and it is the most changing format
      and we talk modern because it is the most competitive format
      most of the time I see legacy as a competitive version of casual filled with ftks and otks that just seem boring once you’ve seen the 12 decks being played at that time