• Derek Niles

    Pretty good hybrid land, cheap haste enablers are always good and its sorta a manland

  • Jazzyboy1

    Wow, nevermind Meld. Just being able to give a creature haste each turn is amazing. The Meld might be useful in Limited, but I would just run this land on it’s own in Constructed.

    • Reyos Blackwood

      agreed early game the land is great by itself, late game when you start top decking meld it into a bigger threat if you want, the creature isn’t bad by itself either.

      • Corey Reks Anderson


        • Reyos Blackwood

          hmm without the life payment, and you don’t lose the haste if the creature was countered, but why is innistrad turning into kamigawa. Hall of the bandit lord here, emerge is offering…

          • Corey Reks Anderson

            blame tamiyo

          • Reyos Blackwood

            heh I didn’t even think of that

  • Khan1104

    why dose a battlement give a creature haste ? It seems more like they are defending rather then getting in there.

    • Hedronal

      It’s meant for battle in a canonically paranoid town in a world plagued by madness, they want to attack what’s near enough to be a threat.

  • Nanya

    This is better than the other two pieces are.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Yay! Another land for Heartless Hidetsugu EDH! Weeeeee!!!

    • ConDucktor Whirl Crate God

      I KNOW RIGHT?! I thought I was the only one who ran Heartless as a commander!

  • Happy The Cat

    wait… why do I have to own both cards in order to meld them? the eldrazi themselves are stealing them! why can’t I steal as well?

  • Jack Flowers

    Wow, it’s a better flamekin village. It enters untapped, it gives haste, it provides mana. Even without that kooky last ability, this a solid card.

    • Hedronal

      Not entirely better or worse, Flamekin Village provides colored mana.

  • kmk888

    Draft discussion:

    I disagree with those that think this effect is amazing. It’s okay, but I won’t pick it highly. I think it’s very mediocre without Hanweir Garrison, which will not get passed by someone in Red. What’s more, it hurts your mana in a red deck, something I am not interested in. I think this one will likely pass around the table until the person who happened to open a Hanweir Garrison snags it up or someone with no other options speculates on it.

    • Chaospyke

      Two mana to give a creature haste isn’t bad (in draft) and can probably win you the game frequent instances. Any deck can spare one land slot. Frequently a draft format will land you with too much land anyway.

      • kmk888

        It’s fine, but you wouldn’t feel good about opening it as your p1p1 rare and would probably take an uncommon or solid common over it

        • Chaospyke

          Idk, I don’t dislike haste on any creature.
          If I mean, draft this and emerge?
          Hopefully we get more emerge.

    • Happy The Cat

      people keep thinking that both Hanweir cards can play aggro, they can’t. The Garrison can be tossed into an aggro shell sure but if you want to meld it you will be putting both of them in a midrange deck that will gain value from the battlements by making your four drops have haste turn six. and having hard casting garrison and then melding together on the same turn.
      wizards for some odd reason has decided to kill off red aggro and has now given that job to white, you know, the healing/order color.

  • Storm Crow

    So, If I borrow someones deck to play with, I can not use the meld ability since I don’t “own” the cards? Technicalities are technical.

    • Happy The Cat

      whoever posses the deck when the game begins is considered owner of all cards in that decks library for that game. this rule also applies to tokens put into play during that game(this is why you never use anything of value as a token)

    • Vizzerdrix

      it doesnt matter this neither makes or is a storm crow so whomever you borrowed this from is awful and you should stop using their awful decks

      • Mack Tackleton

        Should I not put this land in my magic duels deck for RDW?

  • Vizzerdrix

    i just like that this gives haste i dont care about melding i need a 3rd hall of the bandit lord in my gisela edh

  • Konan

    I just noticed the tentacles on the background reaching out to the city!
    I love small details like that =D

  • wiseguy

    Is this the best haste giving land printed thus far? I’m not gonna fall into the trap and say it’s strictly better, but comparing it to hall and flamekin, this doesn’t etb tapped, can add mana right away that isn’t bolting you, and even if you don’t run the creature to meld with, it’s an option. Yes flamekin adds red but in a non Elemental deck, this seems like the better card most of the time right?
    Coming from someone who’s tried both other haste lands in an aggro deck, I’ve found that 3 life does add up after awhile and is really annoying when you need the mana but not for a creature. And flamekin seems to come in tapped at all the wrong times.