• Travis Sven LeMonte

    i do like that fact that this card can handle on its own without needing to meld. and plus you keep the tokens aswell which is even better. and yeah the land meld makes a great boost for this card but i dont see it as a must need and also this card will be fantastic in sealed and draft as a good bomb for 3

  • Khan1104

    More cards for them aggro humans

  • Furyfied3000

    Imagine this one with Thalia’s Lieutenant. kek

  • Chaospyke

    I was just losing hope for my r/w aggro then this beauty comes along

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Flavor text is so ironic. If you look at the top left of the card, Emrakul’s tentacles are coming from behind them, ready to meld them with the wall

  • Happy The Cat

    yay! a pretty good red card! kinda wish it had haste or something that made it not a strictly worse Hero of Bladehold but it’s still not too bad.

    • Nolly

      I don’t think you know what strictly worse means.

      • Happy The Cat

        generally weaker color for creature made tokens, has no perks itself instead of the best perk for tokens and is smaller putting it in the range of many more removal spells(most notably Bolt and red wraths). oh, also being at three mana throws it into the ring of stuff like hordeling outburst and rabblemaster.
        also even though it does help a tribe that is good in standard, humans are not nearly as loved as soldiers or even just knight tribal for hero herself. once this rotates it will drop down to bulk rare with all the other human tribal cards.

        • Nolly

          Doesnt make it strictly worse. Means it fills a different role, on a cheaper curve, and is more splashable than Hero of Bladehold.
          And all those other red cards dont have the potential to transform into a 7/4 trampler that makes two 3/2s with trample every time it attacks :)

          • Happy The Cat

            but this can only meld in the late game for tokens, if your token deck relies on making it to late game chances are you will need that land in play, plus again you are relying on a 2/3 that only works when it attacks to survive until when you can meld it into Hanweir or you are holding an early game card in your hand to use it later. if this had been a 1/4 with haste it would have been epic, wouldn’t die to the first thing it meets and would actually get tokens onto the board while throwing out pings. token decks would rather cast stuff like Lingering Souls than use this if able. plus the Hanweir land is pretty bad, sure it can make anything faster but two mana is way too steep and the deck is very specific with the timing of it’s mana. maybe some token edh decks will want it, Hate Seed would like to like it if it can play it turn three and Thromok is okay with a second outburst. Alesha’s unending barrage builds could use him but her regular decks don’t want him. as for the aura legends, of course some of them won’t work at all, argus procs before they exist exc exc. and most of the time there are just much better creatures for your money.

          • eltratzo

            it is worse, yes. the strictly part means “in every concievable circumstance” this being red and the hero bing white precludes that epithet. it is kind of nitpicky but I still think it is a valid distinction. strctly better/ worse is for cases like Cancel and Dissolve. very rare casen where one card it literally the same but more/less than the other.

            beyond that I agree with your analysis.

    • Scathain

      Hero of bladehold costs an extra mana, doesn’t have the cool meld thing, and is in white. Definitely not strictly worse than hero of bladehold, but of course generally worse. Can’t expect it to compete with scars of mirrodin block mythic rares. I’d play this in a heartbeat if I took standard seriously, and would fit into my mardu deck nicely for casual.

  • kmk888

    This is the one they pushed to make it to constructed. That effect is almost always enough to make the creature good enough. I do think that it will have legs in W/R humans because of the interaction between Thalia’s Lieutenant, although playing a card like Hanweir Battlements will hurt their mana.

    • Nolly

      Battlements is still a good card. I doubt having a 4-of non-color producing land will hurt their mana much at all.
      Even if its a 3-of or 2-of its still a strong card on its own.
      The potential for a 13/8 trampler doesn’t hurt, either.

      • kmk888

        The deck plays 10+ 1 drops that cost (W). It will definitely hurt their mana.

        • Happy The Cat

          I don’t really see this or it’s land being played in r/w humans, mostly cause the deck is basically a white weenie deck with four forges in it to run one or two red spells. I feel this might move gw humans into Naya humans for the early potential of this guy plus the late game power of the meld.

    • Bacon

      If anything, the land should really only be used as an alt win condition, and the haste given by the battlements is nice. So maybe put 2 copies of it to help prevent mana shortage but still allow the option of playing it. The fifth turn for the deck is very much late game anyway, so by then(unless they just utterly decimated every card you had on the field, I’m looking at you languish) it would be viable to make the township.

  • Vizzerdrix

    this card on its own is just as strong as the melded card, its not as good as brimaz or hero of bladehold but its not bad either