• Dr. Burn Crow

    Oooooh, that flavor is solid.

  • Melissa Juice

    Fantastic limited pick. I like the Orzhov has become the 1/1 flying token color combo.

  • Edward

    This is what I was hoping for in SOI. I love the effect to put itself on the field by discarding but the ones in SOI were all really plain besides Geralf’s Masterpiece. I love it

  • EddieDeanofIgnorance

    Nice! This definitely has a place in my UB Zombie deck. I’ve been getting owned by too many flier-based decks. ;_; And Stitchwing Skaab can only do so much on its own.

  • Matthew Beaver

    I don’t care if this card is good or bad, I love the flavor of this card. Regardless this is a great limited card that can do wonders if needed. Also I really enjoy that art.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    This is just too funny xD

  • guy

    could be a interesting pauper edh general. also I like the idea of the art, the soul laments and haunts the empty zombie body, its just not a very well drawn zombie body.

  • MrAptronym

    Ohh, I love that art!

  • Happy The Cat

    great card but it’s ruined by that four mana initial cost if this was three it would be too good though probably

    • De’Elgathor

      “It’s great but it’s bad but if it were better it would be too good”

      • Chaospyke

        I mean that happens alot, look at undead servant from Origins. Literally the exact same problem

        • De’Elgathor

          I was more being a jerk about it, and pointing out how he called it both “good” and “bad”, then said if it were better the “bad” card would be “too good”.

    • Sarke

      don’t cast it for that – use it as a discard for something else.

  • Vizzerdrix

    i almost want to try this in sidisi where mine is set up as running creatures that recur themselves but i dont want the discard.

    • De’Elgathor

      Library of Leng can get around that, and stack your deck for Sidisi to trigger.

      • Vizzerdrix

        I like that, I’d need to do some reworking but I like it, I’ve been considering tamiyo for a while, similar role only to hand instead if back on top

        • De’Elgathor

          Yeah, she’s great, but can require a lot of protecting. No one else at the table wants to see you with a Tamiyo ult.

  • MTG fan

    I want a blue black zombie/madness deck right now with take inventory. ;)

  • Son Goku

    Cool art and flavor. Not likely going to make it into the mono-black Zombie Modern deck I want to make, but fun all the same. I love cards with this much flavor. Endless Ranks of the Dead leaps to mind as another relevant example.

  • Tragic

    Wow, cool card. Very playable too. I’m liking it.

  • Nick Art

    You all of Innistrad is PISSED when the ghosts are willing to fight alongside their zombie.

  • wiseguy

    Cool card, but its a shame they will never print something as abusable as reassembling skeleton again. The discard is a real cost and can’t be sustained as often as skeleton, Nether traitor, or even that card that could recur itself if Raid was active that turn.
    If it was 4 mana or even 2 mana and 2 life each time I’d run it in a heartbeat for Teysa.