Havoc Festival - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Havoc Festival

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Players can’t gain life.

At the beginning of each player’s upkeep, that player loses half his or her life, rounded up.

“We can’t control enemies who have no regard for their own survival.”
-Arrester Lavinia, Tenth Precinct

  • Mlundgoldstein

    Cool but has ways to turn the game against you too.

    • Bookworm1896

       Isn’t that how Rakdos works? They’re masochistic as well as sadistic.

  • guyfarting

    Platinum Empyrion.

  • seriously rakdos is really going wild. hahaahah this will be funny! cant wait to see the beast itself ;)

  • Cloudenvy

    hahahaha that man’s head is on fire!

    • Gabriel Bales

      I hate it when that happens.

  • Kenneth Mebus

    Only card in standard I could see this working with would be Elderscale Wurm, but even then, the mana cost for both between three colors is a little ridiculous. In extended and modern though, I could see this tag teamed with Phyrexian Unlife in a R/W/B deck or with Platinum Empyrion.

    • Busterswrd_maniac

       wouldn’t work with elderscale, it’s LOSS OF LIFE, not damage. this card seems really silly and i might hafta make a R/B Rakdos Mayhem Carnival deck when RtR comes out

  • Chomby0886

    All I can think is TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK….so far this new set looks like its gonna be nuts!

  • Mah Nugga

    This card is so fun! I can’t wait to run it, it’ll make Azorius and Selesnya cry.

    In fact the only guild this helps is the fast paced aggro that is Rakdos.

    Plus, I’m not even counting the guilds that’ll be in Gatecrash. 

  • Ron

    Thragtusk, im looking at you

  • Kalitas

    5 turns till 2 life after this card hits

  • Tagonizer

    Oho, drop Exquisite Blood the turn before you play this.

    • Gabriel Bales

      You can’t gain life.

  • TourneyFag

    It might be constructed playable . . . if it cost 4 less mana.