• Kaiser

    So, gods are split in to bodys, indestructible creatures and legendary artifacts. Perfect.

  • Felipe Rodrigues

    Good cycling engine for red decks.

  • Kumrag

    Faster red dudes and card draw yes please. 3 mana kinda high for RDW but we’ll see.

  • Kameenook

    Now other than the colors being able to better or worse take advantage of the casting reduction I personally think this is the best of the five, it has the potential to generate “card advantage”” through the selection it give, something that very often will help win games, not to mention being able to cycle through your deck is actually aided by the casting reduction, while the other ones not so much synergize with the reduction ability.

  • Happy The Cat

    good enough just with the cost reduction, the badcycle isn’t the best when normal cycling is already in the set, would have preferred ping so it’s on level with the others, but as long as other colors dont get stuff that takes advantage of you discarding this could be viable.

    • MrAptronym

      Looks like there may be a minor discard theme doing on here, and at least one or two decent madness cards are out there. In any case, I think the effect is good for EDH which is my cup of tea anyway, and where the cost reduction is more appealing.

  • Robert Bellamy Eriksen

    With grinning Ignus, this becomes:
    [R]: Add (2C) to your mana pool. Discard a card, Draw a card.

    Manamorphose and Manaforge Cinder can help adding more mana. You can use this for stacking storm count, cycling your deck, ramping mana for something big or something like ETB count for Purphoros.

    • Happy The Cat

      well, you only add 1 to your mana pool since you’ll need the rest to cast ignus again, but R: badcycle add 1 to your mana pool isnt a terrible combo.