• Dylan Dougherty

    ehh….not sure how to feel about it

    • Pandancules

      its pretty easy to crew in a vehicle deck with toolcraft exemplar and lots of other 3 power creatures and it can be emergency crewed to protect your Gideon by paying a loyalty counter to block what could have been more damage

  • llamalord44

    Well… it’s not Smuggler’s Copter

    • Pandancules

      i could see running it in place of fleetwheel maybe, but smugglers isnt really replaceable

      • bimyo

        just play both ha

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Not terrible but it hardly feels Mythic.

    • bimyo

      a 5/5 flying vigilance attacking on turn 3 with a motorist or depala is pretty big game

  • Pussydestroyer

    A vehicle which can be crewed by the Gatewatch, I like it. Fits well in an aggro rw vehicle shell w/ the new chandra

  • Gord

    Probably good in super friend decks to block if your creature gets blown away. It’s a playable vehicle but nothing I’d be pumped about in limited

  • Zombie

    I like the flavor but it seems pretty mediocre.

    I don’t even know if it’s worth replacing Fleetwheel with this because it’s Legendary.

    • Kevan Kramer

      Seems like they want this card to be in a Superfriends deck.

      • Julna Buras

        Yeah, I’m already considering putting a couple of it in my Esper superfriends.

    • Happy The Cat

      well, it is half the mana with flying and vigilance. and it can crew off of any pw instead of a creature. might not completely replace fleetwheel but it will probably steal a slot or two.

      • Zombie

        But that also just makes Fleetwheel that much worse when its harder to draw your copies that werent replaced.

    • mehngo

      You could run it in daretti ;) /s

      • Zombie


        No thanks.

        • mehngo

          I totally wasn’t being sarcastic. /s

  • BusinessmanGinger

    The flavor is cool, maybe this is what Kiran was working on before he was killed, or maybe the Renegades named it after him, or maybe he’s still alive.

    • Hedronal

      Chandra saw the body, he’s dead. As he died when she was a child, I assume it’s named for him.

      • BusinessmanGinger

        Ahh no you caught me XD. I’m just kidding I know that he is officially dead, I was just trying to do like an Illuminati thing but it’s not as effective over text and also I suck at doing stuff like that x3

  • Avery Standley

    The Gatewatch version of the Weatherlight

  • Derek Mullins

    I doubt it’ll ever come up, but this seems to be the only way to kill off your planeswalker at instant, ‘free’ speed (ignoring the sacrifice of a creature planes walker to effects, since they usually last by end of turn)

    • Gord

      Relevant in a world of Emrakuls – crew your planeswalkers to death

  • Mr.Mayhem631

    eh, meh

    Looter Scooter is better.

    • Hedronal

      I don’t know who came up with that name originally, but I still chortle at the sound of it.

    • Justin Burton

      Lol no it is not… For eternal implications… Copter cannot ever be played in Modern or Legacy. Maybe in Standard yes, but Heart of Kiran is stupid broken in Modern Jund.

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        What can HoK do that LS can’t?

        • Justin Burton

          Survive a bolt and live past all sorcery speed removal on a regular basis, lives past the first harnessed lightning if opponent was on 0 energy whereas a copter dies to any harnessed lightning, lives past essence extraction, block Kitchen Finks or early Goyf or Nacatls or Apes or Lynx or Avacyn, Stay a blocker after attacking because of vigilance, beat out copter in the air, avoid situations where there are no creatures, Avoid Liliana of the veil -2 ability and move past Nahiri’s neg ability as well as any planeswalker kill ability, protect plainswalkers, and deal more damage.

          Why is everyone literally not seeing this..
          C’mon Mayhem I love you man but its a better card than copter.

          • Mr.Mayhem631

            Okay, first, this cannot avoid LotV. Just pointing that out.

            Second, I really think being able to have multiples and looting are more relevant.

          • Justin Burton

            Mayhem… do you not see that the -2 on LotV only makes you sac a creature?
            If you just have a walker and HoK then Veil cant hit it because you’d never have it as a creature while Veil can hit it.
            Also, multiple vehicles does no good with no creatures, which is why this is much better with Gideon and better splashable card in a wider arrange of decks.

            Looting and Crew 1 are all copter has going for it. Everything else i pointed out handily makes HoK better man…

          • Mr.Mayhem631

            I’m so baffled on your logic for LotV.
            LotV can’t hit either one unless they’re a creature on the opponent’s turn. Not sure what ability of Looter Scooter makes that more likely.

            Also, crew 1 is a HUGE deal.

  • Derek Niles

    Well if I get one in a pack then I’ll throw it in my superfriends EDH as an emergency flying blocker that dodges boardwipes….but other than that super specific use, I think I’ll pass

  • Evil Tactics

    For a legendary mythic, it feels like it could have been given 5 toughness. Otherwise it’s a decent shield for PW I guess.

    • Minizem

      yes, because a colorless 4/4 creature with flying a vigilance for 2 mana just isn’t enough for you.

      • Evil Tactics

        Requires 3 crew or a PW to be a creature, and it is a legendary mythic. It could have been 5 toughness but it’s still good the way it is, hence why I never said this was bad in any way.

        • Minizem

          Sure, but it would just like to point out, as someone that plays vehicles, 3 power is not very hard to amass. And don’t give me wrong, I would love this to be stronger too.

          • Evil Tactics

            The thing is if you choose to use 3 crew to turn Heart of Kiran into a creature, it’s only for a turn, and you’re either attacking for 4, or blocking with a 4/4. If you attack, then the vigilance is almost pointless unless you have another 3 power to tap for a block. If you’re using 3 power to attack with a flying 4/4, you’re still using an additional card for that bonus, so it has good value if you want to fly over for some damage, or have a flying blocker for a turn, but it’s not broken by any means in that regard. To make full use of the vigilance you’ll need 3 power upfront and 3 remaining power after your turn.

            In comparison, Smuggler’s Copter has more damage for its crew requirements and it loots for you. Of course, if flying vehicles is the goal, nothing wrong with running 4 Copter and 1-2 Heart of Kiran. Keep in mind though, I was also taking rarity and supertypes into consideration. Smuggler’s Copter is a rare, Heart of Kiran is a legendary mythic.

            Where this really shines I think is in a planeswalker scenario. It’s much easier to use up loyalty counters to use this as both an attacker and blocker before your next turn comes around.

            All that being said, this is obviously a good useful card. There must be some demand for them if Starcity is selling them 15 bucks a piece pre-order.

  • David S. McCrae

    Well, saw that coming:

    “Quick, let’s complain that it’s not Smuggler’s Copter!”

    • Shagoth

      I know right.
      “Oh no, it’s weaker than Tarmogoyf! Why would they do this to us with this fungus!?”

  • chad

    this is ridiculously good!!! this and liliana!! oh yea… so this is how it goes…turn 2 vehicle, turn 3 liliana…+ liliana then -1 her and swing for 4.

    • Welf Mattern

      Also, interesting with Saheeli Rai. She needed some nice synergies.

  • DJ Pad

    Looks like a rip off of the Weatherlight

    • Deadly Berry

      Good eye, I didn’t notice at first.

  • colin

    Slumbering Dragon is my favorite pilot. Sure he is a giant sleeping dragon but he knows how to crew a ship.

    • Hedronal

      It’s a dragon driving, the police have bigger concerns that it being asleep at the wheel.

  • I see boobies

    Interesting synergy with Garruk relentless…

  • Vizzerdrix

    This card feels trapish, cheating out a 2 drop with crew 3? You can have a walker as early as turn 2 with tibalt then a number of 3-4 drops which at that point I feel you already hard casted it, if it had flash that would be better remove a counter in response to the pw dying, if it had haste then Gideon would work well, overall I hell l feel this card needs a slight boost to be used with the loyalty ability
    Edit miss read thought it was cast not crew this is actually pretty cool

  • kmk888

    I do actually think Looter Scooter is a little better, but this has its own place and is very powerful. I am quite glad they made it legendary, as a deck that can abuse this could really be gross with 4 copies. It’s best in a deck that plays walkers but also takes an aggressive role to take advantage of the stats. Amazing with Nahiri, good with Gideon, New Nissa, and all of the other planeswalkers with good + abilities really.

  • DoritoBreath

    I love this card. Although overall not better than Copter, it’s an excellent counter to it. Enemy wants to swing with looter scooter? I’ll just remove a counter from one of my planeswalkers, make this a creature, block it, Copter dies, Heart of Kiran lives. This will be powerful planeswalker protection in my Jund superfriends deck I’m currently working on, as the one thing that is holding planeswalker decks back in the current standard meta in my opinion is looter scooter’s evasion.

    • Mtglover

      Copters banned

  • Arcus Diabolus

    So basically its cheaper Serra Angel with a small but accumulating and situational long term cost to keep using it.

    • Hedronal

      It’s also colorless.

  • Kyle Shultz

    Does this make tibalt good? Lol

  • Justin Burton

    This is so bannable in Modern…
    Jund will go crazy with this silly thing…
    It protects a Liliana and she protects it, it cant be bolted, and you can use discard spells to protect it from path without having to worry about it all the time?
    Jesus… this is going to be expensive whenever people realize that this is silly good in Jund. 2 mana 4/4 that can just destroy other decks? Yes please…

    • Shagoth

      Of all of the cards from this set that I’d call bannable, this is definitely not one of them.

  • Pandancules

    Fragmentize and Natural State, done.