• Daniel Kaine Allen

    Finally, there’s an aftermath card I’m interested in putting in a deck. And it’s in the right colors for the jund deck I’ve been inspired to build.

  • Vectis

    Good card, but I dont like the flavor. Like why does this rock falling from the sky hit ALL flying creatures? Even in the picture it misses some…

    • Serj

      Because more you pay , bigger the rock is

    • Jalais

      Well a really big meteor could heat/ignite the atmosphere, maybe that’s what they’re getting at?

    • Alex Prazma

      This is a good point, it is possible that some small Bird creatures with toughness of 1 (1 kg or less) might survive this type of event.

      The asteroid would gouge a crater hundreds of miles across and vaporizes cubic miles of rock. Life within 1,000 miles would have been killed by a large Fireball, while most distant life and vegetation could receive third-degree burns. A large Tsunami of 1,000 feet would be generated, and an Earthquake measuring 10.1 Richter. Later, the landscape would be smothered with hot ash and hundreds or thousands of feet of rubble. The long term effects of a dust cloud would prevent or reduce photosynthesis. Huge amounts of toxins and carbon dioxide would be released.

  • lopezien

    Pretty good, nice to see a madness-ish RG control back

  • Kameenook

    This seems like one of the better of the bunch, although I am far more interested in the aftermath than the actual card. Hurricane will shine at times but I don’t have a problem cycling this for one green mana to turn on the Earth mode.

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    Huh. I like it. Which feels weird for an afterlife card.

    Don’t forget that if you need to just do damage to ground creatures, this card has:
    G: Discard this card.

  • Happy The Cat

    Hurricant to earthquake.
    now that’s a pair.

  • Nanya

    Too bad the second one isn’t Hell.

    Because then I could go “HELL AND HEAVEN!”

    Bonus points if anyone gets the anime reference.

    • Shagoth

      You don’t need an anime reference for Hell // Heaven to be cool.

      • Nanya

        True, but it’s even more cool when you know the anime I was referencing.

  • Ryan Ulrich

    This look like a second sun falling from the sky anyone?

    • Hedronal


  • Shagoth

    I’d never think they’d make a card call Heaven.
    And I definitely didn’t think that fricken’ HEAVEN, the whitest place to ever white in basically any religion, mythology, or universe ever would be green. Or that heaven would be an asteroid. Wow, the Rapture looks weird on Amonkhet.

    • Hedronal

      More like the heavens, yep.

  • Murilo Mazza

    Nice against Temur decks eventually? Kills thopters, and then walking guys

  • Jade

    But…. but…. this breaks the rules!

    Reduce TO Rubble
    Never TO Return
    Failure TO Comply
    Mouth(s) TO Feed
    Cut TO Ribbons
    Rags TO Riches
    Insult TO Injury
    Dusk TO Dawn
    Onward TO Victory
    Prepare TO Fight
    Destined TO Lead

    Heaven AND Earth? Really?!?!?!

    • Matthew van Ginneken

      Heaven to Earth works and makes perfect sense for the art. The meteor is falling from heaven TO earth

      • Jade

        But it isn’t common usage! All of the others are common phrases (In English anyway). “Heaven and Earth” is common usage, Heaven to Earth just returns a bunch of churches and a spa on Google.

        • Matthew van Ginneken

          But if we are saying the common usage of the two words than heaven to earth is not the first to break the rule. Dusk to dawn would be, people don’t say dusk to dawn nearly as much as dusk till dawn.

          • Jade

            That…is a fair point. But Heaven/Earth is still worse.

  • Brandon Bilodeau

    why is heaven green? that card should be white/ green instead.

    • Jonathan Reynolds

      Spells that damage only creatures with flying tend to be green. Spells that do damage only to creatures without flying tend to be red.

    • David Meyers

      The green side is essentially Hurricane, which is in fact Green :)