Hellion Crucible - M13 Spoiler

Hellion Crucible

  • Color: Colorless
  • Type: Land
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Tap Symbol: Add 1 Mana to your mana pool.

1 ManaRed Mana, Tap Symbol: Put a pressure counter on Hellion Crucible.

1 ManaRed Mana, Tap Symbol, Remove two pressure counters from Hellion Crucible and sacrifice it: Put a 4/4 red Hellion creature token with haste onto the battlefield.

  • David Fitzsimmons

    at first I was excited, then I saw it’s ability requires sacrificing it, this makes me sad

  • Calviin

    Oh yay, I can spend the equivalent of nine mana over 3 turns to get a 4/4 with haste? Sounds super awesome. /sarcasm

    • David Fitzsimmons

      dont you mean 6 mana? 2 mana per counter, requires 2 counters to pay for the second ability, that is 4 mana plus the 2 mana required to activate the ability, that makes 6, not 9.

      Where does the nine come from? unless you are also counting each turn you are using a land for something other then mana which seems a bit stretching it to me.

      but either way i agree it is quite a lame sounding rare card

      • Corey R

        If you tap the 2 mana for the cost AND tap the land itself for the cost, that’s 3 possible mana that could be used for something else. Now factor the 2 turns it takes to get counters on it then the turn to sacrifice it you tapped 3 of your land 3 times for a total of 9 possible mana also losing a land in the process. Now what i want to know is if you have 2 out and pay the cost for both can you put the counters on 1. The rules state “Put a pressure counter on Hellion Crucible” it doesn’t specify that you have to put it on the one that you tapped…

  • Godzzila

    I think it is suposed to play together with Magma Quake…

  • Wisdomseyes

    Its “9” mana someone said? No… It’s 2 mana and itself several times at instant speed… Much better. Thought, Sac it for the 4/4 isn’t worth it for the TIME expense. The mana expense isn’t a problem… It’s how long it takes to get there and the loss of a land that makes this card not impressive

  • Kul_dg

    He said nine because you have to be able to tap the land itself instead of using its ability to create colorless mana.

  • Rogetnext

    I like this one

  • Cid

    its cool in a Big Red deck or some type of Grixis control deck