Hellkite Tyrant - Gatecrash Visual Spoiler

Hellkite Tyrant

  • Color: Red
  • Type: Creature - Dragon
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

Flying, trample

Whenever Hellkite Tyrant deals combat damage to a player, gain control of all artifacts that player controls.

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control twenty or more artifacts, you win the game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/levi.warren.372 Levi Warren

    I love alternate win conditions and Sir. Hellkite is flavorful.

  • Killershad

    win so much

  • Yegkingler

    a set too late i feel

    • David Fitzsimmons

      A set too late or a prediction of the next set to come? Perhaps we will see a return to Alara?

      Personally I doubt there would be a return to Alara next block, design wise it seems a little too soon, would be the second ‘return’ set in a row, and would be two heavy multi-color theme blocks in a row. Storyline wise they are more likely to return to Zendikar before Alara or even Mirrodin due to the threats on those planes.

      However… Perhaps the 3rd set in this block will have a minor focus on Artifacts. unlikely considering the 3rd set is a small set but one never knows.

      • Xanthrite, Dimir Agent



        NUFF SAID

        ANGRY FACE

      • Yegkingler

        If we return to a plane next set I’d say Lowyn and Shadowmoor and Kamigawa are the most likely but it will be probably somewhere new .

  • ?V?

    seems like an EDH thing or maybe robots but i highly doubt that

  • Highlander

    Mizzet hatched dragons. everyone run in fear Izzet is going to rule everything

  • Wellingtonalvessantos

    Afinities gonna hate this card….

    • The wind

      Or love the new win condition they just got

      • Hikarikouno

         If affinity hasn’t won already by turn 6 it probably wasn’t going to win anyway, either they used Terminus or any destroy all artifacts card.

  • R_Jews

    Mycosynth Lattice.

  • Freecake

    Why does having 20 artifacts win you the game? WHY???

    • guy

      all hail Golgothian sylex and Apocalypse chime 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000455560501 Joseph Kony Siegrist

      because dragons hoard treasure and artifacts = treasure.

  • Darthkoo

    best card for an artifact deck, and it is slightly better than rtr’s hell kite

  • Firestorm75

    I kinda want to take this to Mirrodin. Artifact heavy plane + this Dragon = win.
    I would have loved for this to be printed in the same standard as Scars of Mirrodin, it would have been fun :p

    • Tim Haines

      ….and broken ;)

  • Guy

    Enemy “Covetous Dragon” says, “Don’t let him get damage through!!!”

  • Busterswrd_maniac

    anyone ever think of comboing this guy with Xathrid Gorgon? turn their guys into statues only to snatch them away so freaking late game, but it does make for a secondary win con. turn your own guys into statues if need be

  • Thedirk1919

    Mycosynth Lattice with this card it would be beast

  • Christopherb17

    Imagine this in Scars block :)

    • NathanLichOverlord

      That would actually just be the worst.

  • Doromir Eldrax

    this, mycosynth lattice, and thundermaw helkite. game over my friend.

    • Imkebongers

      Don’t forget the Balefire dragon

  • Rwkropp

    I think I’ll be testing out a keyrune/door deck with this guy

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.mclorie Sean Mclorie

    casual card is casual

  • Andy

    I think I like this a lot more than something like Hoard-Smelter Dragon, why break your toys when I can just take them? 

  • Stevey

    I’ll be honest, if I tear this out of a pack in limited, I’ll keep it just for the sheer face beating a 6/5 trample for 6cmc can dish out.

  • Uargaroth

    Made for EDH.

  • Tim Haines

    Pre-release day: I’ll be having those keyrunes….

  • Jas0n

    Wizards seem to be under the impression (and rightly so) that players really like mythic dragons.

    Utvara Hellkite seem to had got lost from a commander set, and now this guy looks like a forgotten card from Mirrodin.

    Oh well!

    It’s nice they make cards for modern and casual players each set.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=600520180 Luke Palmer

    What’s that it’s taken? an abacus? so we can’t count artifacts any more? 

  • Chris_hardiman


  • WiseGuy

    This has heavy considerations for my kaalia deck. So what if I don’t get to 20 artifacts, stealing them from other players permanently is what makes this card worth a spot because it should net you board position with just one swing. Almost every EDH deck makes use of some artifacts. Thanks for another sol ring or top…

  • BirthOfTragedy7

    just hope your opponent doesn’t have planar cleansing to deal with him lol