• Matt86

    And thus, one of the worst, least played Mythics in the history of Magic makes a return. Seriously, there is soooo much nice lore in the first Innistrad block: Griselbrand, Sigarda, Zombie Apocalypse, Mikaeus the Unhallowed,…

    • PunTellingPuma

      You have to admit that the idea of a vault that can hold ANYTHING is pretty cool in fact if you think about it the idea that it can keep BOTH Griselbrand and Avacyn is great

    • Andy Mason

      They aren’t trying to put the most powerful cards that could possible fit. Their goal is very obviously silly or interesting over raw power level. Helvault is a ton of fun, and it shows up in a few of commander decks at several of the lgs I’ve played at the past couple years, and it’s a giant chunk of the moon, which is VERY relevant to the Eldritch Moon story.