Heroes’ Reunion - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Heroes’ Reunion

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Target player gains 7 life.

They share no bloodline, but a bond greater than family unites them. Such are the gifts of the Worldsoul.

  • Aejan

    “Let’s bring back all the broken cards! Come one Rancor, Rewind, lets go get Darksteel Reactor and Doubling Season!”

    •  Powerful cards, yes. Format defining, meta-warping, unbeatable cards? No.

    • Mlundgoldstein

      we have 3/4 of Doubling Season in standard once this set comes out, it’s just split into two cards which I think was to make it less broken.

    • Gerald

      none of those cards were broken at all, rewind is too slow for a cancel, rancor is good, but not rediculous, darksteel reactor is laughable, and doubling season was a crowd favorite, but was never legitly viable.

    • Neuothe1

      most of those cards are not broken, this is a one shot life gain which is almost useless. Rancor is not bad but far from broken it don’t do enough. Rewind is great and yes it works well for counters magic. Darksteel Reactor is way to slow unless you running proliferate or Doubling Season with it.
      and Doubling Season is as close to broken as you listed mainly because of how it interacts with Walkers now.

  • Mlundgoldstein

    going in my five color deck to boost new Jace up to his ult. ability earlier and find worldfire in my deck and a burn spell or a creature(hopefully with haste) big enough to win in my opponent’s deck. Or in really bizarre casual games find enter the dungeon. 

    • Neuothe1

       you can’t use a life gain ability on a walker because they are not players. using a damage ability on a walker is targeting the player and redirecting it to the walker they control.

  • Guest

    I’m always reminded of Progenitus whenever the Selesyna mention Worldsoul