• me

    RIP MTG. Let’s have a 10/11 doublestrike trample hexproof indestructible vehicle creature on turn 4…like emrakul was not enough

    • Jacob Anderson

      How are you going to give it doublestrike, trample, hexproof & indestructible for just 4 mana? This card cost 2, cheapest way to get doublestrike is Uncaged Fury for 3, then you have to play yet another card to give it trample…

      • Jackson Means

        He said turn four

        • Jacob Anderson

          Whats your point? I mean i guess you could play a mana dork on turn 2 to let you have 5 mana available turn 4, but you need at least 6 to give it all those things and 4 cards…

          • MTG fan

            Actually you could achieve this on turn 4 without this card…just uncaged fury + blossoming defence and you get a 13/14 doublestrike trample hexproof (minus the indestructible part)

          • Jacob Anderson

            Still don’t know where you guys are getting trample from, i think you are confusing uncaged fury with temur battle rage?

          • Jackson Means

            Sure, that works, “me” never specified whether their statement applied to standard…

          • Jacob Anderson

            To be fair he referenced Emrakul so i assumed he was talking about standard…

          • Jackson Means

            But, aeons torn

          • NothingSpecial

            Yeah, I assumed he was talking about Aeons Torn since that one was (a) way better, (b) actually could come out quickly within its standard rotation because of all the ramp introduced alongside it, (c) wins the game immediately when “cast”, and (d) sees heavy competitive play outside of standard. Whereas, uh, the promised end is… a big creature for usually at least 8 that can be countered that also gets a sub-mindslaver effect? Lol?

          • Hedronal

            Or you can set things up before t4 and finish making it then.

          • Jacob Anderson

            It’s still stretching it, t1 7/11 vehicle, t2 mana dork, t3 auto-crew enchantment (leave up the 1 extra mana for Blossoming Defense) t4 Uncaged Fury, Built to Smash and Blossoming Defense making it a 16/17 doublestrike, hexproof and trample. You only need those 6 certain cards by turn 4 (i guess you could run 8 mana dorks (maybe 12, is there a 3rd 2 drop mana dork in standard?) and you could have at least 12 cards to give it trample), just seems like a lot of work, if you don’t get the enchantment you pretty much lose, i guess you could get another vehicle to work as well. Don’t get me wrong it sounds like a fun and probably cheap deck that i might make myself, but you really have to be in dream world for it to win turn 4.

  • Jackson Means

    Infect getting more love!

    • Edwin Marín Castro

      Anything green getting more love!

  • BalthasarH.

    And another Card for one-sided mass land destruction EDH decks.

  • Chromasticore

    Isochron Scepter just got a new toy

    • Rovkir Hexus

      Well now I know another card that’s going in my EDH deck.

  • Tolle

    Does anyone else find it funny that the card in standard to remove hexproof and indestructible is also green?

  • Random Guy

    Compared to Blossoming Defense, it protects from wrath and combat damage, and works on artifacts. Great catch-all sideboard, especially for green. Might see a few mainboards.

    • NothingSpecial

      Very mainboardable in draft though! There are only a few uncommons I’ve seen that I’d pick over it.

    • Hedronal

      Doesn’t add damage though, relevant.

      • Random Guy


  • Arcus Diabolus

    This is fantastic. A answer to wipes and targeted spells alike.

  • Shagoth

    Well, that’s a card I’ve needed for quite some time.

  • Swift

    I love the false hope this card provides my opponents. This type of card continues to support my reasoning why I believe Sacrifice is the strongest mechanic in the game.

  • Insight66

    This has never happened to my Forked Bolt before, I swear!